Box Score Recap – 7/24/2017

Rhys Hoskins hit his 23rd home run in a Lehigh Valley loss.

Tyler Viza threw seven shutout innings in a Reading loss.

Cornelius Randolph had 2 hits in a Clearwater loss.

Sixto Sanchez pitched a five inning shutout.

Williamsport pounded Auburn.

Lehigh Valley (62-40)  lost to Gwinnett, 9-3.

Zach Eflin took a step backward with 7 runs on 10 hits and 2 walks in 5.0 innings.  He struck out nine.  Ramos, Mariot, and Murray combined to give up 2 runs over the final 4.0 innings.

Didn’t matter though as the IronPigs could only muster 3 runs on 5 hits and a walk.  Rhys Hoskins hit a 2-run HR (23).

  • #1: Crawford (.228): went 1-4 with a run scored, double, K
  • #3: Alfaro (.242): went 0-4 with 3 K
  • #5: Williams (.280):  25 days and 75 PA into the end of prospect status
  • #7: Quinn (.274): 7-Day DL
  • #9: Cozens (.230): 0-4 with 2 K
  • #11: Kingery (.274): went 1-4 
  • #12: Hoskins (.282): went 1-4 with a run scored, HR (23), 2 RBI (75), K
  • #15: Pinto (4-3, 4.39):
  • #18: Appel (5-4, 5.27): 7-Day DL
  • #23: Lively (7-1, 2.27): (39 days/42.2 IP w/Phils)
  • #28: Valentin (.229): 7-Day DL
  • #30: Pullin (.217): 0-4 with a K
  • Eflin: (1-3, 4.60): 5.0 IP, 10 H, 7 R, 7 ER, 2 BB, 9 K
  • Eshelman: (7-2, 2.14): 7-Day DL
  • Leibrandt: (4-0, 1.61):
  • Therrien: (0-0, 1.69):

Reading (54-45)  lost to Altoona, 2-0.

Tyler Viza (5.59) pitched 7.0 shutout innings.  He allowed 4 hits and a walk.  Austin Davis took the loss with 2 runs in 2.0 innings.

The Phils managed just 4 hits.  Chace Numata (.245) had 2 hits.  Drew Stankiewicz (.286) had a pinch hit single.

  • #16: El. Garcia: Restricted List,  80-Game suspension was over after game #87.
  • #20: Anderson (6-4, 3.91):
  • #21: Arano (0-0, 3.74):
  • #22: Tocci (.313): went 0-4 with 2 K
  • #26: Canelo (.231): went 1-4 with a K
  • Martin: (.183): went 0-3
  • Walding: (.232): went 0-4 with 2 K
  • Irvin: (4-1, 3.18):
  • Taveras: (0-0, 5.06):
  • Davis: (3-2, 3.34): 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 2 K
  • DeNato: (5-1, 1.09):
  • Watson: (3-5, 4.64):

Clearwater (52-47)  lost to Bradenton, 6-3.

Ranger Suarez had a rough outing giving up 4 runs on 10 hits and 3 walks.  Tyler Gilbert (3.05) allowed an inherited runner to score and gave up 2 additional runs in 1.2 innings. Trevor Bettencourt (2.25) struck out 2 in 1.0 inning.

The Threshers scored 2 runs in the first inning on RBI singles by Wilson Garcia and Zach Green.  They broke a tie in the fourth on Jan Hernandez solo HR (13).

Randolph had 2 hits.  Hernandez had an outfield assist (second base).

  • # 6: Kilome (5-4, 2.74):
  • #10: Randolph (.258): went 2-5 with a run scored
  • #24: Romero (2-2, 2.95):
  • #25: Ed. Garcia (2-4, 4.25):
  • #27: Pujols (.173): 7-Day DL
  • #29: Seranthony Dominguez (3-1, 2.54):
  • Arauz: (3-1. 1.19):
  • Singer: (5-2, 2.45):
  • Suarez: (1-1, 2.35): 5.1 IP, 10 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 1 K

Lakewood (54-47)  won a rain-shortened game against Charleston, 2-0.

Sixto Sanchez got the win with 5.0 shutout innings.

Arquimedes Gamboa had 2 hits. Mickey Moniak had the BlueClaws other hit, a run-scoring triple in the third inning.

  • #2: Moniak (.261): went 1-2 with a triple, RBI (33), BB
  • #4: Sanchez (5-3, 2.64): 5.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 5 K.
  • #14: Medina (4-6, 3.16):
  • #17: Brito (.239): DNP
  • Gamboa: (.234): went 2-3 with a run scored, triple, K
  • Hall: (.271): went 0-2 with a K, HBP
  • Lartigue (.273): went 2-3 with a BB, K
  • Alastre: (.357) went 0-3  
  • Williams: (.226): went 0-2 with a BB, K
  • (#9) Zoellner: 7-Day DL
  • Falter: (4-6, 3.35):
  • Fanti: (7-2, 2.60):
  • Llovera (1-1, 2.05):
  • (#15) Al. Garcia: 7-Day DL
  • (#19) Russ: (0-1, 7.71):

Williamsport (19-13)  beat Auburn, 12-4.

Luis Carrasco held the Doubledays to 2 runs in 6.0 innings.  He struck out nine.

The Crosscutters piled it on.  Greg Pickett and Austin Listi had 3 hits apiece.  Nick Maton and Cole Stobbe added 2-hit games.  Jhailyn Ortiz hit his 5th HR and had 3 RBI.  Jake Scheiner hit his second HR.

  • #8: Gowdy:
  • #13: Stobbe: (.213): went 2-5 with a run scored, double, RBI (16), K
  • #10: Ortiz: (.278): went 1-4 with 2 runs scored, HR (5), RBI (20), BB
  • Pickett: (.323): went 3-4 with 2 runs scored, a double, RBI (11), BB
  • Stephen: (.260): went 0-3 with a run scored, BB, 2 K
  • (#1) Haseley: (.272): went 1-5 with 2 runs scored
  • (#4) Scheiner: (.278): went 1-4 with a run scored, HR (2), RBI (10), BB
  • (#6) Guthrie:
  • (#7) Maton: (.315): went 2-4 with a run scored, double, RBI (5), K
  • (#13) Fitch: (.412): went 1-4 with a double, RBI (7)
  • (#17) Listi: (.310): went 3-4 with 2 runs scored,  2 doubles, 2 RBI (15)
  • (#22) Mims: (.320): DNP
  • (#25) Azuaje: (.231): DNP
  • Young: (5-0, 1.59):
  • (#2) Howard: (0-0, 3.52):
  • Stewart: (2-1, 3.60):
  • J. Garcia: (2-2, 4.00):
  • Carrasco: (2-0, 2.08): 6.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 9 K
  • Brown: (2-2, 2.88):
  • (#3) Seabold: (1-0, 0.00):
  • (#10) Brogdon: (1-0, 3.86):
  • (#12) Parkinson: (0-0, 6.00):
  • (#14) Warren: (0-0. 5.40):
  • (#16) Dohy: (1-0, 5.40):
  • (#18) Jones: (0-1, 3.86):

GCL Phillies (12-10)  double header postponed, rain.

  • Muzziotti: (.286):
  • Guzman: (.302):
  • Pelletier: (.277):
  • Gonzalez: (.246):
  • Marchan: (.250):
  • Bocio: (.300):
  • (#11) Holmes: (.138):
  • (#24) Markham: (.114):
  • (#26) Nieporte: (.386):
  • (#27) Gurrola: (.255):
  • (#31) Mayer: (.205):
  • (#39) Stewart: (.000):
  • Jimenez: (1-0, 3.63):
  • Rosario: (1-1, 3.50):
  • Silva: (2-0, 5.21):
  • Morales: (1-2, 3.78):
  • Sobil: (1-1, 5.27):
  • (#8) Mezquita: (0-0, 0.00):
  • (#5) Lindow: (0-1, 3.00):
  • Kuznetsov: (1-0, 0.00):
  • Carvajal: (1-1, 3.00):
  • Miller: (1-2, 9.82):
  • (#21) Hernandez: (0-0, 0.00):
  • (#29) Cummings:
  • (#32) Santa Cruz: (1-1, 8.10):
  • (#33) B. Brown: (0-0, 0.00):

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Something New

I have added a new Google sheet tracking injuries within the organization.  It is as complete as I can make it with the information provided in the transactions and whatever I can glean from online media and talk around the Complex.  I placed it at the end of the Transactions section, just below the organization’s rosters link.  The link is also here.


95 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/24/2017

  1. According to The Mourning Call, Velazquez, Eshelman, and Arauz are the only hope to turn the deal with the Astros as something possitive for the Phillies.

    The Sixto fever is on!
    Pujols and Tirado are off my list.
    Hernandez HR in clearwater is making give this kid a closer look.
    If Grullon had the game calling skills of Bossart, we’d be a superstar already.

    1. And if Grullon (21) had three more years experience he may acquire those same skills as Bossart.(24)

      1. Grullon actually has more years of experience as a professional than does Bossart. Deivi’s pro career started in the GCL in 2013, catching 41 games. He has 384 games and 1376 AB under his belt. Bossart was drafted in 2015 catching 37 games for Williamsport. Since then he has just been used as a backup, in 120 games with 403 AB. Maybe if Bossart had three times as much pro experience, like Grullon has had, we’d be saying “Deivi who?”

    2. With a greater than 20% K-rate, less than 5% BB-rate, less than .150 ISO, and fourth consecutive season with greater than 10 errors and 10 passed balls I am still not a buyer on Grullon.

      1. With the exception of the Krate….then I would have to assume you would have never bought on Chooch at CLW in 2002….at two years older than Grullon no less in Hi-A….and a slash lower.

        1. I love Chooch but he was a real late bloomer, and he sustained it until his mid-30s. He’s definitely an outlier.

        2. It is more of the defense stats that bother me. Grullon has been billed as a defensive specialist, but has had double digit errors and passed ball for four consecutive years.

      1. Just makes it look worse when they sub fisher out cause they though Appel was a better prospect.

    3. Sixto pitched well but I didn’t see it but was that equal to his season high in walks
      I’d say he might be rusty or maybe he was getting squeezed or third option maybe the im couldn’t see the heat !!

  2. Viza has intrigued me since his early days with the organization, when the challenged him and he survived. He is certainly capable as evidenced by yesterday’s start. I guess it’s the inconsistency that holding me back from embracing him. I love his bulldog story and I want to believe but I just can’t, yet.

    1. I have been on this viza for one reason, and have posted it and talk about it before. Why does a player keep getting more up with bad numbers. They had to see something in him. Never saw him but there has to be a reason he got promoted up with no real reason, to the average person. who sees his numbers.

  3. Hoskins 23, Cozens 23, Walding 23, Kingery 23 the leaders in AAA and AA All Phillies, looks like Phoenix area and Northern California well represented

  4. My Dad, Uncle, & I made the trip up to Allentown yesterday for the Pigs-Gwinnett game. Rain delayed the start but they got a full 9 in, albeit a lack luster effort. Gwinnett may have a worse “record” but ATL’s AAA squad is loaded with game changing players. Acuna, Albies, Pederson (both) and Rio Ruiz are players that make impacts on both sides of the ball.
    JP (come on supporters) is not this type of player. Lacks quick twitch like Albies and Acuna. Acuna is TWENTY and never looked uncomfortable and blasted an oppo homer over the RF big wall. Outside of Kingery, every player in the line up was exploited with a pull Happy approach. Rhys provides a great AB but JP, Coz, Alfaro look overmatched. Alfaro and JP especially. Seeing them first hand you will realize that we have solid, but unspectacular prospects outside of a few. Without spending $ or making trades don’t expect a Houston Astros type turn around at CBP for a while. Not a pessimist, just a realist.

      1. Anytime you can learn that much from one, I’d call it a good experience or a small sample size and don’t get too excited or down about it.

    1. I’ve seen Crawford play maybe 20 times now? And I agree with your accessment of him. Average MLB player at best.

    2. TRiles – I saw the Pigs when they visited here, in GA, last week. In my modest recap, I also mentioned the Braves prospects and highlighted Acuna as he hit a hr to left. He is very impressive. At my game Eshelman pitched and held them in check for the first five innings. Anyway, I basically came away with the same feeling about our prospects – good but not spectacular. There are a number of MLB players on the Pigs, not sure if there are any stars.

  5. My only caution is how much we picked apart Nick Williams and how well (cautiously optimistic still) he has done so far. Maybe we pick apart our own so much that we need to be a little more patient.

    That being said, out of the whole LHV team, I think Alfaro will have the hardest time adjusting to the majors. I still think the Hamels deal, with Eickhoff and Williams in the majors, was a solid score.

    I think Kingery will be a Ian Kinsler type and Crawford will be solid but not spectacular, which isn’t terrible. I hold out hope for Cozens seeing what Judge is doing with somewhat similar numbers in Triple-A a year ago, but boy he has to pick it up. Hoskins to me has the most all-star potential.

    But after watching last night, and thinking back to 2008, I am growing more and more convinced that if you don’t have star position players you can’t really compete at all. And we don’t have any stars right now (maybe Odubel).

  6. Cannot disagree with you, TRiles. We are lacking in that high level prospect. We have some good prospects but that elite guy isn’t there. Maybe Kingery, maybe Sixto, maybe we got lucky this year or will next, but unless Middleton instructs Klentak to go big right away in FA, this is a long rebuild still ahead.

  7. Talk about pessimism!
    Looks like you all caught something from rocco.
    In spite of this very deliberate, meticulously slow-footed dragging GM…..I think the team will be right there in play-off contention in 2019.

    1. @romus – i’ve been trying to put positivity during these negative times, but people think i’m smoking…i’ve been saying that McPhail is McSlow and Klentak, the young blood is not doing anything to change the phase.

      People can throw in WAR this, WAR that — but those sabermetrics thing don’t answer some things that are visible to the eye. The Phils don’t have enough elite talent to compete!! So asking for acquiring an elite talent is not wishful thinking – it’s a MUST!

    2. I called them as I see them Romus. If that’s being neagative I have had a lot of practice following philly sports.

  8. I hope you are right Romus. I have posted virtually the same in the General Discussion, so I apologize, but we have talked for a while about my feeling that the system is lacking in that elite talent that is necessary.

    1. There’s no need to apologize at all. When you get to see AAA level prospects you can clearly see the difference in guys like Albies, Acuna, Ruiz from Crawford, Cozens and Alfaro. Alfaro needs at least one more year in AAA, but I believe he has to be on the big club next year or he could be claimed. I wouldn’t hesitate putting him in the right trade with a huge return. If we’re in playoff contention come 2019 I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I darn sure won’t be apologizing to anyone for thinking we won’t be.

        1. I don’t see any better player from rio Ruiz than Mitch walding, that’s just me! I think it’s easy to like other clubs players better its human nature, I bet some braves fans are looking at cozens and Hoskins saying ” why didn’t we draft those guys?”

          1. You can shake all you want, it’s just my opinion and not on here to be disparaged or disrespected for it. I’ve seen ALL of these players and it’s my non-professional opinion

            1. Chill. His “shaking” comment was directed at Romus’ comment above yours. Sometimes the “nesting” of comments shows up differently on different devices.

      1. TRules, this again shows the best way to evaluate talent is to see the talent play in person.

        Romus, the term “playoff contention” doesn’t mean anything to me because different people have different definitions. If the Phillies are seven games out of the final wildcard berth on 9/1/19 is that playoff contention and should I be happy? That would be a ridiculously low standard to set. If the Phillies are in the World Series in 2019/2020 then I will be happy. Settling for less would just be a continuation of mediocrity.

      2. Yeah Acuna was a great find as will be Maitan (spelling) the braves always seem to pull some rabbits out of hats. Although I’ve seen Swanson is losing playing time in the bigs now, hopefully that means he is not gonna be an Allstar and not the braves found 2 Allstar shortstops

        1. Maitan annoys me. Not because he is good, but because there was a crazy poster on who would rant about Maitan all of the time. Doesn’t matter that the Braves had an agreement in place for quite sometime, but this poster felt the Phillies should have spent more. If there are any posters on here, you’ll know who I am talking about.

          1. Cbssportsline used to have a good forum. Knowledgeable phillies fans but they shut it down a bunch of years back. Anyways . . .

    1. Maybe rest or an injury to match the struggles he has had. His lost velocity is worrisome.

  9. Some people only seem to post about certain players when those players do bad. when said players do well, the posters go quiet.

    That is funny to me.

    1. I agree, like the Walding hater that keeps bringing up his age every time someone says anything positive.

      1. There have been plenty of late bloomers. There is no reason why Walding can’t be IMO.

        1. Agreed! Plenty of late bloomers. Some guys have to repeat every level, and he may be a solid ML player…..for another organization some day if not ours

      2. Are you talking about me? One thing I’ve learned over the years, age matters. Having success at an early age increases the probability of sustained success, and a necessary requirement of an elite talent.

        If Walding can reach the bigs and have some success, that’s great. Although I’m sure there will be some posters on this board who will scream that we need to trade him because he’s not elite…

      3. Walding is only 24. That’s about average for AA. Too many people think if a player isn’t a prodigy like Harper, in the show at 18, then he’s no good.

  10. 6 prospects for Philly on MLBPipeline in their top 100
    Moniak, JPC, Sixto, Alfaro, Kingery, Hoskins

    1. Two of those players don’t belong on even the top 200 list currently, Moniak and Alfaro. And JP Crawford is sort of a legacy, they can’t believe they had him so highly ranked and he’s fallen this far. There’s still hope for JP, as his recent turnaround has shown. And Alfaro certainly still has the potential to be very good. But Moniak simply doesn’t belong on any ranking list. If he hadn’t been selected 1-1 we’d be viewing him as an afterthought in our own system. He is very far away from the majors, and things can change, but right now Moniak has a whole lot of improving to do to be ranked at all.

      1. Funny that Jim Callis still seems MM as a potential Gold glover. Guess that’s why you and I are at our computers and the professionals are getting paid the big bucks.

        Not knocking your comment, just saying that’s why we are not scouts, etc.

      2. Totally agree aksmith. Any first rounder should be raking in their second year in that league. Let alone, the number one pick. I don’t care how old the player is. Would have taken a college arm.

        1. which college arm would you have taken?
          Jim Callis knows more than most of us amateurs.

          1. Glad Austin Beck was taken prior to the Phillies pick. Ouch!!! This is why you do not take a High School kid that high, unless he is a off the charts talented. Believe the Phillies would have taken him.

      3. not going to say Moniak’s performance hasnt been somewhat disappointing and that he shouldnt be ranked so high.
        But for some perspective, Kyle Tucker was the #6 pick the year prior. his numbers at low A his first full year were somewhat better than MM, but not overly impressive (he did get a couple weeks at High a at end of year and did very well), and he was ranked #50 at end of 2016.
        you are making it sound like they drafted Alex Jackson at 1-1.

        1. Matt Winkelman‏ @Matt_Winkelman 20 minutes ago

          The not so secret secret has been that Mickey Moniak has not looked good this year, and there many levels of concern and theories

          1. I’m not worried about a freshly 19 yo. I will eat crow if he isn’t tearing up his respective league next year.

            However, it’s no secret you disliked the pick and you remind us that he isn’t playing up to 1:1 standards whenever the opportunity arises.

            I, for one, am having patience. They picked him because under slot. I never thought he’d be a Harper, etc. Still better than a pitcher with major control issues or a HS arm.

            1. Anyone know how MM’s defense has been this year? I haven’t read any negative reviews….

            2. I saw him in Rome, GA last week. Regarding defense, makes all the routine plays, decent arm strength, good coverage with speed. The one challenging play, a deep ball over his head near center field wall, he dropped after a long run. I’ve seen him play 6 or 7 times now…his defense is very good. I’d add that with experience he will only get better as he sees more action.

          2. Don’t must of the top drafted prospects have some concerns from the 2016 draft….besides MLB’s #33, there are control concerns for both #39 Puk, #40 Whitley and also recently traded # 45 Rutherford,
            Granted Moniak was number one overall so his will be highlighted even more so.


            1. They all have concerns. For sure.

              I know everyone doesnt like Puk (mostley because he the Phillies didnt draft him —- if they did, then we’d be talking about his wipeout stuff and minimizing his control issues) but what about Kyle Lewis and Nick Senzel?

              Senzel looks like he could be in the majors next year and Kyle Lewis has picked up right where he left off after ACL surgery….

              For the record it came down to AJ Puk or kyle lewis for me last year with the #1 pick

            2. It was a pure under slot sign with Mickey. Lewis probably wouldn’t budge. I am happy they didn’t sign Puk. I dislike pitchers with major control issues.

            3. Contrary to many….I do appreciate your honesty about the pick last year.
              Though, it is hard, and probably unfair to compare current development levels from the 2016 drafted high schoolers to the 2016 college players.
              Senzel and Lewis were not even top 500 players out of high school…nor even drafted for that matter. They developed in the three years of college.
              But understand your point with Moniak and being the number one overall.
              Though of all the number one picks in baseball history of the draft……he goes down as right up there as one of the youngest…Harper may have been the youngest drafted.

          3. In the 2 games I saw Moniak live, I thought he looked like he will be a major league CF….defensively

            Take that for what its worth

            1. So the bat is just a little behind. One reason they grabbed him, other than the under slot deal, was for his defense. He hit pretty well last year.

            2. I was excited about him after reading about him and seeing his numbers in florida.

              I am significantly less excited (as you can probably tell) after seeing him twice this year and seeing his regression numbers wise

            3. One of the last things I want to hear when they sign a 1/1 pick is that they saved money. Is this really where you want to do your bargain shopping?

            4. @catch – think you are putting it in the wrong context with your bargain shopping analogy. going back to the available circumstances in 2016 pre-draft, there is no consensus 1.1 prospect. 10 analysis can literally go in 10 different ways. and don’t discount the savings, because the Phils utilized the savings to get more talent in the other rounds. it’s different when the Phils decided to save at 1.1 and not use it at all (this is what you bargain shopping sounds like).

              in Moniak, the Phils decided to play “safe” (i.e. hit tool, defense, premium position and signability issues) — most people always pick the “safe” choice so we cannot knock the Phils for that. but the downside of playing safe is it limits the upside – so if the safe pick doesn’t pan out as expected, there’s not a lot of bright sides to look forward.

              This is the same reason why I was never in agreement with the C, Moniak and Haseley picks (i preferred allard, Groome and Baz). These are all “safe” picks to me. And if these prospects under perform, it feels like all hope is lost. Unlike the high risk high upside prospects, there’s always hope that if things pan out – watch out!

            5. @KK you bring up good points
              And you know the nature of fans. Groome wanted full slot, supposedly, however, he isn’t exactly performing well. We’d probably be discussing that pick as a disappointment as well. Allard is doing well, but where was he projected?
              baz is doing well, but has shown the same control issues that have plagued several other top arms.

              In the end, we all have different opinions but can all agree we want the Phillies and their Pharm to be the best! We can also agree Phillies picked 1:1 at the worst possible time.

              Maybe 2018’s draft will have a clear cut 1.

            6. @guy – my preference in the last 3 drafts are high end pitching (which supports what McPhail is saying that the Phils will grow arms) and Allard is projected and available when the Phils pick at 1.10. Groome and Baz (or Rogers) are my preference because of the ability to go under slot at 1.1 in 2016 and 1.8 in 2017. The concern with Groome last year is the make up, not his stuff. So assuming that the Phils drafted him last year and performed the same way he is performing this year, there is still hope because the premium tools (or the TOR stuff) are still there to be uncovered and Groome’s command is graded better than the other top arms in Pint and Puk. I still prefer Baz, but it’s too early to look back as of now.

            7. I’m not worried about Moniak. AS you say Tommy, great defense. Looked great at bat last year against other 18 year olds in the GCL. So he’s dropped a bit in BA after a double jump to Class A. Not a surprise and not a concern.

            8. @romus – you know me, i’m a gambling guy and i like to take on risks. i’m actually more concern on Aiken than Allard that time. My draft board at that time was: a) Allard; 2) Nikorak; 3) Trent Clark

            9. I looked at him(Moniak) and I see Peter Bourjos as his MLB future and Bourjos hit better than MM has in the minors

            10. Catch – I agree with you completely. 1-1 is for the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE, not the best player who will sign for significantly less. Hate hearing, “well he was an under slot 1-1 sign”, well he’s proving why he’s an under slot 1-1, because he’s not a 1-1 type player. Sorry, not sorry.

  11. Jim – from your first hand experience, any particular prospects we should by eyeing from GCL Phillies?

      1. Maybe he needed some motivation. Part of me still thinks there’s an injury, but I am not a Dr.

  12. Urban legend Moniak was selected #1 ONLY because he was underslot. Some of you guys have told that to yourselves so much you now believe it. The actual facts are that in the entire draft only Nick Senzel received a bonus even remotely comparable to Moniak’s. Senzel received $100,000 more. The next highest bonus paid to Moniak’s 6.1 mil was Riley Pint at 4.8 mil. I have to believe there were 20 other guys that would have stampeded to get that $6.1 mil. You guys act like it was only Moniak that would accept that paltry and insulting sum.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Phillies (Almaraz, Manuel, Gillick, Klentak et al) thought Moniak was the BPA. Maybe the Phillies were right and maybe they were wrong. Time will tell and I am not writing him off. So far Moniak has been very average. I have seen him seven times. He does some things well but if you didn’t know who he was and you watched him play you would laugh if I told you he was the #1 pick in the entire draft. And this is not sour grapes as I was very happy when they drafted Moniak 1.1.

    1. Do you think that we have to evaluate Mickey in context of drafting the picture we haven’t seen yet Kevin Gordy?

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