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Lehigh Valley Weekly Update

A 2-4 week for the ‘Pigs, coming home from a rough road trip.  The ‘Pigs are in 5th Place of the Northern Division of the IL, 11 games behind division leading Scranton. Lehigh Valley batting leaders include Andy Tracy who is 6th in the league in homers (9), and Rich Thompson who is 8th in stolen bases (13).  On the pitching end, Andrew Carpenter is 8th in Wins (5), 10th in ERA (2.75), 4th in innings (68.2) and 9th in WHIP (1.15).  Kyle Kendrick is 6th in innings (67).  Carlos Carrasco is 9th in innings (66.1) and 2nd in strikeouts (67). Continue reading Lehigh Valley Weekly Update

Rays Nix Threshers Pat Burrell Bobblehead

IN OTHER NEWS: The Tampa Bay Rays have appearantly chosen to execute a rarely used agreement between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball that allows any MLB club to prohibit a minor league franchise within 60 miles of their club to give away bobblehead dolls at any game.

On Friday the Threshers are scheduled to give away a Pat Burrell bobblehead as part of a Friday night bobblehead series which has already included Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins on two previous Friday night games. The Threshers’ intention was to give away a bobblehead of every starting player in the Phillies 2008 World Series lineup.

The Rays have now executed their right in the MLB/MilB agreement to prevent the Threshers from giving away the Pat Burrell bobblehead and any future bobbleheads.

The Clearwater Threshers and any other team within 60 miles of the Rays television viewing audience will be no longer be allowed to give away bobbleheads as a promotion for ANY of their games. This will prohibit the F.S.L. affiliates the Clearwater Threshers, Dunedin Bluejays, Tampa Yankees, Sarasota Reds, and Lakeland Flying Tigers from EVER issuing a bobblehead.

It will however allow the Port Charlotte Stone Crabs of the F.S.L (a Rays franchise that is just outside of the 60 mile radius) to be allowed to give away bobbleheads.

Email the Rays to send an email to the Rays to tell them what you think about their actions.

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Day 3/Final draft thoughts

Its time to put a bow on the 2009 Draft. As is the case with every draft, you won’t know how good the draft was until the smoke clears at the deadline and you see who was signed and who went to school. The Phillies, as was pretty predictable, took a lot of college seniors today and also a bunch of high school kids. The college guys are picked to make up the numbers, if any of them get a cup of coffee in the bigs in the future, then that was a success. If the Phillies sign 1 of the high school kids, its a big bonus. So lets have a look at who was taken today and then wrap up all of the selections with a game plan for getting these guys signed.

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2009 Draft, Day Three

Here’s your outlet for discussing the final 20 picks of the 2009 draft. The Phillies will pick 27th again in every round or until they decide enough is enough. I expect them to take a bunch of high school kids and some college seniors again just to round out the numbers. They took Cosart in the 38th round last year and signed him, so anything is possible. Look for high school guys from Texas and Washington in particular, and maybe even some of the midwestern states this year, as the Phillies seemed to hit Nebraska/Kansas more so than usual. Check below for more…

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