Florida Instructional League, Intrasquad Game – 10/1/2014

We’re at the tail end of the rainy season in Florida.  Tuesday’s game was played at an earlier time and over before I got to the stadium.  Today’s intrasquad game started at 1:00pm.  Phils1 played Phils2.  The game was called after 6 innings.  Phils 2 made up an early 3-0 deficit to win 10-3.  The pitching was a little sketchy, but some of the guys threw well.  Ismael Cabrera started for Phils2 and Carlos Indriago started for Phils1.  Each threw 2 innings.

Phils1 put up a run in the second inning when Damek Tomscha tripled over the center fielder’s head. His drive one-hopped the wall off the warning track back past Jesus Alastre. Christian Palacios drove Tomscha home with a deep sacrifice fly to right field.

Phils1 scored 2 more runs in the third inning.  Gregori Rivero reached on a one out single to right.  Carlos Duran followed with a bloop single to center.  Jesmuel Valentin drove both in with a double to center.

Phils2 got on the board with 4 runs in the bottom of the third inning.  Adonis Medina started his afternoon with a 4-pitch walk of Andrew Pullin. He then hit Grenny Cumana with a pitched ball.  The runners moved up on a passed ball and Pullin scored on Jonathan Arauz’ ground out to first.  Daniel Brito drove in Cumana with a double to the gap in left centerfield. He was thrown out trying to advance to third on a pitch in the dirt that bounced away from the catcher.  Alastre walked and Rhys Hopkins blasted a home run off the back wall of the bullpen. Bryan Martelo was hit by a pitch and the inning was rolled over.

When Phils2 came up in the bottom of the fourth inning, Martelo led off. He popped up in front of home plate and 4 players converged on it. Tomscha made a late lunge for the ball and got leather on it. It bounced away and catcher Lenin Rodriguez fielded the ball and fired to second to nab the hustling Martelo. The ball was thrown off target and the fielder got enough glove on it to keep it in the infield. Unfortunately there was no one at third and Martelo continued to the base without a throw. A ground out to third prevented the runner from scoring. Aaron Brown was hit by a pitch. While Jan Hernandez struck out swinging, Brown stole second. Martelo broke for home on the throw and scored when Rodriguez couldn’t handle the throw. Brown coasted into third. Pullin walked on 4 pitches for the second time. Carlos Salazar replaced Medina and surrendered a triple to Cumana that one hopped the left field wall. Four more runs, all unearned.

Phils 2 scored single runs in the fifth and sixth innings on one hit. Salazar started the fifth by walking Hoskins and Martelo. After a double play, Brown laced a ball into the left center field gap and hustled it into a double while picking up an RBI. Kyle Bogese came on to pitch the sixth innng. Cumana walked with one out and advanced to third on passed balls. He scored on Arauz’ sacrifice fly to right.

Phils1 pitchers –

  • Indriago: 88-89 mph fastball. Pitched 2.0 scoreless innings and struck out 2 batters
  • Medina: 88-89 mph fastball, poor control on all pitches. 1.2 IP, 2 H, 7 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 1 K, 3 HBP.
  • Salazar: low-mid 80s fastball, soft tosser, poor control. 1.1 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 1 K.
  • Bogese: 91-92 mph, inconsistent control. 1.0 IP, 0 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB.

Phils2 pitchers –

  • Cabrera: 86-91 mph fastball, no control of curve. 2.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 1 K.
  • Felix Paulino: 88-89 mph fastball, touched 91 mph, a few hangers, struggled with strike zone. 2.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 1 K.
  • Sam McWilliams: 88-90 mph fastball, 86-87 mph when runner on base. 1.0 IP, 1 H.
  • Yan De La Cruz: 89 mph fastball. 1.0 IP, 0 H.

Phils1 hitters –

  • CF Duran, 2-3, 2 singles, run scored.
  • SS Arquimedez Gamboa, 1-3, single.
  • 2B Valentin, 1-3, double, 2 RBIs.
  • LF Luis Encarnacion, 0-3, K
  • 3B Drew Stankiewicz, 1-3, single, caught stealing.
  • 1B Tomscha, 1-2, triple, run scored, RBI, K
  • RF Palacios, 1-1, single, sac fly, RBI, stolen base.
  • DH Emmanuel Marrero, 1-2, single, caught stealing.
  • C Rodriguez, 0-2.
  • DH Gregori Rivero, 1-2, single, run scored.

Phils2 hitters –

  • SS Arauz, 1-3, single, sac fly, 3 RBIs.
  • DH Brito, 1-2, RBI, 2 BB, K, caught stealing.
  • CF Alastre, 1-3, run scored, BB, stolen base.
  • 1B Hoskins, 1-2, 2 runs scored, 2 RBIs, BB
  • RF Martelo, 0-2, BB, HBP, run scored, stolen base.
  • C Fisher, 0-3, K, DP.
  • DH Brown, 2-2, 2 doubles, run scored, RBI, stolen base.
  • 3B Hernandez, 0-3, 2 K.
  • LF Pullin, 0-1, 2 BB, 2 runs scored.
  • 2B Cumana, 1-1, triple, HBP, BB, 3 runs scored, 2 RBIs.

Plays and stuff –

  • Gamboa tagged and advanced to second on a fly ball to right.
  • Fisher threw out 2 of 3 base stealers.
  • Gamboa bobbled a Hernandez ground ball but recovered to throw out Brown who tried to score from second.
  • Rodriguez threw out 1 of 3 base stealers.
  • Phils2 committed 0 errors, Phils1 committed 3 errors, all in the 4-run fourth inning.
  • Rodriguez was responsible for 5 passed balls.
  • Pullin walked on 4 pitches in his first 2 at bats, in fact he saw 10 consecutive balls before flying out on the first strike he saw.
  • The wind was blowing from the west toward right field, it had no effect on Hopkins HR to left.
  • The outfielders seemed to be playing too shallow, of the 4 doubles and 2 triples, 5 were hit over an outfielder’s head and landed on the warning track.
  • And Pullin was in left field again.

A couple major distractions.  There is a Hops for Hopspice event at Bright House this weekend.  A lot of local craft beers will be offered to tasters for a $30 donation at the gate, $25 in advance.  Since I’m attending, the parade of kegs to the ice box acted as a constant distraction.

And, there were a lot of Phillies’ people in attendance.  I recognized Charlie Kerfeld, Joe Jordan, Sal Agostinelli, and Ed Wade.

Home against the Pirates1 team on Thursday, at the Blue Jays in Dunedin on Friday.  I hope to make both 1:00pm games, weather permitting.


10 thoughts on “Florida Instructional League, Intrasquad Game – 10/1/2014

  1. I no longer follow the Phillies college first base prospects as close as I used to. It’s not worth the hype. For every Darin Ruf there are a few Chris Duffy’s, or Jim Murphy’s. With that being said, what’s the book on Rhys Hoskins? I’ve heard briefly about his power but are his tools legitimate enough to rise through the system at a steady rate or is he another one of those powerful first base organizational fillers?

    1. Unlike those other guys who were late round college seniors, Hoskins was a 5th round pick junior. He lit it up in the Cape Cod League a year ago. It is plus or more raw power, and he has a decent approach, and he came on strong late in Williamsport. He might be able to fake LF, but is a great defender at 1B. He isn’t a top prospect and there are some holes, but he is a legit Top 30 prospect in the system and a guy that could move very quickly

    2. Yeah, what Matt said. I’ve only seen a very few of his at bats. What he has done so far has been impressive, but I’m not prepared to raise my expectations based on a few at bats against pitchers in Instructs who may be throwing less than their best pitches as they try out things the staff has them working on. He looks promising, someone for us to keep an eye on.

  2. Jim, what are your impressions of Carlos Duran? He hit .299 in the GCL with little power. He’ll be 20 in November. He spent two years in the VSL before coming state-side. He can play all 3 OF positions but he doesn’t look like a big assist guy. He also doesn’t make a lot of errors. He’s 6’2″ so he probably has some projection left if he can add some strength to his frame. Do you foresee a one level a year sort of guy who will top out in A+ or AA or do you see some projection in the guy like a jump to Lakewood next year? Is he Tocci without the fielding ability?

    1. He’s another guy I haven’t seen enough of to render a valid opinion. However, he’s being “handled” the same way they handled Herlis Rodriguez when he was in Jose Pujol’s shadow. There’s no big dollar investment, so they probably don’t project him at all and if they do then as nothing more than a fifth outfielder. Your progression for him is probably accurate.

  3. I am trying to remember the guy we signed out of trinity college. I think its trinity. who threw near a 100 or a little less.I am wondering if he is at instructional fall ball and if he pitched yet. ty

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