2019 Instructs, First Week

Players arrived Sunday for Instucts and Strength and Conditioning.  Monday, they began.  And, so did we.  My friend Steve Potter and I arrived around 9:00 AM and waited until the players came out to take part in exercises and baseball drills at 11:00 AM.  They were divided up into groups, and progressed from one activity to another in those groups.  Players were on the field for about 2.5 hours.  Here’s who and what what we saw these first few days.

We were told that there would be about 130 players here during the three weeks of Instructs.  This number includes rehabbing players of whom there are many in attendance.  It also includes the 40-man roster guys who haven’t been recalled, (yet?).  There are also a few, a very few DSL players here.  Not surprising since a similar Instructional Camp is being held at the Phillies Dominican Academy.  A handful of stateside players were sent there.  I don’t know whom, though.

First, here’s the schedule for Instructs.

  • Mon, 9/9: CAMP
  • Tue, 9/10: CAMP
  • Wed, 9/11: CAMP
  • Thu, 9/12: CAMP
  • Fri, 9/13: CAMP
  • Sat, 9/14: CAMP
  • Sun, 9/15: OFF
  • Mon, 9/16: @TOR – 1:00 PM
  • Tue, 9/17: v.TOR – 1:00 PM
  • Wed, 9/18: CAMP
  • Thu, 9/19: @DET – 1:00 PM
  • Fri, 9/20: v.TOR – 1:00 PM
  • Sat, 9/21: CAMP
  • Sun, 9/22: OFF
  • Mon, 9/23: v.TOR – 1:00 PM
  • Tue, 9/24: @TOR – 1:00 PM
  • Wed, 9/25: CAMP
  • Thu, 9/26: v.DET – 1:00 PM
  • Fri, 9/27: @TOR – 1:00 PM
  • Sat, 9/28: CAMP
  • Sun, 9/29: OFF

Second, here’s who we’ve seen so far (92 on Monday, 8 more on Tuesday, …).  The five guys in bold text are guys that made me go hmm.  They are either on the 40 or from Lehigh Valley.  It’s interesting that they are here. Hmm.  Keeping the arms warm just in case?

Player Pos. Status 40 Man Active
Adams Tyler LHP GCE
Aldegheri Samuel LHP GCE
Antonac Yoan RHP GCE 60-IL
Aparacio Juan C LAK
Arano Victor RHP PHI 60-IL 60-IL
Azuaje Alexeis 2B DSR
Betancourt Carlos RHP GCE
Bettencourt Trevor RHP REA 7-IL
Brogdon Connor RHP LHV
Brown Ben RHP LAK 7-IL
Burch Tyler RHP WPT
Cabral Edgar C CLR 60-IL
Castaneda Dylan RHP GCW
Castillo Starlyn RHP GCE
Cedeno Jose RF GCE
Cotto Gabriel LHP GCE
Cumana Grenny INF REA 7-IL
Cummings Bailey RHP GCE
De La Cruz Carlos OF LAK
De Los Santos Enyel RHP LHV Y
Dipre Guarner SS GCE
Dyar Dallas RHP GCW
Edwards Mitchel C WPT
Encarnacion Jeff RF DSR
Estevez Engel RHP GCE
Fanti Nick LHP CLR 7-IL
Fassnacht Nate SS WPT
Fitch Colby C CLR 7-IL
Flores Wilfredo 2B GCE
Francisco Carlos RHP WPT
Francisco Carlos RHP GCE
Francisco Freddy C GCW
Garcia Luis SS LAK
Garrido Maikel LHP GCE
Geraldo Juan RHP GCE
Gessner Josh RHP GCW
Gowdy Kevin RHP LAK
Greenwalt Keaton CF GCW
Hallead Tyler RHP CLR 7-IL
Hammer J.D. RHP LHV Y
Hearn Hunter CF WPT
Hendrickson Josh LHP LAK
Hernandez Christian RHP GCW
Herrera Lizardo RHP GCW 60-IL
Herrera Juan 3B DSW
Iser Herbert C WPT
Jefferson DJ RHP GCE
Jimenez Jose LHP LAK 7-IL
Lackney Nick LHP GCW
Lee Sang Marcus CF GCE
Leibrandt Brandon LHP LHV 60-IL
Leverett Adam RHP WPT
Llovera Mauricio RHP REA 7-IL
Lozano Fernando RHP GCW
Made Alejandro RHP WPT
Made Edgar SS GCW
Marcano Rafael LHP GCE
Marchan Rafael C CLR
Markwardt Hunter CF WPT
Martinez Robinson RHP GCE
Maxwell Tucker CF GCW
Mayer Gunner RHP GCW
McArthur James RHP CLR
Medina Adonis RHP REA Y
Micheles Chris LHP WPT
Milam Hunter LHP GCE
Miller Erik LHP LAK
Morales Francisco RHP LAK
Nava Andrick C GCW
O’Hoppe Logan C WPT
Pelletier Ben RF LAK
Perkins Jack RHP CLR
Pina Nicoly RHP GCW
Pipkin Dominic RHP LAK 7-IL
Pujols Jose RF REA 7-IL
Ramey Brandon RHP GCW
Rodriguez Cesar C GCE
Rojas Johan CF WPT
Rosario Sandro RHP GCW 60-IL
Rott Rudy 1B WPT
Salas Fernando RHP LHV
Sanchez Jaidel RF GCW
Schultz Andrew RHP LAK 7-IL
Schulze Brett RHP WPT
Segovia Eduar RHP GCW
Simmons Kendall SS WPT
Smith Jaylen LHP GCW
Stewart D.J. 3B WPT
Stott Bryson SS WPT
Tatum McCarthy 3B LAK
Torres Nicolas INF WPT
Tortolero Jose INF GCE
Ulloa Jose RHP GCE
Van Scoyoc Spencer LHP WPT
Vargas Victor RHP WPT
Vilchez Daniel RHP GCW
Williams Corbin CF WPT
Wingrove Rixon 1B GCW
Yonamine Micah C GCE
Young Kyle LHP CLR 60-IL

Plus, Tyler Viza.  That’s 101.

There are a lot more than the 18 players above on the ILs.  They are tougher to identify.  They wear red t-shirts, but have no names and don’t stay outside long.  They are on a different program.  But, I’m certain they are included in the 130.  When rosters were handed out in the past, rehab players were included.

There are also a lot of coaches and support personnel here.   I think most of the coaching staffs from Clearwater, Lakewood, Williamsport, and the two GCL teams are here.  Plus the strength and conditioning staff from those teams.  Plus the guys who oversee and travel during the year like Chris Truby.  Plus Larry Bowa.  Plus the Driveline guys.  I would venture to guess that the ratio of players to staff is 4 or 5 to one.  And then, there are people like Minetti, Bonifay, Parks …

And, finally, here’s what they’ve done so far.

They arrive early and have behind closed door sessions before taking the field in their various, staggered groups.  The players perform the normal exercise and stretching routines that we’ve become used to seeing.  As well as long toss to stretch out their arms.  Then they break out to assigned fields.

Ashburn – PFPs

The PFPs are the same PFPs we’ve seen during spring training without fielders.  The pitcher simulates a pitch, the coach hits a ball, the pitcher fields it, and mimics a throw to the required base.  They are in groups of 6-8.  After they’ve simulated several throws to each base, they move out to the mid fielder positions to field harder hit balls.  When donne, they sre replaced with another group.

Obviously, there are more than a few pitchers here.  Another group will be over on the mounds between Ashburn and Schmidt “throwing” a towel.  They go through their throwing motion under the scrutiny of one of the coaches.  The towel gives a little resistance while they work on form.

Other pitchers throw on flat ground in left field to get their scheduled throwing work in.

And rehabbers who haven’t reached the throwing stage or pitchers not schedule to thrown that day start to get their running in.  One of the staff is assigned to them to see that they are running correctly. (?)

Carlton – A different set of exercises and throwing for the pitchers who are going to throw that day.  These guys are easy to identify.  They wear uniform pants.  When a group is ready, they go to the Seven Mounds to pitch.  The area is off limits, but if I stand by the fence on the first base side of Roberts, I can see a couple clearly, and guess at the identity of the guys behind the green mesh.

For instance, I knew Gowdy was in the pitching group.  He was behind the mesh, but I long ago picked up on one of his idiosyncrasies and was able to identify and focus on him.   It was encouraging.  I also was able to watch McArthur, Medina, Miller, and Perkins.

Roberts – half of the position players (about 14-15, plus 4 or more catchers), and

Schmidt – the other half of the position players (about 12-13, plus 3-4 or more catchers)

They run through the same drills on each of these fields.

Ground balls for the infielders.  I noticed that they are stressing how shortstops, for instance, should take a ball on their backhand.  Not just backhand and throw off a planted right foot.  But, a technique where the fielder backhands after “surrounding” the ball and has his momentum actually already moving back to his left.  This technique gets the ball to first a little quicker.  I tried to pick up all the instruction from the trainer, but couldn’t get it all.  The instructor was Larry Bowa.  I hope they know and appreciate who this was coming from.

Fly balls and charging balls for the outfielders.

Blocking drills for the catchers.

Base running techniques for the infielders, outfielders, and whichever catchers aren’t working on the Seven Mounds.  Not just length of lead, secondary leads, and at what point to break for the next bag.  But, width of stance, balls of the feet rather than flat footed, crossover v. step, knees bent v. stiff legged, and weight distribution.

And then, batting practice.  They set up three stations on each field.  I think Mitch Rupert described this when he saw it in Williamsport.  The group splits – half stay outside and the other half go to the indoor batting cages, I assume because the guys doing this today didn’t do it yesterday.

Okay, you’ve got your normal batting cage set up and the guys go through the normal rotation of opposite field one set, up the middle one set, pull one set, and wherever you want to (or can) one set.  The only difference is that the pitcher is much closer to simulate a faster pitch.  If you’ve ever seen Larry Bowa throw BP during ST, it’s even closer than that.

One of the other stations has the batter hitting balls chucked at him underhand.  Kind of like the drill where the coach sits in the opposite batter’s box and flips balls over the plate for the batter, except in this drill the coach is behind a screen about ten feet in front of the batter.  One coach sits behind the screen and fires overhand.

And, the other station has the batter hit from a tee.  But, he does so after taking a couple steps from the back of or even behind the batter’s box.  Reminded me of Happy Gilmore driving balls off the tee in the movie of the same name.  I had worked out three possible reasons for this drill before Steve asked Jason Ochart.  The drill is to remind the batter to transfer weight from back to front and hit a line drive up the middle.

Then they get fed.  Today, I saw them carrying stools back to the indoor batting cages.  More meetings, I suppose.

There are certainly more than the 101 guys I’ve identified so far.  I know Ethan Lindow was invited, I just haven’t seen him yet.  Wingrove and Mitchell are here, but I haven’t seen Glogoski nor Mead.  As well as a couple other guys I would have expected to be here.

I watched Aldeghari throw on flat ground in left field.  First time I’ve seen him throw.  He has a deliberate delivery, but the ball explodes out of his hand.  Now, maybe it’s exploding at 89 or 93.  Can’t tell from where I was standing.  But, I cant wait to see him throw on a gun.  BTW, he’s built like Mezquita if that helps.  Maybe a little taller.

14 thoughts on “2019 Instructs, First Week

  1. Thanks again Jimmy if Happy Gilmore can make it on the tour hopefully some of these guys can grow quick and at least start to look the part of MLB caliber talent.

    Obviously all of them won’t make it to the show and all them can’t play for the Phillies but if those same players can get the attention of another club perhaps we can parlay that into MLB proven talent.

    1. DMAR, by dumb luck alone you would think one or two youngsters would become impact major league players. The fact that we haven’t had a single player dominate at any level (with the exception of Spencer Howard in limited action) concerns me greatly about both the scouting and development personnel in the Phillies system. Even Bohm’s season, though productive, wasn’t dominant. If anything, we’re seeing more regression than progress from players originally projected to advance more quickly. Troubling to say the least.

      1. 8mark……not to worry.
        Sometimes goes in cycles…next season guys like Ortiz, Luis Garcia, JoJo et al may just explode.

  2. When I hear about all this preparation and then the work that is done, it makes me wonder how a team could change management and be so successful. It seems like it would be like turning a battleship around if we would fire MacFail and Klentak. Does this make a difference or would the owners feel like it would be an easy change?

  3. Apparently the guys headed to the AFL for next Wednesday’s opener may have been allowed to go home for a few days and see their families, then out to Scottsdale to check in over the weekend..

  4. “Wingrove and Mitchell are here, but I haven’t seen Glogoski nor Mead”…..all four should be headed back down under come October and getting ready to play in the AuBL.
    That will be fun to watch as they progress.

  5. Spending time at instructs can be constructive if those who watch/teach and observe AND GIVE INPUT. Hopefully they instruct with some conviction. Seems this year AA and AAA DEFENSE WAS NOT A PRIORITY. Some of the names on this list a little surprising because of innings pitched and results lower/higher than expected. EX. Why instructs on a pitcher whose innings are high, results are underachieving and seems to be declining in potential when other pitchers need rehab innings. Long list of IL this year, yes pitchers are expendable asset but Teach and Prosper

  6. Thanks for the report, Jim.
    I was unaware that Andrew Schultz was injured. Hope he’s not headed for TJ.
    Good to see Brandon Ramey and Gunner Mayer are not listed as injured. Ramey hadn’t pitched since the beginning of August, and Mayer hadn’t appeared in a game since mid-July.

    1. Holding off on Mayer was for a sound developmental reason which I can’t/won’t go into in a public forum. You’ll have to trust me that it makes a whole lot of sense.

  7. I am glad Ortiz isn’t there. He must need some time off to clear his head. For the second straight year he was the #1 most disappointing farmhand. Garcia would be #2. Possibly Romero #3.

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