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  1. Ryan Sasaki
    Pflugerville, TX (P. Connally High School) 6’6’’200
    Ryan joins the 2009 signing class by way of Pflugerville Connally High School. Ryan was an All-District performer in 2008 after posting a 1.09 ERA. Ryan was also invited this summer to participate in the Texas Scouts Association Game held at Dell Diamond. Ryan plays for Tommy Boggs and the Austin Slam during the summer.
    “Ryan has tremendous ability from the left side of the mound. He is a big athletic pitcher that has potential for”electric stuff.” We see Ryan being a early contributor in our program. As a left handed pitcher he will be an asset to our pitching staff immediately. — Head Coach Mark Johnson

    This all I could find on him. I got it from Sam Houston State’s website.

  2. 90ish Ks, 15ish BB in 64ish IP for Sasaki

    Works in the high 80s right now touching low 90s, IIRC. With his size/frame, not irrational to think they can tweak his mechanics a bit and get him going in the 90s going forward.

  3. Thanks a lot, I tried to find out something and couldn’t but you guys did and I appreciate, any idea what He took to sign so fast. and is sam houston a good program.

  4. Some of the college guys may sign in view of the economy. There can’t be too many jobs open.
    How important is Buschini???

  5. Could be an okay hitter, probably could have gotten him in the 10th round or so.

  6. Yeah listen to angelle talk, He said should have sign out of high school, listen to parents, stock drop, no job and has a kid, now how about taking the money and then going to college if you don;t make it, if the offer is good enough, I also saw a kid we drafted back in 06 that I loved him after seeing him pitch in a texas showcase game,thirskill a great curve, he didn’t sign and is at clemson, has so far pitch 5 innings in two years, just keeps getting hurt.

  7. What’s weird to me is That these kids aren’t saying they are goin to school, bollinger is leanin but will listen,colvin the same so the hard to signs know there is money for later picks , that’s my take.

  8. Mikemike another guy who blew a chance at getting picked high out of HS was Zied our 10th round pick. Google his name and there’s some old BA articles about him during high school.

    “Was the Gatorade Connecticut High School Player of the Year … Was the 27th ranked pro prospect in the country by Baseball America … An AFLAC All-American in 2004”

    He was college all the way going to Vandy, and then ended up transferring out to Tulane. He passed up a toooon of money.

  9. from the little I could find Colvin mom seems relived that he will go to LSU the best team in the country she said. so its really going to be hard to get him.

  10. Some of the saddest college students I knew where there to please their parents. Hopefully Colvin did what HE wanted.

  11. I just don’t see much left for us to get excited about in this draft. If colvin doesn’t sign, where is the next level of talent for the minors, dugan? a reach by most. Hudson a head case, stewart isn’t signing. So who are the stars we will put in there this year.

  12. I think its funny that anyone thinks Colvin has made his decision with 2 months to go to the deadline. Last year at this time Jarred Cosart was telling everyone that he was definitely going to Missouri. Everyone needs to relax – there will be plenty of time to fret on August 18th. This is a calculated process. You get the guys who will take slot signed first so that those negotiations don’t get confused/affected by the negotiatinos for other guys for whom you are willing to go over slot. Dugan was the pick at 75 because he was willing to take the 75 slot (Stewart and Colvin were not). Mitchell and Sasaki probably were willing to take the lowest 5th round slot so that the Phillies did not have to go to the Commissioner’s office to get the deal approved.

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