Slayden retires, Susdorf promoted

In a somewhat surprising move, 27 year old OF Jeremy Slayden has announced his retirement according to  Slayden has had a tough year after being demoted from AAA Lehigh Valley back down to Reading after struggling both at the plate and in the field for the IronPigs.  His production has picked up at the plate in Reading, and was hitting .281 with 9 HR and 30 RBI for the RPHILS, while seeing limited action in the field.  While having a fair amount of success through his minor league career at the plate, SLayden was a defensive liability because of a weak arm and a lack of speed.  After a solid season last year at AA Reading, SLayden was left exposed in the Rule 5 draft, however, was not taken.

Taking Slayden’s place on the Reading roster is 23 year old Fresno State product Steve Susdorf.  Susdorf started the year at (A) Lakewood, and hit .333 in 78 at bats before getting called up to Clearwater.  In CLearwater, Susdorf hit .373 with 3 HR and 22 RBI, with a .423 OBP.  He hit a huge .467 with RISP.  With Domonic Brown/Quintin Berry/Susdorf in the Reading outfield, it becomes an area of alot of interest.

Tyson Brummett was placed on the Reading DL with elbow inflammation, making room on the roster for Brian Rosenberg.

30 thoughts on “Slayden retires, Susdorf promoted

  1. Susdorf really deserved the promotion and I’m excited to see what he can do at AA. If he produces there he will move up the phillies prospect rankings.

    Slayden didn’t really have a future here. He had good numbers in the minors but never really got the chance to succceed. The best of luck to him in his next endeavor.

  2. This is unfortunate. He was not afforded a real shot at Lehigh Valley and his demotion appeared to be devastating to him. He can flat out hit although this year was not up to his standards. I observed that he was trying to hit grand slams with the bases empty. Not beeing picked up in last winters draft created a sense of desperation for him.
    Good luck to Jeremy.

  3. Best of luck to Mr. Slayden in his future endeavors.

    Let’s see if Susdorf can open some eyes. This could get interesting!

  4. Susdorf will probably struggle with the jump to AA and only hit 350. Is this considered more age appropriate? If he tears this league up he will have to get top 20 phillie prospect recognition.

  5. Slayden is a guy whose bat I’ve followed thru the minors. Saw him life for the first time last year and was a little underwhelmed. He is not a plus on the bases or in the OF, so his bat had to carry him. For a guy who was old for AA, turning 26 during the season, and .857 OPS just wasn’t good enough for a bat-only guy. He was outhit by the team’s younger SS and much younger catcher and only outhit Greg Golson by 90 OPS points. Given his skill set, age, and not playing a primo defensive position, he really needed to be the clear hitting star on last season’s Reading team. He just wasn’t.

  6. I saw him play quite a few games in LV a I believe he was given a chance…his fiedling really hurt him..Might have been different if he were in an AL system from the get go.

    Good luck to him!

  7. Well, this is the opportunity Susdorf deserves. If the guy keeps hitting, they will have to take him seriously. Reading really has some guys people are interested in watching. Between the pitching and now the outfield, I may have to make another trip.

  8. i love the moves. i think matheison should be in the majors soon. you cant tell me he wouldnt be better than tyler walker

  9. Slayden had a knack for hitting pinch hit Grand Slams. Did it in the AFL last year and ditto this year with Reading. Guess there was no need for that kind of skill set. Enjoyed following his pro at bats.

  10. Taking note that Brian Rosenberg has been moved up to AA Reading. Good.
    With Rosenberg as a reliever now at Reading plus updated expectations Re: Scotty Mathieson likely being moved up to LV, we’ve got two “late” relievers oncoming to finish/update the relief corps during the next several years…starting soon.

    Goodbye Durbin & Condrey…
    “Youth must be served.”

    The very curious among us are awaiting returns on Susdorf who could sneak into the actual prospect category. Good fortune to him…and we’ll be watching.

    Go Susdorf!…Rosenberg and Scotty!!

  11. It figures the brass wants better looks at the end of the season. Good Luck Jeremy.
    Lots of interesting box scores yet to come

  12. It takea a stiff to reitre for Susdorf to get a shot. For some reason the front office doesn’t have faith in him.

  13. That Dude – he was obviously next in line to move up, why poo-poo the reason? If it wasn’t now it’d be next year.

  14. Wow, I got to see Slayden’s last game live last night. I was watching his body language last night, and it really wasn’t great. You could tell he wasn’t really into the game that much. He probably knew this was coming.

    Faced with the prospect of another 6 game roadtrip in second late motels, he probably couldn’t do it. Best of luck to him, I can really see him coming back next year (not here of course, but somewhere)

    He kind of reminds me of Clay Harris, he could play the game, but maybe he figured he better start the next phase of his life sooner rather than later.

  15. Given Mathieson’s two Tommy John surgeries, I’m in no mood to see him rushed through the majors. I figured watching him rehab in 2007 in Harrisburg that he’d be the savior of the pen. Instead he left clutching his right arm.

  16. Rosenberg solid tonight for Reading. He went 2 innings and struck out one without giving up a hit, and mathieson finished it out in the 9th…no hits again, but he walked 2 guys…
    The umpires strike zone was inconsistent,

  17. I met Slayden a few times and he was a great guy- seemed to be having a great deal of fun in spring training (even though he was having back spasms at the time). Anyway, best of luck in the real world to Jeremy.

    As for for Susdorf- keep ripping and people outside this website will have to take notice!!

  18. Oh yeah, on the Susdorf to AA thing, When they had the predictions for organizational fast-risers at the end of last season, I predicted Susdorf would be promoted to AA. Some people derided this idea. Just presented for the historical record, of course.

    On Slayden knew what was coming thing, I guess he did considering he was the one who retired, (theoretically at least).

    On Rosenberg promoted to AA, good for him. But when a player is one day from being promoted from low A , it is unlikely to spell instant doom for an established MLB pitcher.

  19. So much to like about the Reading game last night . Rosenberg
    didn’t miss a beat, Brown and Flande were great but the star has at be Berry whose big night left him one off the league
    run scored lead

  20. Not a fan of Susdorf, Don’t think he is a big league hitter or fielder’. I have seen a lot of baseball and if he is a major contributor to our team, I will be the first to say how wrong i was but dont think that will happen.

  21. Donald and Slayden had the best offensive seasons of any of the Phillies’ prospects in 2008 Fall Leagues , and now one’s out of the organization and the other one’s out of baseball entirely.

  22. Looks like I’ll get to see Flande in Trenton Thursday night. Very pumped to see Brown and Susdorf also. To bad for Slayden hopefully he has a good back up plan.

  23. This was TOTALLY Jeremy’s decision to retire. There was no surpise except on the part of the coaching staff. The R-Phils would’ve loved hime to stay on and won more championships.

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