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Interview with Dan Cormican of The Good Phight

There are many Phillies prospect lists out on the internet.  Some come from sites just putting forth their top 10 names, others are groups of experts covering the minor leagues as a whole, but their are small pockets where communities and writers have taken the deep dive into the minor league system.  One of those people is Dan Cormican of The Good Phight.  Dan has a deep knowledge of the system and what it takes to make a good prospect.  This year he has once again released his Top 30 Phillies prospects (1-10, 11-20, 21-30) and he took the time to answer a few of my questions about his rankings, as well as a few questions about the 2014 MLB Draft.

What goes into your process of creating your list? 

It evolves every year, I typically spend the first month or two in the fall looking at stats and notes I’ve made throughout the year to get a sense for what guys did that year. Initially I’m looking at the top line results (ERA, W/L records, AVG/SLG/OPS, etc.). This makes the first version of the list. Then I move on to scouting reports for players that year. Did someone have great stats but scouts see a future DH or slow bat speed or a weakness in swing or approach that suggests problems at higher levels. A lot of reordering often happens to the list at this point. I then do one last perusal through the “luck” stats. Did someone have a phenomenal year, but with a .450 BABiP (or for Pitchers a .240 BABiP) or vice versa, did a guy struggle, but have an abnormal HR/OFB rate. Very little movement happens on the list here. I still want to rank guys on actual present performance, not what may possibly have happened, but I do use it as a tie breaker.  Continue reading Interview with Dan Cormican of The Good Phight

Interview with Josh Norris of Baseball America

Josh Norris wrote the Phillies section for Baseball America this year.  He answered a few of my questions about the system as well as a few specific players.  The full list of Baseball America’s Top 30 prospects can be found here.

Since they were drafted Dylan Cozens and Zach Green have been linked together.  Both put up big power seasons in Williamsport in 2013.  Green is ranked 15 as a 50 high and Cozens comes in at 22 as a 50 Extreme.  What differentiates the two of them in your mind?

First and foremost is experience. This was Cozens’ first full season playing pro ball, and he performed well. There’s still a long way to go. He’s not real strong in the outfield, and some scouts already posit that he’s a first baseman in the long term.

By contrast, Green has plenty of baseball in his past. He performed well above-average in the New York-Penn League and showed enough with the glove that he didn’t get any “he’ll definitely have to move” comments from evaluators I spoke with.

To boil it down to one sentence: Cozens is an extreme because of his lack of baseball experience. Continue reading Interview with Josh Norris of Baseball America

Q/A with Kevin Goldstein

In what has become one of my favorite yearly traditions, Kevin Goldstein was kind enough to donate some of his time to answer questions about Phillies prospects and his newly released Top 11 (well, really, top 21) prospects list, which you can view here at Baseball Prospectus. Kevin’s coverage of the minors is second to none, and his accessibility and willingness to interact, especially via twitter, makes him a real asset to the prospecting community. You can follow him here. Thanks again to Kevin for taking the time. Check below the fold for the full Q/A

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Interview with Marek Minařík

Thanks to JKEARSE for another short interview with an under the radar Phillies prospect.

On May 7th, 2010 the Phillies signed a tall, sixteen year old righty out of the Czech Republic. Marek Minařík, now seventeen years old, was courted by multiple teams after an appearance at the MLB European Academy Tryouts in Prague. Not much is known about the right hander, but he did play in an Australian league along with ex-Phillies prospect Todd Van Steensel and current Phils prospect Josh Warner, posting a 2.18 ERA in just under 21 innings, along with a 1-0 record and 16 strikeouts. Minařík is an interesting prospect because there is still time for him to grow height wise and can already hit 91 MPH on his fastball. Thanks to Marek for his time!

Check below for the interview

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Eric Pettis Interview

Eric Pettis, a 2010 Phils Draft Pick was kind enough to give Phuture Phillies a few minutes of his time to answer questions. Pettis is a 6’2 RHP out of University of California-Irvine and had an excellent start to his professional career in WIlliampsort going 8-0 with a 1.37 ERA in 20 appearances. After being immediately placed into the WIlliamsport rotation after the drafty and having quite a bit of success, Pettis transitioned to the bullpen at the end of the year and matched his success as a starter with 7 late season saves.  Pettis was called up to Lakewood in the playoffs, making his SAL debut with another scoreless outing.

Question: After a lot of success as a closer at UC Irvine, you were placed into the
starting rotation right out of the gate in Williamsport, how difficult was that
transition after being primarily a closer for several years? Continue reading Eric Pettis Interview

Jon Musser Interview

(this is James) Big thanks to jkearse for another interview!

One of the three draft day deadline signings for the Phillies, Jon Musser stands tall at 6’5 weighing 205 pounds. The young right hander is currently 18 years old and won’t turn 19 until December. ‘Muss’ was a 21 round draft pick of the Phillies and can hit 90s on the radar gun along with a good curveball and solid changeup. Because of these pitches, he was projected as a seventh to tenth round pick but slipped due to injury concerns. Jon appears now to be completely healthy and has been improving every year. The Phillies have grabbed a few over-slot pitchers that have been really effective in Brody Colvin and Jarred Cosart. Hopefully, Jon Musser and Kevin Walter can add to this list of success. Thanks to Muss for his time.

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Interview with Mike from Scouting the Sally

For those of you who aren’t aware, Mike is the brains behind the Scouting the Sally website, and with Lakewood a member of the South Atlantic League, he gets a chance to scout Phillies prospects. After a recent trip to Greenville to see the Blueclaws and the Drive, he wrote up a detailed scouting report on Jon Singleton, which you can read here. Mike was also kind enough to do an interview and share his thoughts on Jon Singleton and other BlueClaws. Check below for the Q/A

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