Phillies Select OF Kelly Dugan at #75, OF Kyrell Hudson at #106

With their first two picks, the Phillies selected 1B/OF Kelly Dugan and OF Kyrell Hudson. For some scouting reports and info, check below the fold.

Here’s BA’s pre-draft blurb on Dugan:

Switch-hitting first baseman Kelly Dugan has some power now in his 6-foot-3, 205-pound frame and projects to hit for more down the line, though he likely will wind up doing that at Pepperdine. He’s a solid runner at around 7.1 seconds over 60 yards and has decent arm strength, so he could give the outfield a try. He’s the son of actor/director/producer Dennis Dugan, who has worked frequently with Adam Sandler for years.

Just one more note

BA had him as #76 in California
PG had him as #236 overall

No matter how you slice it/apologize for the Phillies front office, this was a massive reach with much more accomplished talents still on the board. But whatever. Lets just enjoy last year’s draft class for what it was, a rare occurrence.

And with #106…

It’s a down year for Washington’s high school players, and teams have split opinions on the state’s top prep prospect. On pure athleticism, Kyrell Hudson rates as one of the best in this year’s class. He’s a lean but strong 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds. His best tool is his speed, as he runs a 6.4-second 60-yard dash and can get from home to first in 4.3 seconds. If he attends Oregon State, he plans to play both baseball and football. The biggest question with Hudson is if he’ll hit. He’s raw, sometimes looks overmatched against good pitching and struggles to square balls up even in batting practice. There are more non-believers than believers, and as one scout put it, “I’ve still never seen a guy steal first base.” If the bat doesn’t develop, his arm is good enough that putting him on the mound could be a fallback option. On top of the questions about Hudson’s bat, scouts aren’t sure how much he likes baseball. At times he has shown up late to games, or he sits in the dugout while his teammates shag flyballs and doesn’t show any fire. One scout witnessed Hudson lollygagging a five-second time to first base on a groundball to the shortstop, with a team’s general manager in the stands. Hudson is a definite project, and some scouts wonder if he’ll be overwhelmed by the grind of a minor league season.

Ummm, yup, another toolshed with a very questionable hit tool. Sure, I’m not going to go nuts on the front office given their recent success, but keep in mind that Mike Arbuckle is no longer here to run these drafts. And as James consistently says, it’s one thing to take a raw guy with upside; it’s another thing entirely to consistently draft guys whose hit tool is a gigantic question mark. But let’s call it a night and see if things look better tomorrow, huh?

71 thoughts on “Phillies Select OF Kelly Dugan at #75, OF Kyrell Hudson at #106

  1. give the kid a chance. i mean you guys have never seen him play. i think the phillies scouts – who uncovered dom brown, ryan howard, michael taylor, etc. – know a little more than us about this kid. let’s support him before we bash him please

  2. Haven’t we all been asking for a corner infielder with power to put in the system? A switch hitter to boot. If reports say he could have been a top rated pick in a couple years after school why can’t he become that in our system? Haha, I don’t know enough to not trust the scouts, especially when it comes to them grabbing someone who apparently was set on college. He doesn’t seem like a cheap pick in a draft that is weak in bats.

  3. Diamondguru, a scout who occasionally posts on the Phillies MLB board, said this pick was a big reach. 😦

  4. Kelly Dugan, here’s a quick video of him

    “Kelly Dugan, a Pepperdine signee, is Notre Dame’s top player. Tall, lanky and projectable at 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, Dugan has a sweet lefthanded swing and is a silky smooth first baseman.

    The son of actor, director and producer Dennis Dugan, Kelly will not need a stunt man or body double on a baseball field. Home runs flew out of the tiny El Dorado yard in this game, with Kelly Dugan poking two opposite field home runs.

    No one should alter his swing, but Dugan may benefit from lower, more relaxed hands. In addition, Dugan initiates his load mechanism too late, often forcing him to flick at the ball as it is nearly past him. He’ll probably windup in college after the June draft, but there is little doubt that Dugan has the ability to be a top draftee in 2012″

    Signability issues?
    His swing did look nice, and it sounds like he has power

  5. Given how well the Phils did on underrated players last year, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. The #75 pick is always a risky pick, but we’ll see.

  6. We’ll see. They must really really trust their Cali scout. They picked Collier, Gose, and Pettibone with the first three rounds last year.

  7. I’ve seen him listed as a corner OF and 1B.

    And I’ve seen him listed at 6’3″, 205 lbs.

    Definitely a projectable body coming from the hotbed of California. I can’t be all that disappointed because he’s not going to be a cheap, easy sign, especially coming from a relatively well-off family.

    There’s a scout for the Phillies that really put his neck out for this young man.

    Unless there’s an SAT/ACT issue (although he’s committed to Peperdine), he’s going to be costly. But nonetheless, I’m happy they’ve added a big, tall, projectable young man that seems to have some power that can play a corner IF/OF slot.

  8. lol @ people overreacting on one pick…. Like they actually know anything more then the brief blurbs they’ve read on here.

    People do this every single year, and it’s always entertaining.

  9. Knowing very little about him… I’d guess that the Phils took Dugan here because this is the slot money it would take to sign him away from Pepperdine.

    And blues, he was announced as an outfielder, so I don’t think the Phils are viewing him as either a 1B or 3B.

  10. I’ve been wanting a real corner infielder. i just hope that they manage to sign this guy. i hate it when high schoolers don’t sign. if they know that they’re going to school, they shouldn’t enter thier names in the draft!!!

  11. SirAlden Says:
    June 9, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    The 2009 MLB Draft’s Top Ten High School First Basemen

    10. Kelly Dugan (California) – my personal dilemma with Dugan is fairly simple…the main reason I have him higher than most is also the thing that scares me from putting him any higher; watch Dugan swing a bat and you can see he has the innate ability to wait, wait, wait…and then snap his wrists through the zone; spin that another way and you can say he lacks appropriate pull power for a first baseman due to a slow bat; a professional conditioning program and a tweak or two to his swing setup could give him that split second of bat speed missing to make him a doubles machine reminiscent of a young Casey Kotchman; I’d take the big money and go forth towards reaching my ultimate dream 99 times out of 100, but if I had a scholarship to play baseball in Malibu for Pepperdine like Dugan has…well, I’d have to think long and hard about that one – we’ll see what he does in a few months

    Kelly Dugan, a Pepperdine signee, is Notre Dame’s top player. Tall, lanky and projectable at 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, Dugan has a sweet lefthanded swing and is a silky smooth first baseman.

    The son of actor, director and producer Dennis Dugan, Kelly will not need a stunt man or body double on a baseball field. Home runs flew out of the tiny El Dorado yard in this game, with Kelly Dugan poking two opposite field home runs.

    No one should alter his swing, but Dugan may benefit from lower, more relaxed hands. In addition, Dugan initiates his load mechanism too late, often forcing him to flick at the ball as it is nearly past him. He’ll probably windup in college after the June draft, but there is little doubt that Dugan has the ability to be a top draftee in 2012.

  12. I don’t even know what to say.

    I don’t really care at this point. The Phillies value players differently than most, so whatever.

    I’m not sticking around for the 3rd pick, and I’ll be around sporadically tomorrow. I have no expectations for this draft at all at this point.

    Have fun guys

  13. lol. kinda tough when Christmas in June turns into coal after 1 pick!!

    Maybe they’ll just pass from here on…

  14. PP no i dont want you to pretend anything. Give us your raw opinion.. to hell with the guys who want rose colored glasses… go to the phillies website for that.

  15. “Should I pretend I love the pick? Would that make you, the readers, happier?”

    No, but the reaction is just a tad over the top don’t ya think?

  16. No one cares whether you “love” the pick. I think it’s generally a good idea not to be so over the top upset over a high school pick that quite frankly we don’t know much about.

    I think the org deserves the benefit of the doubt though. You don’t have to love it, but being even keeled would be a better approach and take a wait and see approach.

  17. Should I pretend I love the pick? Would that make you, the readers, happier?

    You can hate the pick, but recognize that smart people have a difference of opinion and remain optimistic. I hated the Raul Ibanez signing but now swapping out Burrell for him looks incredibly good.

  18. Wow…what’s up with all the HS outfielders for this system? There’s going to be no room in the GCL for all these dudes…

  19. Oh and this is from Hudson’s scouting report:

    “Weaknesses: Extremely raw at the plate, he will have to learn how to hit.” The video also mentions that he struggles with pitch recognition.

    Where have we heard this one before???

  20. Thanks for updating this PhillyFriar.

    I guess I’ve already said too much about these guys, I’m sure they project out as future all stars and I’ll just trust the Phillies. Hopefully its a good day tomorrow

  21. We heard how raw Gose was last year as well…. Same with Dom Brown before that.

    That’s what you hear when they are deemed to be toolsy.

  22. I feel like I wasted 5 hrs sitting here waiting to hear these 2 names. If I sit here for w more yrs i’ll no if I am right.

  23. They backed their California Scout, who sees Chipper Jones potential, that he has such quick wrists he can wait until,
    the ball is almost in the Catcher’s Glove.

    The third round pick was the top Pacific Northwest pick
    which is becoming a Phillies tradition.

    Only time will tell.

  24. It’s funny–it’s like someone in the phillies front office saw the reaction to hewitt et al on this site and said: “oh yeah, well wait ’till you get a load of kyrell hudson!” everyone should chill out–don’t provoke them into doing it again.

  25. OK, so PP hates the picks. That’s his opinion. Cool I guess. Sorry you get so depressed about the draft.

    Like most of the other people on here, I think the Phillies get a certain benefit of the doubt just because guys like Taylor, Brown, et al have worked out. I don’t know enough about these guys to judge either way. I know we didn’t get high-talent guys that dropped, which is unfortunate. That said, I don’t KNOW that these guys will be busts either (while most of us did with Hewitt). So let’s just wait and see. It’s the MLB Draft and we didn’t have a pick til 75. Did you expect to be thrilled?

  26. I think you get in big trouble when you start drafting for need, but at some point, you can’t turn into baseball’s answer to the Detroit Lions with wide receivers. Besides being locked into the current MLB outfield for at least the next 2 years, the organization has Michael Taylor (who could be ready by September), Dominic Brown (who should be ready by 2011), and they’re clearly committed to Gose and Collier in Lakewood. It is really necessary to take two more outfielders, an area of organizational strength, when there are more talented players at areas of need on the board still?

  27. maybe just maybe there wasnt “more” talented players in the phillies opinions? clearly they shoulda checked in here first for the detailed scouting reports we have on a 1b/of and a washington OF….its funny on here where before the draft youll get a ton of “take the best player/talent on the board” regardless of need…then when they make picks they dont like , need should have played a bigger part…i love this site and what PP does, and really would pay monthly fee for it, thats how solid of a job i think he does…but , imo, his reaction is not what the “readers”(isnt that what fuels your site?) were hoping for..well, at least this reader.

  28. I think Dugan is an infielder, even if he was listed as an OF. But maybe that’s just my hope.

    I saw Wolever say they wanted to grab left handed arms in this draft, hopefully they stock up on a few projectable high school arms tomorrow.

  29. Friar, that was my exact reaction before I even got on here and started reading some of the responses. We’re up to our ears in outfielders that we can’t put anywhere with nobody we would feel comfortable replacing Feliz or Howard with long-term. (No, we don’t need to replace Howard, that’s purely hypothetical for if the Phillies decide they can’t afford him in the future).

    Its hard to hype up a day so much only to feel like you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you. PP, thanks for everything you do for this site – your commitment is certainly appreciated.

  30. Reggie: I think you’ve highlighted something important by pointing to Taylor and Brown. Yes, those were toolsy types who “got it,” and the developmental people should get credit for that… but they were 5th and 19th round picks, respectively, so the organization wasn’t passing up nearly the same type of talent to draft those guys.

    The 1st round toolsy types — your namesake, Greg Golson, Anthony Hewitt (so far, granted it’s only been a year) — haven’t lived up to their potential. It happens just as frequently with later round picks, but the downside isn’t nearly as costly, which is why it’s a better strategy (in my opinion, at least) to take high upside, signability guys later on instead of shooting for the moon with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks on a consistent basis.

  31. I really like the Dugan pick.

    It could be that he said he would only sign in the top 2 rounds, because they probably could have gotten him much later. Or there could have been other teams that were in on him and they didn’t feel they could wait. Either way, they liked him a lot. He needs a little work, but isn’t too far behind. Lets not forget Michael Stanton was taken in the second round in 2007 out of Cali and nobody knew who he was. He had more present strength though. With those quick hands he might be a real surprise.

    I don’t like the Hudson pick at all. Mainly because of his character. Nothing worse then a guy with tons of talent who doesn’t give a crap. If they can light a fire under his butt then he might work out.

    They could have had Renfroe at 106, but I guess they didn’t want to pay. I hope people remember that.

    Also Dugan might have been a reach, but there were some more bizarre picks on day one. It seems like players priced themselves out of high round picks.

  32. Reggie, Im not quite sure Mike Taylor should be lumped into that group. We drafted him out of Stanford where he already had a polished eye at the plate, we revamped his swing, but still, he was already an accomplished hitter and not the raw bats that the others are.

  33. I didn’t read anything questioning Dugan’s hit tool. obviously the hudson pick kinda sucks. I hope we sing him, especially if he can play the corner infield

  34. an interesting situation s.f. drafted another pitcher. their up to their necks in pitching. maybe despite his 8-1 record we can make the deal were going to for cain. s.f. has nothing but pitching.

  35. I wouldn’t worry about Hudson’s attitude or work ethics. The development folks and the hot Florida sun seem to work miracles with those who think they have all the answers.

  36. My, James sounds distraught. Deep breaths. I am amazed how quiakly some fans forget what goes into this. The Phillie aren’t a group of dudes running a web site where they try to track and assess hundreds of players, most of whom they’ve never met or seen play in person.

    The Phillies are a professional organization who scout many of these players for years, seeing them play in person multiple times.

    So why do we automatically believe the web site blurb?

    An understanding of the process is needed here.

  37. Neduol Caz If you go over the scouting reports on this draft, almost everyone has issure with bat, even third pick Donvan Tate, I don’t know if these picks were good or bad, but going into this draft everything I read said a pitchers draft, and we take two outfielder, that is confusing to me. This according to Keith Law and others lack hitters, and we go after two of them. Why? Should we worry now that Arbuckle isn’t here?

  38. We are talking about an 18 year old kid takin 75th!!, in baseball more than any sport the draft is a complete crapshoot. Who knows on this kid. By the time he is 22 he could be 6ft 4 225lbs and a power hitter. Or he could flame out. The point is until he puts on the Phillies uniform and he starts playing ball in the minors you really don’t know. You make the best decision you can. BA, Crosschecker etc are all just opinions, just like we have, just like the scouts have. Time will tell who is right.

    I know one thing, if Kelly Dugan signs with the Phillies I am going to cheer for the guy.

  39. I think we can agree that scouting has been an area of strength for the Phillies in recent years, the front office has mined a lot of talent out of the draft. Wolever didn’t draft 2 4th year college players to save money. I can remember past years where everybody was screaming at the Phils to take some HS players, with some upside.

    Wolever has also been quoted as saying that they drafted the best available guy (in their opinion). Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if we like the pick or not, the Phillies have their own process for drafting players and apparently have followed it in drafting Kelly Dugan.

  40. I’m not smart enough to hate the 1st 2 picks or like them. but can anybody add to my 1st inclination, that just like last yr when Hewitt/Collier came of the board (thinking Tools position players -not debating the talent level), both H/S kids and could have been seen as ‘tough” signs.

    Do these 1st two picks open up more or less money for the KNAPP or PETTIBONE type picks in the next few rounds??

    Pepperdine and Oregon St are two decent college ball programs, but NORTH CAROLINA & USC could be seen as different level.

    I’d like to think that the PHils got two kids who could ‘pro ject’ and will either sign the kids for about slot OR one of the two goes to college and we get the pick back. And in RDs 3-7 or so, the Phils get the KNAPP/PETTIBONE/SHREVE kids they did last year…..

    any finer points??

  41. That’s the spirit JimBob! If he doesn’t sign, he’s J.D. as far as I’m concerned!

    I’m no judge of talent. I watched Hank Conger and Josh Vitters play in 2006 and 2007, and while they looked like studs on the field, so did many others that played with them and against them. I couldn’t see why everyone was singling them out (and eventually choosing them) as 1st round talent.

    Someone who does this for a living sees something in Dugan. Taking my heart out of the situation, I think it will be fascinating to watch what happens.

  42. It can’t be a strong draft when you ignore your organizational needs on your first two picks and then reached for the players you took. I follow drafts in all 4 major sports and this year would have been a good year to trade back and maybe acquire more picks in future years if it was allowed. The last good thing Bob Clarke did for the Flyers was identify 2003 as an exceptional year for talent and planned accordingly. Jeff Carter and Mike Richards are now All Stars in the NHL. The Eagles played the draft to perfection in April with the right mix of trades both up and down to maximize value. The NBA has a much smaller talent pool to draw from which limits movement but it is still nice to have the flexibility.
    Baseball must change its rules to allow trades even if you restrict it to pick(s) for pick(s).

  43. Rick Wise Guy, if there was little value to these picks then how much could we reasonably expect to receive in return for them? I doubt I would deal any player in an organization’s top 20 prospects for a third round pick.

  44. baseball is the sport in which you can have an EXCEPTIONAL draft and not have a contribution for either of your top 2 picks. You get 50 picks 1st off, and 2nd this draft more than all others- has a “Money” wins probability.

    money doesn’t guarantee you anything of course, but it sure can allow you to take higher ceiling, big time college commitment guys and sign them very late in the draft.

  45. Rick Wise Guy

    If they make trades possible there has to be one golden rule
    no money can change hands between teams in any way.

    Punishable by locking you in a closet for a week with Sarge and Wheels.

    Where the hell are my third basemen. I wanted two or three.

  46. Teams will always value players differently. Baseball is unique in that teams also have the international free agent market to draw from which would allow teams to place greater or lesser emphasis on the draft in any one year as their primary source of talent. Small market teams could also maximize top picks when signability is in question by trading them for equal value rather than losing them because they can’t afford to sign them.
    I wonder where the Phillies would have drafted Dugan and Hudson if there was an option to trade?

  47. I can live with the Dugan pick although not thrilled at selecting another outfielder. If he can be our 1b man of the future i’m happy. He seems like a high character guy. I am completely befuddled as to why they selected yet another toolsy OF in a weak hitters draft who apparently can’t hit and appears to have little motivation or desire to play baseball and could have been taken later. This pick promises to be a take the money and run pick. Please go play football at oregon if you aren’t interested in baseball or if you are unteachable or lazy(“no fire”, “lolly gagger”)

  48. I think the character issues are a non-factor. We have a vague paragraph about an 18 year old kid. How much is that really worth?

  49. I love how “possible motivation issues’ becomes “unteachable and lazy”

    A lot of other interviews have him as a great young kid that loves playing 2 sports. Honestly, I think he’ll end up going to college and it’ll be a moot point. He seems very strongly committed to Oregon State.

  50. I know he is only 18 but Gose is barely hitting .250 so let’s not make him the 2nd coming of Lou Brock just yet. His speed and athleticism are undeniable, but he has a lot to prove as far as hitting at this point.

    Not thrilled with the early picks, but as many have said, I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt until these kids actually play some pro ball (if they sign).

  51. Frankly, I listen to you guys early and watch Reading and Lehigh closely. Don’t get excited about anyone until I can get in my car and see for myself. anyway…

    The Phillies have a good history when it comes to producing position players, but, frankly they leave much to be desired for getting arms. Again, I am disappointed they did not find an arm early in the draft.

    Am I the only one who thinks they are playin it cheap and scouting for arms south of the border?

    p.s. — I hope they are also looking for another 3rd baseman?

  52. I personally coached this kid from 6 years old til he was 13. On every level of competition i have seen him play like a man amongst boys. When he steals 25-30 bases a year i wonder what you guys will say then. His current speed makes him one of the fastest ballplayers in the league now and his fielding is something to behold. Even if he bats 250-260 his speed, arm and stealing ability will be what every team wants and his disire to play the game is unquestable. All i can say is not to read into the negative comments as i know this kid will be a star. He made every all-star team since he was 9. A human highlight film. Just watch

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