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Box Score Recap – 7/28/2017

At 3:00 PM this afternoon, I made the mistake of deciding on my lead for the Recap.  Seven hours later, I had to rethink that decision.  Because, in roughly a 24-hour period, I got to watch four walk off victories.

As I reported here yesterday, the GCL Phillies won on Jake Holmes. RBI single in the ninth inning and the Threshers won on Jan Hernandez’ 2-run HR in the ninth inning.

Today, they did it again.  The GCL Phillies won on Yahir Gurrola’s RBI single in the tenth inning and the Threshers won on Derek Campbell’s RBI single in the ninth.  These were the only affiliates wins as Lehigh Valley and Reading were outscored and Lakewood and Williamsport were trounced.

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