Some quick day one thoughts

I was busy earlier tonight and didn’t really have time to address what was happening, and then I basically just gave my split second reaction to the picks. Not a whole lot has changed, but I do have some more thoughts on this. I’m just gonna use bullet points, so check below the fold

* Not having a first round pick, and more specifically, not having a boatload of picks in the first 3 rounds like last year, I wasn’t expecting a bonanza with this draft. My hope was that we’d look to add guys with qualities that our system doesn’t currently possess. Those are, in my opinion; guys with plus raw power, middle infield prospects, and corner infield prospects. I was also interested in prep lefties, since we’re seemingly stacked with interesting RHP prospects.

* Our first pick, if he remains at 1B, could just be an interesting guy. He seems to have a fluid swing, he has present power and maybe more to come. He seems like a good athlete. And that’s fine. But was he the best option available? He was ranked 76th in his own STATE, and ranked in the 200’s overall by PG Crosschecker. These sites like BA and PCG aren’t perfect, sometimes guys get underrated/overrated and sometimes guys fall through the cracks. But I think its one thing to maybe take the 125th rated prospect in a draft at 75, and another thing to take the 236th rated prospect in the draft at 75. I hope Dugan wants to sign, I hope he stays at 1B, I hope the power is legit, and I hope he turns into a Lance Berkman type offensive player.

* Our second pick, I’ll do no apologizing for. Our system right now is loaded with projects. Our 1st round pick from last season struck out in 47% of his AB’s last year in rookie ball, he just turned 20 two months ago, and he’s not even in a full season league. Zach Collier (who actually looked more polished when he was drafted) and Anthony Gose, last years tools projects, are both sporting .300 OB% numbers (sub .300 in Collier’s case) in A ball. Hudson, beyond being another athlete that can’t hit, apparently has attitude/motivation issues, and seems like he really wants to attend college. Maybe thats a smoke screen, maybe he’ll sign for a reasonable amount of money. But is he really what we needed in the 3rd round? Couldn’t he have waited until the 6th or 7th round? I didn’t want a Tyler Mach-esque college senior scrub here, but surely there were better options available.

* I’m not really sure what people expect me to say. Have the Phillies scouted these guys more than me? Obviously. But does that mean I shouldn’t be disappointed with the guys they took? If you want to read gushing reviews of the picks, just check the Phillies official site tomorrow. That’s not what I’m trying to do here. If I’d have liked the picks, I’d have certainly said it. I have no anti-Phillies agenda. I praised last year’s draft, I praised a number of the picks we made and the signings we pulled off. Its really easy to say “well, just give them the benefit of the doubt”, but again, that’s not my interest here. My interest is to make a judgment based on the info I have, and then see what happens. Its not like I won’t root for these guys, or all of the guys we end up taking tomorrow. They’re Phillies prospects, I’ll support them until they’re all stars or until the org releases them. But I;m allowed to voice my concern over picks, prospects or anything else. If you don’t like it, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. The same people telling me I’m overreacting now are the same people who defended the Anthony Hewitt selection last year and the Greg Golson type picks in years past. Everyone has a take, and that’s fine, that’s what this place is about.

I’m going to lock the other thread comments wise, share all your day 1 thoughts here. I’ll be in and out tomorrow but I’ll make sure I start a Day 2 thread before the picks start.

63 thoughts on “Some quick day one thoughts

  1. The Phillies announced Dugan as a CF. FYI. He seems to have decent speed and fluidity. He looks like a corner OF to me.

    At least Jake Stewart is still available!!! Don’t we need a third CF to start the draft?!!?

  2. I facepalmed when I saw the first pick (especially when I saw who was taken with later picks). The second one caused me to vomit all over myself.

    I don’t know why in the hell they didn’t bring in Arbuckle as the GM. I was scared that was a huge mistake at the time… Still hoping I’m wrong.

  3. PP you don’t see why people would get on you when these are your reactions to the picks? Your reactions are just so over the top, if you wrote your concerns with the picks in a calm even keeled manner it’d probably come off better. I don’t think people mind questioning a pick, it’s how you say it.

    “I don’t even know what to say. I don’t really care at this point. The Phillies value players differently than most, so whatever.I’m not sticking around for the 3rd pick, and I’ll be around sporadically tomorrow. I have no expectations for this draft at all at this point.”

    “Actually, one more thought. Hopefully he goes to Pepperdine and we get a do-over next year”

    “Should I pretend I love the pick? Would that make you, the readers, happier?”

    “I guess I’ve already said too much about these guys, I’m sure they project out as future all stars and I’ll just trust the Phillies. Hopefully its a good day tomorrow”

  4. I wanted Renfroe with the second pick because i think he can turn into a pretty solid 3rd base prospect, however i guess the price tag scared us away. I wasn’t a fan of either pick at all when they came out, however after doing a bit of further reading im starting to warm up to the idea of Dugan being a sleeper. Wolever’s comments afterword seem to suggest they had him rated extremely high on the board and they thought they got a steal. The second pick however, im really skeptical about. The kid was supposed to go between 4-6 and i think we reached to get him because we were scared he would go, but i really don’t see the reason he was so touted. For the sake of the draft and for our own sanity i hope the phillies have a big day tommorow hunting down prep lefties that they can sign away from school. I also wouldnt mind seeing them look at a guy like malm or walker with a more polished HS bat and innate power potential. Both guys are 1Bers but who knows maybe they have the atheletism to move to third or corner OF too. I think for me the letdown of the picks was magnified because i sat here and watched some of the big names drop down the list and then slowly dissapear before we got up. Lets steal some tommorow. Go Phils,

  5. Wow hopefully Amaro will get to keep his job after 2 picks in the draft. People seem to get real upset pretty quick. Take it easy and lets see what happens. Looking at past drafts if 1 or 2 picks are a hit its a good thing. Everyone considers last years draft a good one even with Hewitt struggling so far. If you consider Ibanez our first round pick then we had a great draft already. I use to be real negative fan but the whole championship thing and how much money they are spending to try and get us back has me thinking they are trying their best. The scouts jobs are to pick who they think will turn out to be major leaguers. I’m sure they take pride in what they do. I guess we will find out in 3 to 5 years how we did. Until then let the second guessing begin.

  6. B,

    Just leave the man alone. I think sometimes we all forget that this is a Blog. A blog that that James started because he loved the system so much and wanted to share it with us. This isn’t a big time site such as BP or BA, its a place that he created to share his own opinions and express himself. We’re all just lucky he lets us join him. I admit i had the same gut reactions he did, and guess what he has every right to say it, its his site. He can make any comments he desires and he holds the sole right to stick with them or retract them once he steps back and evaluates it. I’ve been on this sight since the first month he started it and i’ve noticed James has a tendancy to do that when he thinks it is right. What scares me the most of all, is that in the past year or so i’ve seen the passion that james puts into all of this get squashed by all of us imposing our selves onto him. No body deserves that. Now i by no stretch mean to single you out in this. I just saw it as an opportunity to express a feeling i’ve felt for a while. Im sorry if it comes off as an attack because i dont mean for it to. Sometimes i wish this place didn’t have a comment section in it because, while it adds to the dimension and information, it takes away from the care and effort put into this. Im sure some of you all will agree with me. Im sorry for the rant and for those of you who’s time i wasted reading all this. Im done now.

  7. Best player available stops making sense when your lineup consists of 8 center fielders and a RHP.

  8. Dugan was fine, although we reached for him. He’s better than the toolsy crap we usually go for. However, this Hudson kid is absolute garbage, with an extreme lack of motivation regarding playing the game of baseball. I really hope he goes to college, because he’s Hewitt-level garbage. Dugan, eh…if he goes to Pepperdine, okay. If not, I think he can be solid.

    I still dont get why we dont get pitching early…

  9. DC, I’m sorry I was unaware that others aren’t allowed to chime in with opinions or explain why they disagree with what a certain post. All I was doing is providing proof why some of the posters here would disagree with what he said. And then when people questioned him, he resorted to childish sarcastic bs for whatever reason. Sorry, I guess I’ll just fall back in line now and agree with whatever James says.

    PP , any time some one disagrees with you, you immediately post something like your last post about how you’ll move on or stop posting here. We appreciate you run the site and put in a lot of time here. Everyone is here because we enjoy it, I’ve been here for about 2 years myself. You act like just because there’s an opposing opinion to yours that we’re trying to force you to shut down the site. My only point was it may be best to scrap the over the top initial reactions, and try to give fair even keeled analysis. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  10. The post about our two Day One picks is dead on. We have ten of this same type of players in low A ball now. Their was a solid 3B & good pitchers still on the board. Dallas Green even looked disturbed when announcing the 1st pick. The core of this team was built thru the draft. Rounds 2 thru 20 should be nothing but pitching, some catchers and raw power nothing else. And before we place the genius tag on Amaro because of Raul, lets see how Ibanez does in September and October. And lets not forget that we went into the season without a right handed bat off the bench and Chan Ho was signed by Amaro. Hopefully Ruben will take some of the saved bonus dollars and make a big splash with Latin prospects. It is obvious that Arbuckle is missed & it’s ironic that KC went with a power arm and a catcher on day 1.

  11. what seems to be the problem with jim murphy? everytime i read about him he,s doing something good. why worry about 1st when we have a future h o f there and our outfield is stacked. seems like we need the ever important pitching and infilders.

  12. Okay, now that I read a couple of articles and seen a couple of film clips, I’ll give the real story. Dugan, described by Marty Wolever has average arm and could develop into average baserunner, So I don’t think he has great speed needed to be a CF given the other CF prospects in Phillies system, So I say he Plays 1B, regardless of what he was announced as. Also, the GCL team, as projected by me, has some OF’s but no 1B, save for Latin American Jorge Guerra, who is a 1B-C at 6’1 170, something like that.
    So, if Dugan signs , I say he starts at 1B in GCL. It will be shown how he develops. Sounds like the next Mark Texeira.

    Hudson, has the speed to be an above average Defensive Center Fielder. Sometimes that can override alot of other factors. He is said to have possibilities as a hitter. If he signs, it will be seen if he can develop sufficiently. Of course, you could say the same about any of the 3B playing wanna-bes or anybody else still hanging around at pick 106.

    Forget all this drafting for need junk.

    So, some of the mind-numbed are still thumping the tub for Arbuckel? People can rattle off the names of people he took. How about rattling off the names of the people he didn’t take?

  13. PP,
    I go through the same thing when i feel like the eagles have a bad draft, it sucks but you never know maybe Dugan does turn out to be a Berkman type. One positive – our picks recently have been tearing through the system, particularly the pitchers. Bastardo got the call (still pretty shocked/thrilled to see him up there every 5th day and looking great)
    and Taylor, Brown, Drabek, and Worley all look like they’ll get a shot within the next year or so which is exciting. Let’s just hope these new guys pan out and that the Carrascos and Donalds of the world turn things around.

  14. I don’t think it’s fair to give the Phils the ‘benefit of the doubt’ since, if I’m not mistaken, with Arbuckle gone the decision process has changed.

    Furthermore, there is nothing to like about a guy who doesn’t want to play baseball. No one is talented enough to be a ML player without the motivation to improve. The Hudson pick is the more frustrating pick of the two. At least with Dugan we can hope they saw/knew something other people missed. Unless Hudson has been putting on an act I predict this pick backfiring. He’ll take his six figures, middle along in A ball for a few years and then go home.

  15. PP,
    not sure why you feel the need to qualify you answer-your site, you say what you want, end of story. And, if it makes for a debate, so be it. As someone who checks this site frequently, but posts infrequently, I look for a information, not gospel, and you give the best insights (and have contributors who do the same) within the parameters that you have (meaning, you aren’t out ther scounting). The Assumption by all is that there is hope for all of the prospects to turn out to be Hall of Famers, but that’s not going to happen. So, keep doing what you are doing-if people truly don’t like it, they don’t have to visit, but my guess is that the traffic on your site isn’t going down anytime soon. Keep up the good work!

  16. I will be the first to admit, that i have no clue about any of these guys. i have never seen anyone in this draft play besides highlights of the first two picks. and i certainly do not have a trained scouting eye able to project 4-5 years out.

    i much prefer to see these guys compete against other minor league talent before making a judgement (tentative at that). in the mean time, i do give the professionals the benefit of the doubt, especially professionals who found guys like brown, taylor and marson, etc.

    that being said, i do understand PP’s reaction. to him, this is truly “the best day of the year.” He tries very hard to learn about these high school kids and forms a strong opinion about them. i honestly don’t know how he can form such a strong opinion with the information he has. but he reads a lot about these kids and believes in his heart that their is a right way and a wrong way to draft. thus he has a right to react or even “over-react” when things don’t go the way he wants them to go. he is truly a passionate fan and no one would doubt his sincerity…ever.

    however, all good scouts are constantly looking at their past judgments and trying to learn from past successes and mistakes. and a little openness to adjusting the extreme positions given the phillies history of success – i.e. several rookies of the year, several mvps, a world series with mostly home grown talent, and a pretty good current minor league roster – might be in order.

  17. I’m hoping Hudson doesn’t sign. They’d get an extra pick next year, correct?

  18. Hey B,

    “You act like just because there’s an opposing opinion to yours that we’re trying to force you to shut down the site. My only point was it may be best to scrap the over the top initial reactions, and try to give fair even keeled analysis.”

    In other words, “I don’t want you to stop what you’re doing, but could you please stop what you’re doing.”

    I agree with PP. These picks sure seem stupid. If you would go back and look at my posts you might expect me to be complaining that Arbuckle should be our GM and not Amaro. Well I think Amaro has done well and he and his entire staff have earned a pass for their first draft…. at least the first day of their first draft.

  19. They would get a comp. pick for not signing Hudson, but I don’t see the real value of it.

  20. I left a post earlier saying to wait awhile before judging the draft. In no way was I trying to go against anyone. I like this sight very much. I know this blog is where I go anytime the phillies do anything and between the writers and the people commenting I get all the info I need. Anytime you are dealing with a bunch of people with differ ideals and for the most part a common passion you will have arguments . I know the writers deal with alot of crap they definitely do not deserve. So hopefully the skin is thick enough to deal with it and in a perfect world people would just give their opinion without downing other people’s thoughts. PP has created a blog that alot of people count on. I know when I work on something and do not feel appreciated it bothers me to and he is not even getting paid. Hang in there and keep up the good word!

  21. Savior: good to chat w you again. (usually it on the other site). Its obviously way to early to here about ‘draft day’ deals w either of the 1st two picks, but on the surface it seems unlikely that either kid, w scholarships would be such an easy sign.

    am i completely off base on that?

  22. Congratulations to Kelly and Kyrell! Here’s hoping you sign quickly, get on the field in the GCL and become All-Stars in the majors someday.

    I remember Dominic Brown saying something like the Phillies were the only ones who really listened when he said he wanted to play baseball. Hopefully the Phils have had the same conversations with Hudson and are convinced he wants to play. There’s no way for us to know that, so it’s nothing but hope until we hear otherwise. As someone else said, I really would have preferred Renfroe at that pick, but what can we do.

    Max Stassi, a highly rated catcher, and Malm are still available. I will send Wolever a handwritten thank-you note if they draft one of those two guys. Please, Marti?

  23. I went through the same thought process. It was so bad I wanted to just forget about the draft and not bother following the rest of it.

    With some reflection, the Dugan pick I can live with. He can hit now, and he has some promise. Was it a reach, yes, but they did their scouting and they saw something and didn’t want to take the chance that someone else saw it too. He’s an infield guy who might be able to mash. That’s a need, so I’ve changed my mind on the pick. I’d have rather had a pitcher, but a mashing infielder is OK.

    I never heard of Hudson before the draft, but after reading the write-ups, I hate the pick. The character issue 100% turns me off to a player. Add to that the the fact that he can’t hit….. Go ahead and call me a judgemental idiot and an Amaro hater. I love the Phillies too, but you don’t have to be a Homer for every move they make.

    We took bats instead of pitchers, which is kind of odd given the strength of the draft class. Maybe that has something to do with our system having so few hitters performing this year?

    I’d love to see us start taking some arms on day two.

  24. B —
    It is not that you are not allowed to disagree with PP’s opinion. It is that you chose to basically say he has no right to express his opinion. If you stuck to criticizing his opinion, rather than his right to express it or the style he uses in expressing it, all would be fine. Don’t you find it a little strange that you take offense to someone suggesting you should not be criticizing how PP writes? You are entitled to your right to basically an ad hominem attack against PP on his blog, but he is not entitled to express his opinion of baseball on his own blog. That is not how polite Phillies forums operate.

  25. PP – thank’s for the reality check…I’m with you for the most part, the second pick is infuriating. If it was up to me, they’d never pick another Gose/Hewitt/Collier/Hudson for all of eternity.

    Can anyone name a single high-school player who’s batting skill flat out sucked, that turned into a very productive major league player?

  26. If it is fair to criticize the Pirates for seriously overdrafting in order to get a guy they could sign for slot, I think it equally fair to criticize the Phillies for overdrafting. These guys were not crying needs, would have been there later, and would have been equally signable as 4th rounders had we offered the same bonus. In a system loaded with toolsy young OF prospects, who have to learn to hit, and who are effectively blocked by Taylor and Brown who can actually hit, we added two more toolsy OF prospects who have to learn to hit. This after a major DR signing of an OF. Seems like a very questionable day 1.

  27. ***Can anyone name a single high-school player who’s batting skill flat out sucked, that turned into a very productive major league player?***

    Jimmy Rollins to name one. lou marson is another. michael taylor had a suspect hitting tool as well when drafted. there are plenty of examples of great athletes developing the hitting skill by changing their swing.

    and i think that you are over reaching to say that these kid’s batting skill “flat out sucks.”

  28. B, you’re a jerk. It’s PP’s website; if you don’t like his approach, stop coming. You choose to come and antagonize the man.

    PP, I hope you don’t give up the project because you provide us with a valuable service. I’d still happily read your site if more commenting restrictions were implemented or if comments were turned off altogether. Your call.

  29. here is an old scouting report on dominic brown:

    Being a converted pitcher, offense is where most people will place their concerns when they judge Brown. Much of his offensive skills are simply potential at this point, including his power. Being just 19, Brown will likely fill out more and with his increased maturity and a good weight program, Brown will have a bunch of power potential.

    Projection: The good news is that Brown signed with the Phillies rather than pursue a career in football. The bad news is that he’s going to require a lot of patience and there is a concern among some scouts that he could burn out if things don’t go well and decide to look toward the NFL. There is always the chance that if he doesn’t develop as an outfielder, the Phillies could switch him back to pitching. After all, when they announced his name on draft day, it was as a pitcher.

  30. PP Fan What you say is sort of the opposite of drafting a son of a major leaguer. They have had the best coaches and have have hit a ceiling. Whereas this is probably not true of a lot of HS. players. The motivation and being coachable are concerns.

  31. a bit off the draft. why are the phillies so high on gose and collier when murphy is the much superior player? GOSE .250 1 HR OBP 306 OPS .674 COLLIER .221 0 HRS .273 OBP .589 OPS.MURPHY .318 6 HRS .438 OBP .954 OPS WITH A .996 FA. i realize gose and collier are 18 and murphy is 24 but as a trade chip murphy is much more valuable.he gets no pub. furthermore if gose and collier ever amount to anything ill be very surprised.

  32. john from philly:

    Being 24 in Lakewood is like Lebron going back to play college basketball. He’s physically stronger/bigger and has way more experience. Of course he should be dominating Low-A ball.

  33. Could they be drafting slot guys with plans to make a splash in Latin America or really bust slot later on with guys with strong college commitments? I can dream, can’t I?

  34. John, age is definitely a factor when judging a prospect- especially 6 years. As much as I am not enamored with a speed guy like Gose, he still could grow into a legitimate player. Having a 24 year dominate A ball is really not a big deal.

  35. Allentown. That might be the first Latin phrase I have seen here great job. BTW when you write your column please consider Carpenter to start and Bastardo to relief desperation)
    B please please go back to attaching me I dont give a you know what. How can you go into another man’s “house” and be so flip.
    Now B sing along “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

  36. A’town, I would expect the Phils will be offering above slot money for #75, considering it was also their first pick. Would you want them to offer the same money if drafted in the 4th round? Apparently they thought he would go to Pepperdine for anything less than early to mid second round money.

  37. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but i’d rather they take guys like Hudson in the 5th+ rounds. Guys in your first few pic’s, I’d rather them lack in fielding, or speed, or even power (god knows leadoff hitters can be valuable.) Or atleast if you’re going to have a questionable bat, be at a premium position, not outfield…

  38. With respect to “B” and others getting upset about “over the top reactions”, let’s realize that this is a blog. If you want detailed, thought out discourse for ever entry, I suggest you stick with reading the newspaper (and print version at that).

    I think we all value PP’s opinions and when his initial reaction confirmed what we might have thought was an adverse pick, it was salt in the wound. Let’s all just grow up.

  39. I am so confused a draft lacking hitters and filled with pitchers, and we draft hs postion kids. This is the first draft without Arbuckle, hope we don’t have another moss type draft. really if you look at it the third pick tate, might never hit according to scouts and he will command 6 million. so hopefully they get a couple of young arms today.

  40. I don’t think the 1st 2 picks are slot guys as 2 has a scholarship to Pepperdine (in Malibu) and the 3 can go to Oregon State. So they will get over slot if they sign, but it will not be near 6 million.

    Arbuckel, you can go back to the picks he made versus the players available and see alot of horrendous mistakes. Of course, that will all be blamed on the “cheap ” front office.
    Of course, he got lucky here and there.

  41. Wait, someone is touting a 24-year old in low-A ball as having trade value? Wow. Just wow.

  42. ***PP Fan What you say is sort of the opposite of drafting a son of a major leaguer. They have had the best coaches and have have hit a ceiling. ***

    i don’t see how you drew that conclusion from anything that i have ever said. certainly no one would argue that kyle drabek reached a ceiling at 18. i know that i certainly never said that or even hinted at that.

    what i am saying (and my consistent theme in all of my posts) is that great athletes can develop certain skills if they have the right mental makeup. Lou Marson is a great example. great athlete and great makeup but not a great hitter when we drafted him. same with jroll. and dom brown. they need to get in there and compete…fail and then work their ass off to adjust. the #1 thing that i like about the pick is that they talk about his makeup being off the charts.

  43. The BEST players in the draft are pitchers. Is that true of the entire draft or just of its prime players?

  44. dont you think with all the calling for taylor to be in aaa its fair for to call for murphy to be in clearwater or reading. my point if you look is that murphy should not be at a ball. at high a or aa he would be more attractive in a deal, which i,m becoming convinced is coming. reggie you never cease to amaze me with your somewhat tenuous grip on reality.

  45. Gotta love draft day at Phuture Phillies. I know last year everyone was pissed off, including me, at the Hewitt/Collier/Knapp/Pettibone Day 1. Then they turned around and had a great Day 2 mixing in potential with college arms with a great shot. We all need to chill out and just wait and see what they do in rounds 4-12.

  46. Wow. I was seriously confused when I looked Dugan up on espn and law’s projections and saw nothing. Then I came here and realized they completely overdrafted. When espn’s draft site doesn’t have a link to your first pick, I don’t take that as a good sign. Maybe Dugan is a great clubhouse guy due to his comedic background or he’s a package deal with Carl Weathers as his swing coach. Oh and then another toolshed with our second pick. If they keep taking them early, one has to pan out. I am putting my money on next year’s toolshed.

    I agree with B, how dare you express your opinions on your own blog. You are way out of line.

    But seriously, James, thanks for the strong opinions and info. It is why I come to this site every day even though I rarely comment.

  47. I forgot Mike Stanton was from Notre Dame. He’s now playing for my hometown Jupiter Hammerheads. He’s a great young man. If Dugan comes anywhere close….

  48. The same folks who were feeding information and sharing their expertise with Arbuclke are still in the system. Did they all of a sudden lose their minds? Of course not.

    Toolsey outfielders aren’t restricted to centerfield or even the outfield. They can be taught to play really any position. The Phillies have a wonderful player development staff who do that all the time. Only time will tell if these were good or bad picks.

  49. Junior Conscience- Ha, when I was camparing the two, I didn’t that about where Stanton went. I guess it was in my sub conscience(not trying to make a pun of your name lol).

    I was just thinking of a guy in the second round from Socal who has incredibly quick hands.

  50. Here’s an old interview with Kyrell Hudson. Says that family is very important to him and sounds like he has a pretty strong commitment to OSU. It also mentions he has a guardian – pure speculation here but it’s possible he had a rough upbringing for a few years. I don’t want to generalize, but the attitude issues mentioned on other sites may be more understandable in that context. Let’s hope the Phils did their homework on him and that he wants to play ball with the Phils:

  51. After years of being an NFL “draft addict” (months of preparation, excitement & anticipation, resulting in sitting in front of the TV &/or computer for 2 days with stacks of paper spread all over the floor), I certainly can understand & sympathize with PPs’ initial reactions & comments. Whether we all agree with them is irrelevant. They should be taken in perspective and be appreciated for their candor.

    If you were sitting in a bar together with close friends that share your enthusiasm & passion for the draft, you certainly would expect them to immediately react to your team’s selection with unadulterated ardor, whether that be positive or negative. If their first reaction is that the pick sucked, I don’t think you would expect them to say: “Well, let me think about this for a few days and then I’ll give you weighted opinion.”!

    I appreciated James’ initial reactions. I understand the frustration he felt and although we are not really friends, I thank him for sharing them with us.

    Oh yeah, I also have no idea what they were thinking with those 2 picks; unless, they have non-public concerns with 2 or more of their young OF prospects or, what may be more likely, they are getting ready to trade one or more of their top OF prospects and/or they have allotted any additional monies to an upcoming major league acquisition.

  52. Ryanhoward06, I must have missed something. I didn’t know you made a Stanton comparison. I was responding to the article Boston Phan posted mentioning Stanton was also from Notre Dame. Was your comparison in another thread?

  53. Junior’s Conscience- Opps, they are all kind of running together lol. Right after I read up on him and saw the video I said that in one of the threads.

  54. Is it me or does the 3rd rd pick, Kyrell Hudson, have almost the exact same scouting report as Gose did last year, plus plus speed and can maybe pitch a bit if all else fails, but can’t hit. Gose if I remember was a higher rates pitcher then hitter, hitting 95 on the gun as a lefty

  55. Just looking at the picks from Day 2 and there seems to be a lot of College kids selected. Is this mix usual? What is the general percentage of high school to college guys selected?

  56. Dkit —
    The number of college kids is not unusual. What is highly unusual is that all but one is a college senior. To draft only 1 college junior among a sea of seniors, including a 5-yr senior, is extremely unusual. Don’t recall anything remotely close to this ratio from past drafts. The number of HS kids seems, if anything, a little higher than norm for this stage of draft.

  57. Stewart is a 6-foot-3, 195-pound centerfielder with blazing speed who hit .544 with 12 home runs and 56 RBIs in helping lead Rocky Mountain to a third consecutive Class 5A state championship.

    im with allentown on this one, stunned if he signs…but after reading his quotes it doesnt seem crazy that he might..would be a very pleasant surprise if he did sign

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