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2017 Florida Instructs Update, 10/1/2017

Workouts continued this week at the Paul Owens Training Facility at the Carpenter Complex, the official name for the facility.  Now you see why I and others always refer to it as the Carpenter Complex or just the Complex.

I was on hand on Wednesday and Thursday.  The workouts were similar to those I wrote about on Tuesday.  Variations included lateral movement and balls in the sun for the outfielders, bunt defense and the wheel play for PFPs, and rundowns and repetitive infield drills with some guys seeing time at different positions for the infielders. Continue reading 2017 Florida Instructs Update, 10/1/2017

2017 Instructs Schedule and Roster, et al

After a one week delay due to Hurricane Irma, the Phillies’ Instructional program is underway.  Players started arriving in Clearwater on Sunday.  They went through their indoctrination meetings on Monday.  Tuesday morning, they took to the fields at the Carpenter Complex for drills and BP.  Afterwards, they went inside around 12:30 for lunch. The coaches milled about on Ashburn Field, and this tweaked my curiosity.   Continue reading 2017 Instructs Schedule and Roster, et al

Florida Instructs; October 10, 2016

The Phillies played uninspired ball against the Blue Jays as Instructs entered its final week. The pitchers and defense surrendered nine runs on seven hits, three walks, a hit batter, a wild pitch, and a balk.  Six of the runs were unearned as the Phillies committed five or six errors.  The offense was equally ineffective, scoring only one run, and that came in the bottom of the ninth inning.

However, there is good news.  I spoke with Kevin Gowdy.  His arm feels better.  He has a little swelling, but the discoloration from the bruise was hardly noticeable.  And, he will pitch Wednesday during the intrasquad game.

And there were some good performances. Continue reading Florida Instructs; October 10, 2016

Florida Instructs; October 8, 2016

The Phillies traveled to Dunedin to scrimmage against the Blue Jays.  The game was played at the Blue Jays Mattick Complex under beautiful conditions at 10:00 AM.  The Phillies pitched and played well.  One guy has continued to “up” his stock and will likely be protected from the Rule 5 draft.  But first, let me relay some of the information I picked up around the cage. Continue reading Florida Instructs; October 8, 2016

Florida Instructs; October 6, 2016

The Phillies hosted the Yankees at Bright House Field – soon to be renamed Spectrum Field or Spectrum Park but definitely not THE Spectrum.  Nice day for a ball game.  Little humidity.  Nice breeze building from the northeast.  Kevin Gowdy on the mound.  Perfect. Continue reading Florida Instructs; October 6, 2016