Box Score Recap – 7/23/2017

The organization went oh-fer on Sunday.  Ben Lively pitched well for the IronPigs.  Each affiliate had one player knock a home run – LHV: Stassi (2), REA: Stankiewicz (1), CLR: W. Garcia (9), LAK: Hall (19), and WPT: Listi (2).  Carlos Tocci had 5 RBI in a losing cause.

I brought the prospects back to the Recap.  I used MLB’s top 30 for the numerical ranking.  I also added players who I thought would be interesting to you who aren’t ranked prospects.  If they aren’t all interesting to you, then let’s assume they’re interesting to me. I included all the current year’s draft picks (#pick no.).  Let me know about Clearwatter. Since I follow them more closely, I don’t have as many listed as you might like.  I think it’s a a variation of the forest and trees analogy.  Anyway, I’ll try and keep up with it, but if it takes too much time, I’ll start trimming players off.

Lehigh Valley (62-39)  lost to Durham in a walk off, 4-3.

Ben Lively pitched well over 8.0 innings.  Yacksel Rios (0-1, 3.86) conceded the victory with 3 singles in the ninth.  With 2 out and runners on first and second, a wild pitch and infield single handed the game to the Bulls.

The IronPigs collected 5 hits.  Andrew Pullin had a 2-hit game.  Brock Stassi hit a solo HR (2) but struck out 3 times.  And, J.P. Crawford went 0-4 with 2 strike outs, so I guess it’s the haters turn to take over the commentary.  “Get your pitch forks!”.  (Yes, sarcasm.)

  • #1: Crawford (.227): went 0-4 with 2 K
  • #3: Alfaro (.246): went 1-4 with a run scored, double, and 2 K
  • #5: Williams (.280):  24 days and 75 PA into the end of prospect status
  • #7: Quinn (.274): 7-Day DL
  • #9: Cozens (.233): 0-4 with 4 K
  • #11: Kingery (.275): DNP
  • #12: Hoskins (.284): 0-2 with 2 BB
  • #15: Pinto (4-3, 4.39):
  • #18: Appel (5-4, 5.27): 7-Day DL
  • #23: Lively (7-1, 2.27): 8.0 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 6 K (39 days/42.2 IP w/Phils)
  • #28: Valentin (.229): 7-Day DL
  • #30: Pullin (.225): 2-3 with a double, RBI (11), and BB
  • Eflin: (1-2, 3.08):
  • Eshelman: (7-2, 2.14): 7-Day DL
  • Leibrandt: (4-0, 1.61):
  • Therrien: (0-0, 1.69):

Reading (54-44)  lost to Erie, 12-8 after blowing a 7-run lead.

Tommy Bergjans (6.12) gave up 6 runs in an 8-run fourth inning.  Shane Watson gave up 2 inherited runs and 2 more of his own in the SeaWolves big inning and took the loss.  Ranfi Casimiro (3.76) gave up a run in 3.0 innings.  And, Victor Arano gave up 3 runs in 1.0 inning.  In all, the Phils gave up 10 of the 12 runs on 6 home runs.  Each pitcher was touched with Warson and Arano giving up two each.

Every starter except Canelo had a hit.  Tocci had 3 and 5 RBIs.  Coppola (.273), Mora (.302), and Tromp (.298) had 2 hits each.  Tocci (2), Tromp (4), and Coppola (14) each stole a base.

  • #16: El. Garcia: Restricted List,  80-Game suspension was over after game #87.
  • #20: Anderson (6-4, 3.91):
  • #21: Arano (0-0, 3.74): 1.0 IP, 2 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB
  • #22: Tocci (.317): went 3-5 with a run scored, a double, and 5 RBI (45)
  • #26: Canelo (.230): went 0-4 with 2 K
  • Martin: (.185): DNP
  • Walding: (.235): went 1-5 with an RBI (58), and 2 K
  • Irvin: (4-1, 3.18):
  • Taveras: (0-0, 5.06):
  • Davis: (3-1, 3.00):
  • DeNato: (5-1, 1.09):
  • Watson: (3-5, 4.64): 1.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB

Clearwater (52-46)  lost to Bradenton, 9-2.

JoJo Romero got knocked around in 4.0 innings.  He managed to “scatter” 12 hits.  Blake Quinn (3.95) gave up 2 runs in 4.0 innings and struck out six.

The Threshers had 7 hits, Mark Laird (.281) had 3 of them.  Wilson Garcia went 1-4 and hit his 9th HR and picked up his 44th RBI.  Carlos Duran (second base) and Laird (home) had outfield assists.  Romero picked a runner off first base.  Laird stole his 11th base.

  • # 6: Kilome (5-4, 2.74):
  • #10: Randolph (.256): went 1-3 with an RBI (39)
  • #24: Romero (2-2, 2.95): 4.0 IP, 12 H, 7 R, 5 R, 1 BB, 1 K
  • #25: Ed. Garcia (2-4, 4.25):
  • #27: Pujols (.173): DNP
  • #29: Seranthony Dominguez (3-1, 2.54):
  • Arauz: (3-1. 1.19):
  • Singer: (5-2, 2.45):
  • Suarez: (1-0, 0.00):

Lakewood (53-47)  lost to Charleston, 3-2.

Nick Fanti was pulled early, after 2 runs in four innings.  He only threw 67 pitches (49 strikes, 73.1%).  Jonathan Hennigan (4.78) struck out 3 in 2.0 scoreless innings.  Jake Kelzer (0-1, 1.29) took the loss, giving up the go ahead run in the seventh.  A one-out walk came around to score on a stolen base, single, and ground out.

The BlueClaws had 8 hits.  Gamboa, Hall, and Rivas (.284) had 2 each.  Hall’s solo HR (19) tied the game in the sixth.  The RBI was his league-leading 73rd.

  • #2: Moniak (.260): went 1-4 with an RBI (32), K
  • #4: Sanchez (4-3, 2.88):
  • #14: Medina (4-6, 3.16):
  • #17: Brito (.239): went 1-4
  • Gamboa: (.228): went 2-4 with a run scored, triple
  • Hall: (.272): went 2-4 with a run scored, HR (19), RBI (73)
  • Lartigue (.275): went 0-3 with 2 K
  • Alastre: (.335) DNP
  • Williams: (.227): DNP
  • (#9) Zoellner: 7-Day DL
  • Falter: (4-6, 3.35):
  • Fanti: (7-2, 2.60): 4.0 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 0 K
  • Llovera (1-1, 2.05):
  • (#15) Al. Garcia: 7-Day DL
  • (#19) Russ: (0-1, 7.71):

Williamsport (18-13)  lost to Auburn, 7-4 in 10 innings.

Julian Garcia gave up 4 runs, but David Parkinson held the Doubledays scoreless for 3.0 innings.  Randy Alcantara (1-1, 3.45) took the loss, giving up 3 runs in the tenth inning.

The Crosscutters overcame an early 4-run deficit with a 3-run fifth and a ninth inning run to extend the game.  Austin Listi (2) hit a 2-run HR in the fifth inning.  Adam Haseley double with 2 out in the ninth and scored the tying run on Listi’s RBI single, his third of the game.

Every starter had at least one hit of the Cutters 13-hit attack.  Listi had 3 hits and 3 RBI. Haseley and Josh Stephen had 2 hits each.

  • #8: Gowdy:
  • #13: Stobbe: (.204): went 1-5 with a run scored
  • #10: Ortiz: (.267): went 1-5 with a run scored, double, K
  • (#7) Maton: (.304): entered the game as a PH and went 0-1 with a K
  • (#22) Mims: (.320): went 1-4 with a double, K
  • Pickett: (.304): DNP
  • (#4) Scheiner: (.280): went 1-4 with a BB, K
  • (#1) Haseley: (.276): went 2-4 with a run scored, 2 doubles, BB, K
  • (#17) Listi: (.278): went 3-5 with a run scored, HR (2), 3 RBI (13)
  • Stephen: (.267): went 2-5 with a double, RBI (16)
  • (#13) Fitch: (.433): DNP
  • (#25) Azuaje: (.231): went 1-3
  • (#6) Guthrie:
  • Brown: (2-2, 2.88):
  • Carrasco: (1-0, 1.80):
  • J. Garcia: (2-2, 4.00): 4.0 IP, 2 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 4 BB, 4 K
  • Stewart: (2-1, 3.60):
  • Young: (5-0, 1.59):
  • (#10) Brogdon: (1-0, 3.86):
  • (#16) Dohy: (1-0, 5.40):
  • (#2) Howard: (0-0, 3.52):
  • (#18) Jones: (0-1, 3.86):
  • (#12) Parkinson: (0-0, 6.00): 3.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 4 K
  • (#3) Seabold: (1-0, 0.00):
  • (#14) Warren: (0-0. 5.40):

GCL Phillies (12-10)  did not play.

  • (#33) B. Brown: (0-0, 0.00):
  • Carvajal: (1-1, 3.00):
  • (#29) Cummings:
  • (#21) Hernandez: (0-0, 0.00):
  • Jimenez: (1-0, 3.63):
  • Kuznetsov: (1-0, 0.00):
  • (#5) Lindow: (0-1, 3.00):
  • (#8) Mezquita: (0-0, 0.00):
  • Miller: (1-2, 9.82):
  • Morales: (1-2, 3.78):
  • Rosario: (1-1, 3.50):
  • (#32) Santa Cruz: (1-1, 8.10):
  • Silva: (2-0, 5.21):
  • Sobil: (1-1, 5.27):
  • Marchan: (.250):
  • Gonzalez: (.246):
  • Guzman: (.302):
  • (#11) Holmes: (.138):
  • (#26) Nieporte: (.386):
  • (#39) Stewart: (.000):
  • (#27) Gurrola: (.255):
  • (#24) Markham: (.114):
  • (#31) Mayer: (.205):
  • Muzziotti: (.286):
  • Pelletier: (.277):
  • Bocio: (.300):

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Something New

I have added a new Google sheet tracking injuries within the organization.  It is as complete as I can make it with the information provided in the transactions and whatever I can glean from online media and talk around the Complex.  I placed it at the end of the Transactions section, just below the organization’s rosters link.  I’ll minimize the font after a week.  The link is also here.


54 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/23/2017

  1. LKW’s infield yesterday was pretty young. Brito (2B) and Gamboa (SS) are 18. Raul Rivas is 20 and Hall is 21 until tomorrow.

  2. Scheiner needs a lot of work on stealing bases. He’s 0’er 5 so far. He had 2 CS yesterday. One is the 1st inning after BB’ing and Haseley followed with a 2B and then Listi after that with a single. That run could have won the game in regulation. And again in the 9th, Scheiner singles and then CS. Haseley follows with a double again and Listi singles. There was another another winning run lost. I guess I can see getting CS’ing in the 1st inning but the 9th with Wmsprt behind by a run? Live and learn.

    1. The one in the ninth was on a ball in the dirt and he tried to advance. Got a good jump, catcher just made a hell of a play to pop up and throw a strike to first. Pat Borders likes to play aggressive baseball and said he told Scheiner after that he’d take that aggressive play every time because it takes the catcher making a perfect play to get the out and he just happened to make a perfect play.

    2. Actually, the entire Phillies organization seems to need a lot of work on stealing bases. To cite some examples, JP Crawford has 3 stolen bases this season and has been caught stealing 3 times. Carlos Tocci has two steals this season and has been caught stealing 5 times. Mickey Moniak has stolen 9 bases this season and been caught stealing 6 times. Every single Phillies team from the Gulf Coast League up to the major league Phillies ranks in the bottom half of their league in stolen bases. Lots of room for improvement!

      1. The best of all at 71%, has been out for almost two months…Roman Quinn-10 for 14. Time for the organization to get in a base stealing expert.
        Or….maybe they are buying into the analytics passed down from their GM, more so than ever, and do not put much value and weight into base stealing
        Analytics do not give the art much credit in run production.

        1. It seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t steal bases well and many of the times that you try to steal, you are caught stealing, then of course, the stolen base will not contribute much to your run production.

            1. I Thought we were better when Davey lopes was here. But don’t have the SB VS CB OR THE speed of sound versus the new shoes they were. very important stat in metric

  3. Since LHV played Durham, I want to mention that I am intrigued by TB minor league system. Read the Phillies are heavily scouting TB’s system as TB is interested in Neshak. Article implies #9-15 from MLB pipeline could be in play. All seem to be putting up solid stats.

  4. It’s hard to believe that the only guy in the entire system (excluding DSL) hitting over 310 is the same guy everyone is convinced can’t hit because he’s too skinny.
    It’s good to see Pullin with back to back multi hit games, maybe he’s figuring things out – he’s up to 230. Romero with a tough outing, let’s hope for a bounce back next start.

    1. Seems to me there should be a place for an elite fielder who hits .300 even if the hits are all singles

        1. I don’t know much about tocci.. What is his obp. lwd. lpsi. is that good. if so. then his power might not hurt. but if his tlan isn’t high above 700 then I don’t know

  5. I agree, This is almost the end of July and Tocci has had a great year. He does get the occasional 2B, so not every hit is a single! But he is hitting .317, in AA, and Reading being a hitter’s park does not help a guy like Tocci. Outstanding defensively. He deserves to be protected on the 40 man.

    1. Would be surprised if he’s not protected. He’s a 4th-5th OF at this point who could be stashed on a roster and it’s not like the Phillies won’t be able to clear some space on the 40-man..

  6. Do you think Tocci repeats AA or is in AAA next year? I almost want to see him split AA and AAA next season to see if this is for real. See him up, maybe, in the bigs in 2019 or traded.

    1. I expect he would start in AAA but it depends on what happens with Cozens, Williams, Quinn, Pullin, etc. starting from ST…

    2. At this point, I am leaning on believing the Phiillies FO …GM and above , value a two-year younger Tocci over Quinn, probably because of durability issues on Quinn’s part..
      Mack and the coaches on occasion, and that is mostly Bowa, say things when they talk of a ‘healthy’ Quinn, that makes me think they really value Quinn more and want to see him play.

      1. I agree with the coaches that Quinn is the better player between the two by a good bit but he simply cannot stay on the field.

        I’m not sure how the team can expect to break ST next season thinking that Quinn will be able to man one of the OF spots on the 25-man. He’s a difficult player to have at this point because he’s too good when healthy to just DFA but he’s also taking up a roster spot for a perpetually injured player…

        1. Yeah….looking at his record for games…..has played approx 400 and missed almost 320 over his minor league career. As somoene had mentioned a few weeks ago…..may be the next Kelly Dugan.

        2. Quinn has missed a lot of time this year (again). Best case, he comes into ST fully healed and grabs a bench spot. Else, he’s headed back down to Lehigh to man CF.

          1. Feels as though this statement has been made like 3 years in a row now. Unfortunate.

          2. Next year he has to be on the field for , i would think, at least 145/150 games, or he is gone after the 2018 season.
            Phillies may need to protect other OFers coming up in their system….Randolph may need to be protected for the 2019 season since his birthday is June 2nd and misses the cutoff by three days….like Cozens this baseball calendar season who missed it by 5 days. Unless MLB changes the cutoff date and moves it up into May.

            1. I think Quinn would be a great 4th OF. He will not make it thru an entire season, but when he is in he should be useful.
              Great defensive replacement at all the OF spots with very good arm. Excellent base stealer. Switch hitter. As a part time player he should be cheap and controllable for 6 years. Probably better than Dyson from Royals.

              If he gets hurt then just DL him. If to 60day then he does not take a roster spot. I see no reason to give up on a player like that.

              Tocci is still young and starting in 2018 Phillies will have 3 options years on him to age 24. Again, I think he’d be valuable shuttling between LHV as needed when MLB guy is out ; likely we Quinn goes on DL 🙂

  7. Thank you very much for bringing the prospects back to the recap, and players of interest. I really appreciate it, especially for identifying and keeping track of this year’s draft picks without having to Google to remind myself of who’s who.

    1. Probably Irvin for 2019 and Romero for 2020. It could be later since you have to figure that Eflin, Lively, Eshelman, Leibradt are ahead of them for promotions.

  8. Of course Tocci will be protected and will be at LHV next year. The idea of him repeating AA is crazy — he’s third in the Eastern League in hitting.

    Williams will be on the Phillies, as will Quinn if he’s healthy (gigantic IF). Speaking of CFs, I think Moniak starts next year at Lakewood, and Haseley (who is two years older than Moniak) at Clearwater, and each could move up a level mid-year if the performance is there.

  9. It has never occurred to anyone that Quinn could be a throw-in, in a possible upcoming trade?

    1. This ETA talk is comical. Does anybody know the percentage of minor league players that actually make it? Believe it is roughly 7%. If you have 10 guys dealing in Low A on the mound, chances are 1 will make an impact in the Bigs.

      1. Party pooper. ETA – estimated time of arrival. So it’s not comical to estimate when a prospect MAY make it.

        1. Has any of the regular people that post on this site played Minor League Baseball? Just curious.

          1. I pitched in an adult league for many years with and against a number of guys who played in the minors, including a couple of guys who got cups of coffee in the majors. Most of the “regulars” in the league who did play in the minors washed out in A-ball but there were a couple of AA level players.

            Also played in several tournaments as an “arm for hire”. Most of those tournaments included traveling college teams that played up and down the East Coast so I expect many of those guys ended up playing at some level.

            1. I have a good friend who also washed out in A ball and Jeff is quite correct in his statement about the long shot that it is to make the big time. My friend told me that if you are a late round draft pick the odds are stacked against you from day 1. The guys they gave the $$$ to are the ones who are getting the playing time. They may falter and get a 2nd or 3rd chance, but you need to make a showing everytime out or you are gone and the tiebreaker is they stay and you are gone.

          2. Played D1 baseball but if I told you the program you may not even realize they had a baseball team (more respectable now tho) and work with guys who play pro. The ETA is just if everything breaks right, that’s all. It’s obvious that the vast majority flame out.

  10. Hefty Lefty, Jakob Hernandez (21st round pick) hasn’t pitched in nearly two weeks. Does anyone know if he is hurt ? If so, what is he suffering from ? I’ve really liked this K-artist since the Phillies drafted him. He’s been very effective in his two GCL appearances … 2 IP, 0 H, 0 B, 5 K.

    1. Mr. Jordan or someone said somewhere, or maybe it was to me, that the Phillies will bring the new guys along at the appropriate pace for each individual. That in the case of pitchers, some may see a few innings in a couple appearances before being shut down until instructs.

      I don’t know about Hernandez, in particular. But, he dresses like he is not hurt. By that I mean injured players wear a certain “uniform”.

      red uniform shirt and sand or white pants – dressed for the game
      red uniform shirt and blue shorts – healthy scratch, usually pitchers
      red tee shirt and blue shorts – injured players on rehab
      gray tee shirt and variable shorts/pants – workout attire

      The red tee does not have a name on it. Makes it harder to identify the injured.

      The above is not etched in stone, let’s say it’s etched in wet concrete.

  11. Moniak’s daily lines are so predictable. 1 for 4 with a K. All. The. Time.

    Definitely a little frustrating, but I do understand that he’s a young guy and believe that he will start to impress next year.

  12. Does anyone know why Henri Lartigue has been mostly DH’ing the past few weeks and not catching?

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