Rosenberg Double Bumped

Brian Rosenberg, 23, was promoted from (A) Lakewood to (AA) Reading on Friday, jumping over Clearwater.  Rosenberg was dominant for the BlueClaws this season, earning 19 saves with a microscopic 0.89 ERA in 50 plus innings of work. The 6’2 RHP from Kentucky was a 13th round pick out of Louisville in the 2008 draft.

31 thoughts on “Rosenberg Double Bumped

  1. That is what I like the new Philies Spirit. Put hot peppers on that cheese steak. There have been more double jumps this year that the previous 22.5 years.

  2. Like it … a lot. Schwim and Rosenberg will both be in Reading or higher next year. Zagurski and Mathieson are both at Reading so another move must be coming. Zags had a particularly bad outing yesterday. He didn’t play at all last year so they might shut him down but at his age, can’t be holding anything back.

  3. It’s getting interesting in Reading again. After Taylor left they seemed a little deflated, but Brown and now Rosenberg and Susdorf are bringing a new energy that will help in their playoff run. I’m planning a third trip soon.

  4. Nowheel : “That is what I like the new Philies Spirit. Put hot peppers on that cheese steak. There have been more double jumps this year that the previous 22.5 years.”

    Could that be because this is the first time they have the talent to double jump in 22 years

  5. good for him but i’m a schwim fan and i wanted to see him in reading too.

    double jump schwim to Lehigh valley!!!

  6. but seriously I wonder if they see Rosenberg as a “Joe Smith” type that was on the mets last year that because of his delivery can move up quickly???

  7. off topic but the craziest jump was elizardo ramirez from A+ to the majors in 04. sorry to digress.

  8. Nevermind. Google tells me he’s in the Rangers organization. Wow. Remember when Bill Conlin used to talk about him like he was the second coming of Cy Young himself?

  9. Conlon used to knock Jimmy Rollins as a 5′ 6″ short stop with an uppercut swing and warning track power. The phillies system is looking great, lets hope they keep up the good work!

  10. Over the past 4-5 years years Big Bill has been correct about very little when it comes to the Phils…..I remember right before the Abreu deal, Conlin really knocking the Phils entire system and saying how it would be years before they could be a legit contender….Gillick dealt Abreu & all of a sudden what so many of us hated about the big club(the so what attitdue) dissipated and look where we are. Even more importantly has been the scouting and drafting….but picking up waiver wire fodder for the big club has had major benefits….I’m not sure who deserves the most credit for changing the path of the ship, but every member of Philles Nation is thankful.

  11. Speaking of the pharm syste3m’s goodies, who knows stuff about signee Bollinger?

    Any net place that speaks about him…?

    Only thing I read was that he could/is able to fill several positions: OF, 1b, and pitcher.

    So what will be his position/role?

    Any website discussing him would be welcome!


  12. REditto the crompster. This fun watching these guys grow.
    Also we have met come very intelligent prospects who seem to have little trouble handling themselves properly. Obviously the Phils now are looking for more than talent.

  13. Couldn’t agree more NoWheels. It’s a ton of fun winning with homegrown talent. It’s an amazing core of Utley/Rollins/Howard/Hamels/Myers/Madson/Ruiz/Happ mixed with a slew of great acquisitions. I think that’s why I’m so relieved/overjoyed about the Lee trade and being able to keep Drabek/Brown/Taylor/Happ for 2011 and beyond.

  14. I’m excited too Zog, but we’ve got to remember, as long as the Phillies are in contention in the next few years, we’ll have to go through some stress at the trading deadline.

  15. Well after getting acclimated to Reading he has had a few very good games in a row.

    Tonight so far: 5IP, 6K’s. Only 1 ER on a solo HR.

  16. Neat idea with the Future’s game being played at Fenway today. Maybe Reading and LV can do this someday at CBP.

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