Very Abbreviated Threshers News

With the draft dominating this week’s Phuture Phillies news the Clearwater Report is short and sweet this week.


Freddy Galvis had the pins removed from his broken fingers on Tuesday, but still faces 6-7 more weeks of rehab before he is expected back in the lineup.

Dominic Brown suffered a broken hand in the Threshers 9-0 win against the Palm Beach Cardinals on Monday night when he was hit in the hand by a pitch in the 8th inning. He will now miss the F.S.L. All-Star game and 6-7 (at least) more weeks of the season recovering.

The Threshers were 3-4 on the week with a win, a four game losing streak, and two wins to end the week. Two of their 5 all-stars will now be absent from the FSL game on Father’s Day weekend in Ft. Myers with Drabek having been promoted, and Brown down with an injury. The team will get to send two replacement players, but there is no word yet as to who that will be.

Tune in next week, after the draft, for an expanded Clearwater report.

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6 thoughts on “Very Abbreviated Threshers News

  1. Highly doubt he’d have been traded…but this actually does help me rest easier!

  2. Why would Brown’s injury status change his trade value. He isn’t a pitcher with a blown rotator cuff, he has a broken hand. Not going to change his ability to play in the long term, and for a developmental prospect like him, the long term is the only thing that matters.

    Nobody would trade for him with an eye towards this year

  3. That is terrible news! This guy was just beginning to fill out the stat column across the board. Let’s hope it does not set him too far back.

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