Pirates sign Colton Cain; Colvin implications

As reported by Baseball America today, the Pirates signed 8th rounder Colton Cain for $1.13M. Cain was ranked the 14th best prospect in Texas, #109 in the entire country. By comparison, Brody Colvin was ranked #3 in Louisiana, and #43 in the entire country. Cain’s bonus could provide the Colvin camp with some extra leverage, and this could basically confirm my suspicion that it was going take seven figures to keep Colvin away from LSU. I’d say now that we’re looking at $1.2M at least to get a deal done. The signing deadline is 9 days away, so there’s still time, and deals should start trickling in this coming week.

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  1. I say do it.

    I would love to see him pitch(can’t find a video either), but from what scouts say he has ace potential. Good makeup and his eagerness to learn is what really makes me want him. Very strong possibility of 3 plus pitches. He’s a great athlete who can play shortstop(and probably will at LSU if they need him).

    Also I’m willing to bet they saved money on Singleton because I don’t think he did well on his SAT’s(just speculation). So far they have spent very little. Time to get Stewart and Colvin done(I’m assuming Hudson is done).

  2. How come they announced it so early?

    And this has to be a poke in the eye of Selig considering his past relationship with the Pirates GM.

    I’d really like to see us sign Colvin. If we can waste $8-9 million on Eaton this year, we can blow another $1.2 million on a prospect.

  3. @ NEPP, from what I’ve read the deal has been done for awhile Selig and company held the deal up due to the amount over slot. I have no idea why they left it come out this early before the dead line. I’m willing to bet that there is a ton of deals completed that are just sitting on his desk and have been for weeks if not months. This is 1 of the biggest OVER SLOT deals so far and it actually hurts MLB slotting system by letting it out 10 days early. We can expect 1 or 2 of these a day I would assume till Aug 17.. My B-Day is on the 10th a great gift would be a few of these deals approved for our beloved Phillies.

  4. Just to add 1 more thing and this goes with inline with what our FO and scouting office said. We left Workman walk as our 3rd rd pick and nows hes 1 of the top college arms in the country. If we throw 1 million at Colvin why didnt we do that with Workman unless he is 1 of the reasons why last year we started throwing $ at these kids.

  5. Whatever the results, it must be noted that at one time the organizational response to a lot of problems was to retreat
    to Clearwater and hide, The more open the Phils become
    the better. Its better for the fan interest. No one likes being BSed.
    I think we will have at least two more signing maybe sweep
    the upper steps

  6. Singleton got 200 thousand. I believe 50 thousand more than anyone in that round. Workman I have seen pitch two times on tv. From what I have seen,He can’t throw his breaking ball for strikes, mostly fastball pitcher , but if the scouts are that high then maybe what I saw was off days for him.

  7. On the topic:

    The Phillies should sign Colvin to 1.2 million. If he was the 43rd ranked talent, its not unreasonable. 1st round Supplemental. 1st round money is fair, especially since the team did’nt have a 1st round pick this year.

  8. I seen it somewhere else that the Pirates signed the 4th rounder, Dodson , for around 1.3 million and the bonus to Cain was unknown. MLB can not stop a team from signing a player, the guidelines they have are advisory and the framework of the advisory system was guaranteed to have been reviewed and signed off on by the Players’ Union beforehand. All that is required is good faith bargaining before the August 17th deadline. It is close enough to that deadline that delays will not be imposed till the deadline comes. A few more million plus contracts are on the horizon. Maybe Philly can have a few.

  9. Geez, go over to the Philles MLB site/board to talk about Moyer…..I have seen enough of the guy & he is probably the last player I want to see discussed on a Phils farm system site……FOLLOW THE RULES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well article says Wander is 19 or soon will be. If he had stayed in the Dominican, signed at 16, and still had not made it to the States yet, most on here would say he’s too old. There are 19 year olds in the Dominican doing very well and alot on here say they are too old. I don’t think that is always the case, and maybe this guy isn’t too old either , but this is a late round choice and they already have as OF at that level: Dugan, Domingo Santana, Altherr, maybe Ryan Bollinger, plus some of this year’s college draftees, Plus OF’s from the Dominican and Venezuela of some promise who are still younger than this guy. There is only so much playing time available. Seems to me like Wander might be this year’s Ruddy Rio-Nunez.

  11. one of the problems with signing latin players is if in fact they are as young as reported, they are so far away from from what they will become. this is the reason imo that the mets farm system is a disaster. sign a 16 ss ba ranks him as a phenom and by the time hes 20 he,s a different player,and not for the better. too young to really know how good the kid is.

  12. Hey guys, long-time, first-time.

    I cover the Longhorns for a living and thought I would give a bit of a detailed update on Workman, since a few really seem distraught over his non-signing a few years back.

    First of all, Workman has had a very uneven career with the Horns. Although he threw a no-hitter as a member of the weekend rotation, he actually lost his job to freshman Taylor Jungmann (who is a flat out stud). Although he has dominant ability, his inconsistency turned the Texas staff off to the point that he was buried on the bench until the CWS – when he finally pitched out of need and people started crapping their pants again because he was hitting 97 on the radar.

    Workman’s biggest problems as far as I can tell is that he’s still too much of a thrower and not a pitcher, and his fastball has very little movement. He throws that sumbitch hard, but it’s straight and good college teams have been able to figure him out after a trip through the line-up.

    All of that being said, he’s tearing up the summer leagues this year and there’s talk about him being a No.1 pick, but I don’t know that the Texas staff knows what to do with him. Their rotation from the end of the season returns and there’s some thought that he’s best suited to be a closer and he could replace Austin Wood in that capacity.

    Regardless, he’s a lot like former Longhorn first round pick Beau Hale. He’s got a ton of talent, but he’s not a slam dunk to be a star by any stretch. He certainly has not been that at Texas thus far.

    He really is a hard guy to figure out.

  13. I agree on the Latin players issue. Signing someone at 16 is like throwing a dart at a board…honestly there’s so much development left at that age that you have no idea what you’re getting. Its hard enough (well pretty impossible) to predict when an 18/19 year old will become, let alone a 16 year old.

  14. Thanks Ketch.
    Love the first hand reports on all prospects! By the way, sounds like a classic Phillies draft pick. High projection but needs to learn how to play.

  15. Colvin is the high value pick of the draft. I could see where a deal at $1M was in place that may now be ripped up by Colvin’s camp.
    Since they get a future pick if they lose Hudson there is no real harm in losing him. Stewart seems like the toughest sign and do the Phillies really need more OF? 3 All-Stars in the Majors plus now a great 4th OF under control for 3 more years; 2 huge guys in AAA; 3 quality players in AA; Gose, Castro, Collier (plus Myers and James are still young); then this years picks already Santana, Dugan, Altherr. Spend the $500K on a decent utility middle infielder in the Majors.
    My vote is give the money to Colvin, you can never have too much pitching. Then cough up some $ for Susac. With (Kennelly) D’Arnaud, Valle, Mitchell and Susac we could at least keep some strong prospects available at Catcher.

  16. I was thinking this when I read about the Pitt signing….can’t be too good for their efforts to get Colvin

  17. Might actually be good. I’m sure Colvin has his number. Pirates going this high gives us license to go high. We aren’t lacking in $, it is just fear of the commish.

  18. Sorry if this was discussed before, but why did Callis(?) have Colvin as his #9 Phillies prospect if he has yet to sign?

  19. 1.2 mil for a 4th rounder? That’s 500 more than knapp and double cosarts bonus. Colvin gotten into the high 90s?

  20. Mike77,

    We don’t know that he would sign for $1.2 million. We don’t know what he (and/or his people) are asking. The $1.2 million figure is a speculation from the guy whose site this is, and he said “at least $1.2 million.”

  21. I hears on draft day that colvin throws low to mid 90s with what is already a plus curveball. when i say low to mid 90s, i mean he averages 93 mph. thats very hard considering that the fastest average fastball (among starters) in the majors right now is at 95.9. but the curve is supposed to be really good.

  22. Here’s some draft signee news. Pirates sign 6th round RHP Zach Von Rosenburg To a 1.2 million bonus. Von Rosenburg was another LSU signee, (BA)

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