Quincy Nieporte Interview – 2017

This is another in a series of interviews by Steve Potter.

Spotlight : Quincy Nieporte

Quincy is the Phillies 26th round draft pick in this year’s draft from Florida State University. He’s a right handed hitting first baseman who’s 22 years old and played three years at Florida State (after spending his freshman year at Tallahassee Community College). He hit .316 over the course of his college career with an OBP of .391 with 29 home runs and 229 RBI’s in 854 at bats and also had 53 doubles.

He’s from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is from an athletic family. His mom played tennis for four years at Florida State, his grandfather played on the PGA tour and his uncle Jay was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 1985 draft. Quincy graduated from St. Pius X high school in Atlanta and helped lead his high school team to the 2010 regional championship.

He’s gotten off to a great start playing for the GCL Phillies in Clearwater hitting .400/.486/.900 with an OPS of 1.386 in 8 games (30 at bats) with 4 doubles, 1 triple, 3 home runs and 7 RBI’s.

Recently I was able to correspond with Quincy and ask him some questions, here is the Q and A :

When did you find out you had been drafted and where were you?  What was your reaction?

“I was back home at school at Florida State after a super regional practice. I think I was more relieved than anything because I knew I was good enough to continue my career on the professional level.”

I read you were the “DJ” of the FSU locker room, at Carpenter Complex music is played for practice, if you were the “DJ” what would be playing?

“I would play a lot of oldies and also 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop. Also sneak some Spanish songs in for my fellow teammates.”

How has the transition to pro ball been? What’s different about your daily routine ?

“It is definitely different but the coaching staff and training staff has made it very simple for me. The biggest difference is the early start and the fact that we play everyday.”

You’ve gotten off to a strong start in the GCL, how has playing in Tallahassee helped you in playing noon games in the Clearwater heat?

“I think just playing in Florida for the last four years in college has helped me realize how to play in the hot weather. It’s easy to give it your all for 9 innings (sometimes more) because you know you will have the rest of the day to recover.”

Growing up in the Atlanta area what is your knowledge of the Phillies fan base?

“I know that the Phillies have great fans and also very passionate about all their sports. I am excited to be able to bring some of my personality to the big stage in a few years for them.”

What do you consider the strong suits of your game? As a hitter what’s your approach?

“I would say my strong suits would be my offensive threat and also my baseball IQ. As a senior signee, especially at Florida State, I feel like I have been molded to be a very mature and aware player.”

First and early impressions of Carpenter Complex and the Phillies training regimen?

“It is unbelievable. Everything you need to succeed as a ballplayer is all in one place.”

As you progress thru the system what should Phillies fans expect to see from you on the field and your approach to the game?

“I would say the fans should expect to see a guy who is willing to do whatever it takes for the team to win. I am also a very energetic guy who loves the game and loves to have fun. I would also say that I am an odd person that has a great sense of humor and tries to entertain the fans as often as possible in order to keep the fans guessing and enjoying their time at the ballpark.”

Thanks to Quincy for taking the time to answer my questions, I hope he has a long and very successful pro baseball career with the Phillies.

(Editor’s note: I’m not real good at the comp game, but here goes.  Quincy reminds me of Jake Fox.  Same height and weight.  Similar build.  Appears to have a similar approach at the plate.  When he makes solid contact, he hits the ball hard.)

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  1. ‘Q’s” advantage could be that he’s used to playing in Florida. Possibly opposing pitchers are not used to the hot, steamy weather. Summers playing in PA can be hot and steamy so if he were moved northward right now, he might feel at home. At some point, he’ll play up north and we’ll see if his playing ability translates. I think so but specially hope so. Although I woke up this morning to 56 degrees and thought about putting on a sweatshirt.

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