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Box Score Recap – 7/3/2017

Lehigh Valley lost again and is 3-5 since June 26th.

Reading overtook Lehigh Valley for the best winning percentage in the organization. Oh, and Carlos Tocci went long for the second game in a row.  Juiced ball?  Park effect?  Law of averages?  Launch angle?  Spinach?

Clearwater lost to a couple long balls.

Lakewood dropped a Fanti start.

Williamsport got drubbed late.

The GCL Phillies lost in 10 innings, and were victims of the new extra innings rule, again.

Zach Eflin is reportedly scheduled to pitch four innings in Tuesday’s 10:00 AM GCL game.

I have removed the thumbs up/down on comments.  I’m tired of seeing even informational posts given a thumbs down.  The thumbs down fairies can either grow the “courage” to make comments when they disagree or they can go elsewhere.  I’ve had it for now.

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