Threshers Recap – 7/10/2019

Clearwater (13-9, 49-39)  game with Palm Beach suspended in the fourth inning with the Threshers leading, 3-1.  Game will be completed Thursday as part of a double header.

Tyler Carr opened with 4 consecutive strike outs and went on to post 3.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K.  The Threshers scored their runs in the third inning on Dalton Guthrie’s RBI single and Danny Mayer’s 2-run single.

This game probably should not ave started.  Water hadn’t drained completely in shallow left field behind shortstop.  Later when the rain started, the umpires waited too long to let the ground crew tarp the field.  For some reason they felt compelled to complete the at bat for the lead off batter.  As the at bat extended to 7 … 8 … 9 pitches, the infield was saturated to the point of several ponds forming.  When the batter finally drove the 10th pitch of the at bat for a home run, I couldn’t follow the flight of the ball through the heavy down pour.  By the time they allowed the crew to cover the infield it was too late.  These guys were so bad that both managers were arguing with them up until the game was suspended.  These are the same two guys who cost Matt Kroon a home run Monday night when the ball bounced off the batter’s eye (set 6-10 feet behind the center field wall) and back onto the field.  Coach Malloy got tossed arguing with the umpire who made the call from the infield without moving into the outfield to get a better view.  #UmpireRantOver

  • #1 Alec Bohm (.329) assigned to Reading June 21st
  • #5 Spencer Howard (1-1, 2.25) placed on the 7-day IL on May 5th, shoulder soreness
  • #11 Jhailyn Ortiz (.220)
  • #12 Simon Muzziotti (.281)
  • #17 Kyle Young (1-3, 4.29) placed on the 7-day IL on May 1st, TJ surgery1
  • #18 Nick Maton (.285)
  • #19 Rodolfo Duran (.220)
  • #20 Daniel Brito (.241)

Lehigh Valley (42-44)  All Star break.

  • #3 Adam Haseley (.314)
  • #6 Enyel De Los Santos (3-3, 3.54)
  • #7 JoJo Romero (2-2, 9.64) assigned to Reading on May 18th
  • #10 Ranger Suarez (2-2, 5.68) recalled by Phillies on June 19th
  • #16 Cole Irvin (3-0, 2.35)
  • #22 Kyle Dohy (1-4,  6.83)
  • #28 Edgar Garcia (1-1, 1.65) no longer prospect eligible
  • #30 Deivi Grullon (.306) placed on the 7-day IL on 7/2, fractured toe

Reading (14-7, 53-35)   All Star break.

  • #1 Alec Bohm (.268)
  • #2 Adonis Medina (5-3, 4.02)
  • #3 Adam Haseley (.268) promoted to Lehigh Valley on May 29th
  • #7 JoJo Romero (2-3, 6.38)
  • #9 Mickey Moniak (.266)
  • #13 Arquimedes Gamboa (.171)
  • #15 Mauricio Llovera (3-3, 4.26)
  • #21 David Parkinson (6-4, 3.31)
  • #22 Kyle Dohy (1-0, 0.82) – promoted to Lehigh Valley April 25th
  • #25 Cornelius Randolph (.235)
  • #28 Connor Seabold – placed on the 7-day IL on April 4th

Lakewood (7-12, 36-53)   lost to Hickory, 6-2.

Kevin Gowdy pitched three innings.  He gave up 5 runs on 6 nits and 2 walks.  He threw 56 pitches.  Gilmael Troya gave up a run in one, no-hit inning.  He walked 3 and struck out one.  James McArthur pitched four, 2-hit innings.  He struck out two.  Andrew Schultz, the 6th rounder from Tennessee, pitched the last inning and gave up one hit and struck out one batter.  He threw 19 pitches (10 strikes), but my intel reported that he was upper 90s with at least three at 100 mph.

The BlueClaws scored a run in the second on Ben Pelletier’s RBI single.  They scored again on another Pelletier RBI single.

Luis Garcia went 1-3 to pull his average up to .201.  Pelletier and Malvin Matos had 2 hits each.

  • #1 Alec Bohm (.367) – promoted to Clearwater, 4/29/2019
  • #4 Luis Garcia (.201)
  • #8 Francisco Morales (1-4, 3.60)
  • #14 Rafael Marchan (.263)
  • #23 Dominic Pipkin (3-2, 5.24)
  • #24 Kevin Gowdy (0-3, 3.59)
  • #26 Jhordany Mezquita (2-5, 4.66)
  • #29 Manuel Silva (1-2, 4.97)

Williamsport (6-19)  lost to Vermont, 11-2.

Jose Conopoima and Anton Kuznetsov pitched the first three innings (Conopoima was lifted due to an organizational pitch limit per inning).  They gave up seven UNEARNED runs thanks to an unreliable defense that committed five errors in the game.

Hsin-Chieh Lin gave up 3 runs (only 2 ER) on a 3-run HR.  He pitched three innings giving up one hit and 2 walks.  He struck out three.  Albertus Barber gave up a bunt single in two innings and struck out five.  Adam Cox gave up a run in one inning.

Juan Aparacio and Hunter Markwardt had 2 hits each.  Logan O’Hoppe hit his second HR.  Corbin Williams stole 12th base.  Brayan Gonzalez (.067) went 0-4 with 4 K.  Mitch Rupert reported that the Crosscutters are 3-22 this season with the bases loaded with 11 strikeouts … their 3 hits with bases loaded have all been singles.

GCL Phillies East (5-5)  postponed, field unplayable.

The Phillies were also supposed to complete a suspended, 13-inning game from last week.  When the game was turned over to the umpires, they rightfully declared the field unplayable.  We’ve been getting a lot of heavy, early morning rain for several days now.  That decision, of course, carried over to the regular scheduled game.

GCL Phillies West (11-2)  beat Yankees East, 8-4.

Gunner Mayer pitched three, shutout innings.  He gave up 2 hits and struck out four.  Daniel Vilchez pitched four innings.  He gave up 2 runs on a 2-run HR, walked none, and struck out three.  Jaylen Smith pitched one, no-hit inning.  He gave up an unearned run, walking two.  Dalvin Rosario gave up a run in one inning on 2 hits and 2 walks.

The Phillies scored 3 runs in the third inning on a force out and Andrick Nava’s 2-run single.  Rixon Wingrove’s RBI double accounted for a run in the sixth.  They opened up a 6-run lead with 4 runs in the seventh on Keaton Greenwalt’s solo HR (1), bases loaded walks to Wingrove and Christian Valero, and a bases loaded HBP by Edgar Made.

Jamari Baylor collected his first professional hit in his second at bat, a line drive single to center.  He went 2-4 with 3 runs scored, a double, and walk.  Greenwalt also had 2 hits.  Wingrove and Nava had 2 RBI each.

  • #27 Starlyn Castillo has a blister on his index finger and appears to be close to his first action.  The finger looks to be completely healed.

DSL Phillies Red (20-10)  no game scheduled.

DSL Phillies White (21-13)  beat Mets2, 2-0.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of July 10th.

Today’s Transactions (newest transactions in bold text)
7/10/2019 – 3B Jake Holmes assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
7/10/2019 – IF McCarthy Tatum assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/10/2019 – Phillies signed NDFA LHP DJ Jefferson; assigned to GCL East (PND)
7/9/2019 -DSL Red activated Douglas Mijares from RL to PND
7/9/2019 – Clearwater placed LHP Ethan Evanko on the 7-day IL
7/9/2019 – Lakewood released RHP Blake Bennett
7/9/2019 – RHP Mark Potter assigned to Lakewood from GCL West
7/9/2019 – SS Bryson Stott assigned to GCL East
7/9/2019 – CF Marcus Lee Sang assigned to GCL East
7/8/2019 – RHP Alejandro Requena assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
7/8/2019 – Clearwater activated RHP Spencer Howard from the 7-day IL
7/8/2019 – Lehigh Valley assigns Brandon Leibrandt to the 60-day IL from the 7-day IL
7/7/2019 – Lehigh Valley released RHP John Curtiss
7/7/2019 – Jakob Hernandez assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/7/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Alexis Rivero from the 7-day IL
7/7/2019 – RHP Blake Bennett assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/7/2019 – RHP Mark Potter assigned to GCL West from Lakewood
7/6/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Tyler Viza from the TIL
7/6/2019 – 3B Jose Antequera assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/6/2019 – Reading released RHP Luis Cedeno
7/6/2019 – Reading sent RHP Connor Seabold on a rehab assignment to GCL East
7/6/2019 – Reading placed 3B Alec Bohm on the TIL
7/6/2019 – RHP Hsin-Chieh Lin assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
7/6/2019 – RHP Tyler Carr assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport
7/6/2019 – Williamsport released RHP Luis Ramirez
7/6/2019 – LHP Joel Valdez assigned to DSL White
7/5/2019 – Phillies optioned LHP Austin Davis to Lehigh Valley
7/5/2019 – Phillies recalled RHP Yacksel Rios from Lehigh Valley
7/5/2019 – LHP Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/5/2019 – RHP Michael Gomez assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
7/5/2019 – LHP Spencer Van Scoyoc assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
7/5/2019 – RHP Brett Schulze assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
7/5/2019 – C Kevin Escalante assigned to GCL West from GCL East
7/5/2019 – RHP Jose Guaramaco assigned to DSL White from DSL Red
7/5/2019 – RHP Noelis Moreno assigned to DSL Red from DSL White
7/4/2019 – Lakewood placed Jesse Wilkening on the 7-day IL
7/4/2019 – Phillies placed RHP Juan Nicasio on the 10-day IL, strained left groin
7/4/2019 – Phillies signed LHP Erik Miller
7/4/2019 – Phillies recalled LHP Austin Davis from Lehigh Valley
7/4/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Josh Martin from the 7-day IL
7/4/2019 – LHP Josh Tols assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/4/2019 – Reading placed CF Mickey Moniak on the 7-day IL, hamstring
7/4/2019 – LHP Erik Miller assigned to GCL West

56 thoughts on “Threshers Recap – 7/10/2019

  1. We really need to be patient with Kevin Gowdy. This year is the first year he has pitched competitively since 2016, and he needs time to shake off the rust and the self doubt that comes with an injury. Next year we will have a better idea of what he is as a pitcher.

  2. Looking at box scores only, Jose Rivera seemed to stand out. He plays mostly 3B for GCL West. He is 20 and been around for 3 years, one in the DSL, but he seems to be a hitter. He hitting .333/.472/.444 right now. He has 8 BBs and 8 Ks. He’s more of a doubles guy since his HRs have been non-existent. He also has a weakness in the field. He can play 2B, 3B, RF and LF but none of them particularly well. The bat, ex. HR power, stands out. His fielding doesn’t seem to and the lack of HR power, for a mostly 3B man, is holding him back.

  3. Corbin Williams leads NY-Penn in steals with 12 and second in all low-A short ball…one behind the leader in the Northwest League.
    Hopefully he stays healthy…….maybe a full time Roman Quinn.

    1. I want to be excited/optimistic about Corbin but he’s 21 in the NYPL and only OPSing 651 for his MiLB career

      1. He probably will end being that 4th/5th OFer that plays plus defense and can fly in the OF.
        He was also just drafted in ’18 as a college guy so at some point, a mid-season promo up the ladder, gets him on track.
        Start LKW @22 next season, gets a promo to CLW and he is right there.
        You have to like that speed….along with that name.

        1. Maybe he’s a late bloomer; that would be nice. But you know what they say: “you can’t steal first.” He might not hit enough to get past AA.

            1. I remember reading about this. I am thoroughly intrigued.

              For those who don’t want to research, basically the rule just says anytime the catcher doesn’t catch a pitch, the ball is considered live and the batter may attempt to steal 3rd (like the existing rule about being able to run on a 3rd strike that isn’t caught).

              That makes pass balls WAY more dangerous, especially with no one on. Speedsters will likely see more fastballs so they don’t get the opportunity to take a free base on a breaking ball in the dirt.

  4. Is Williamsport’s roster still a “holding” place so other players can play up in their spot?

  5. I was really wrong on Holmes, I thought he had the look of a player. Dropping him back to Wsport is a last ditch effort to get his bat going.
    Wingrove might get pushed up to Wsport if he keeps this up. Nice job!
    For those that know, is Carr a prospect? His numbers are outstanding.

  6. Alec Bohm ranked at #47 in Keith Law’s midseason top 50

    didn’t impress last year, scouts questioned the hit tool

    cleaned up his body this winter and nobody questions the hit tool

    hits everything, including good velocity

    keeps swing small for a big guy (this is a compliment)

    sees him as a 20-25 HR guy with high average

    doesn’t think he’s a long term third baseman (said the same thing about Franco and if Bohm can play at that level, i’ll take it!)

  7. My all star break top 20 prospects.
    (I didn’t list 30 or more because 1) I can’t pretend to know enough to break down the rankings that specifically and 2) the system isn’t deep enough to bother.)

    1 Alec Bohm 3B
    2 Spencer Howard RHP
    3 Francisco Morales RHP
    4 Adam Haseley OF
    5 Mickey Moniak OF
    6 Adonis Medina RHP
    7 Bryson Stott SS
    8 Luis Garcia SS
    9 Simon Muzziotti OF
    10 Rafael Marchan C
    11 Jhailyn Ortiz OF
    12 Damon Jones LHP
    13 Austin Listi OF/1B
    14 Starlyn Castillo RHP
    15 Marcus Lee Sang OF
    16 Mauricio Llovera LHP
    17 Nick Maton IF
    18 Victor Santos RHP
    19 Matt Vierling OF
    20T Hunter Hearn OF
    20T Rixon Wingrove*
    *Love the name and the profile so much that I couldn’t leave him off.

    1. Hunter Hearn at #20!!!! OMG!! Jojo Romero probably stinks so much that he is now ranked below Hunter Hearn and Rixon Wingrove!

      1. Kuko, that’s what makes it so much fun😆
        Jojo would still be my top 30, along with Romus’ boy Darick Hall.

        1. @8mark – if Hunter Hearn (signed for only $5,000) developed into a player that you envision him to be, he can be one of the the biggest heist in the Phillies’ farm history!!! LOL!!

          1. The percentages are with us, Kuko. My gosh, after all these years, even decades of never having a phenom in our system who actually went on to be all that. Let’s just say I’ve a good feeling about him. Look at all the obscure names people bring up here as players to keep an eye on. Mine are on a scant few. He’s one.

            1. OK, I’ll give you that. Somebody in Tweeter is encouraging every body to keep an eye to McCarthy Tatum (another SR player with good name) because he is hit well in WIL and started his A ball with a hit!! The dude is a 23 yo college senior in A-Short, the bat should be workable against those youngsters!

              Is the farm that bad that we are now hyping about College Seniors as to be the next diamonds in the rough?

              Herbert Iser has a very good pedigree for a Day 3 pick and I don’t see anybody (other than Hinkie and some of us) is keeping an eye for him.

    2. 8mark…all you need to know is Hall at 60 ….as he is rated by the national experts.

        1. Hah…yes 60 or later just for the Phillies
          Fangraphs is one that is not even up to 60.

  8. I don’t know enough about Morales. Is he a pitch-to-contact guy, or a K pitcher? In any event #3 is too high. Medina and Garcia don’t impress me. Damon Jones and Listi need to be top 10.

    1. Wawa, Morales is probably the biggest K arm in the system. Command may be another matter.

      Jones’ question is also walks. Listi’s lack of defensive profile limits him to low teens, unless the organization was really lean, which it’s not…yet. Nonetheless, love his bat.

  9. 8mark – At 19 yrs old and pitching at Lakewood, It’s much too early for him to be top 10.

    1. It’s not too early to rank Morales that high. He’s #4 for me. Every team Klentak talks to this month will be asking for him.

      I’ve posted my post draft top 40 a couple of times already, but here it goes again:

      1 Alec Bohm
      2 Adonis Medina
      3 Spencer Howard
      4 Francisco Morales
      5 Bryson Stott
      6 Luis Garcia
      7 Adam Haseley
      8 Mickey Moniak
      9 Mauricio Llovera
      10 Damon Jones
      11 Nick Maton
      12 JoJo Romero
      13 Simon Muzziotti
      14 Colton Eastman
      15 Jhailyn Ortiz
      16 Rafael Marchan
      17 Starlyn Castillo
      18 Dominic Pipkin
      19 Kyle Dohy
      20 Kyle Young
      21 Logan Simmons
      22 Connor Seabold
      23 Devi Grullon
      24 Erik Miller
      25 Victor Santos
      26 Carlos De La Cruz
      27 Logan O’Hoppe
      28 Austin Listi
      29 Kevin Gowdy
      30 Nicolas Torres
      31 Jonathan Guzman
      32 Gunner Mayer
      33 Daniel Brito
      34 Mark Vierling
      35 Bailey Falter
      36 Rodolpho Duran
      37 Juan Aparicio
      38 Fernando Ortega
      39 Jabari Baylor
      40 Manuel Silva

      Next five in line:
      * Ben Brown
      * Alexeis Azuaje
      * David Parkinson
      * Brett Schulze
      * Josh Gessner

        1. My bad with Jabari instead of Jamari Baylor.
          Matt Vierling has a younger brother (Mark) who I’ve seen play a lot at Missouri. I’ve actually watched more of Mark than Matt. That’s probably why I’ve made that error.
          I’ll be more careful going forward.

      1. Interesting. You like Llovera, what do you see in him that you like? (Or anyone)

        1. Mid 90’s FB w/pretty good movement (also commands it well). Tight (plus) SL. CB and CH aren’t too bad. He may or may not need the last two depending on whether he starts or heads to the BP.

    2. @Wawa – prospect ranking is sometimes subjective. If you value proximity and risks for prospects in low minors – Francisco Morales will not score high in your rankings.

      But for most prospect analyst, Francisco Morales is a pitching evaluator’s dream prospect. Good size, strong arm, young and missing bats. The red flag that is visible with Morales right now is the command issues which is expected from young pitching power arms particularly the teenagers.

      If Morales is in 2019 Rule 4 draft, he will be a Round 1 talent. Also, 19 yo pitching prospects will start in ROK/A-Short in the 1st 2 years and yet, you are not giving credit a 19 yo Morales pitching and striking people out in A ball?

      1. Also, Morales is one of the few high upside prospect in the farm. In most prospect rankings, high ceiling or upside scores a lot that’s where a prospect like Francisco Morales gets credit for,

        Jhailyn Ortiz, Logan Simmons and Dom Pipkin are the other prospects that can have a significant difference in various rankings due to risks and level of competition.

  10. As mentioned EVERYONE Klentak talks to will ask for Morales. Entire Lakewood line up has disappointed, and I know they are all young.

  11. If we make a deal the significant pieces I can accept dealing are Haseley, Medina, Garcia. IMO Bohm and Howard are not touchable and I have a feeling Moniak will put it all together and 1 day be an All Star/gold glove CF. I don’t recall the last power arm with the amount of raw stuff, plus the always desirable size we had like Morales.

    1. I think if they give up any player who will end up being a big piece for someone else that are complete fools. This team is not very good. This is not the year you go for broke. It’s the type of thing losing franchises do. Sell the farm out of desperation and get knocked out and go backwards or tread water. I don’t want to become the Diamondbacks, no thanks.

      1. But the concern are Kapler and Klentak, and are they interested in how the team will be in 3/4 years from now?
        They both have one year left on their contracts…Oct 2020.
        They may feel the urgency to get something going now.
        They have to show results this season and into next season if they want to stay around for extended contract time.
        So how they finish this season is important to them.

        1. What you described is the exact problem – it’s how horrible trades are made.

    1. 3 run HR? Maybe because of the rain down there they decided to get him some work?

      1. Yeah that is what I figured….being there at the Complex no big deal.
        He started vs Palm Beach on Monday…so just assume this was a bullpen day.
        Next start I gather will be Saturday nite vs the Frogs.

    2. @romus – i thought the game was a continuation of a previous game where Howard just came back from injury. So Howard did not actually pitch a game this morning.

    3. NO! This was the completion of the July 3rd game at the Complex. He completed those 2.1 innings over a week ago. The game was completed as the first half of a DH in Dunedin. The scheduled game was postponed due to rain. Howard returned to the Threshers Monday. His next pitch is more likely to be for Reading than it is for a GCL team.

    1. Don;t go by those GCL pitch counts….Jim probably has the correct number.
      I think he posted they tabulate them differently and may not be always accurate.

    2. I reported earlier that the GCL and AZL pitches and strikes are incorrect. I’m not going to rehash that again. But, look closely at them in GameDay, you’ll see what I mean.

  12. It was the continuation of a game that was suspended on 7/3. Howard’s line was from 7/3.

  13. Jones is listed on the Pigs roster, will be very interesting to see what he does in AAA.

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