2021 Instructs, 9/28/2021

2021 Instructs started yesterday.  I waited until today to go over to the Complex.  The first day can be tedious with early and on-time arrivals mixing with rehabbers all at once.  Yesterday players hit the field around 9:00AM, but I think that those guys were most likely the rehabbers who had already been on site. 

Anyway, players didn’t start today until 10:00 AM.  My “office” is outside the fence, so I have to walk the perimeter to see what is happening on each field.  Ashburn and Carlton Fields are on either side of the main gate and the easiest to watch.  So, of course, morning action began on Roberts and Schmidt.  Until then, I had waited in the parking lot and seen Erik Miller, JoJo Romero, Ethan Evanko, and Christian McGowan enter the Complex.

I made a cursory effort to view Schmidt.  Looked like 4-5 infielders taking ground balls at first base.  The only name I could make out was Matt Goodheart.  Another player might have been Jamari Baylor, but I couldn’t be sure.  So, I traversed back to Roberts and watched from beyond the centerfield fence.  Four outfielders ran through some drills – charging balls, going back to the fence, and laterally.  They were Tonkel, Radcliff, Yhoswar Garcia, and Viars.

A group of pitchers threw an object at a target on a wall down the left field line.  Afterward, they went over to right field on Carlton for short and longish toss.  The group included McCollum, Hughes, Ottenbreit, Osterberg, Mayer, Blake Brown, Garrido, McKenney, McKenna, Painter, McGarry, and Victror Vargas.  They took a break after throwing and then did PFPs on Carlton.

I went back to Ashburn where activity had picked up.  I saw Ben Brown in game pants as well as Pena, Garbrick, Garnett, Russell, Binns, Soriano, and Betancourt.  Game pants are a sign that the pitcher will throw from the mound.  A larger group was exercising in left field and was comprised of the rehabbers, some of whom were – Antle, Jacobsak, Lindow, Fanti, Zarbnisky, Killgore, and more.  Some of this group was allowed to throw, the others watched.

I went back to Roberts and caught the end of three pitchers throwing off the mound.  I think they were Bell, Baker, and maybe Segovia.  I didn’t get a real good look.  Ben Brown, Tristan Garnett, and Carlos Betancourt threw from the mound on Carlton.

Cerny, Carr, Ortiz, Lee Sang, and Wilson joined the outfielders on Roberts.

At some point, I noticed a coach standing up on the half-field outside BayCare Park.  I didn’t see any players with him but I was moving around a lot for an old guy.  It’s possible that some middle infielders and/or catchers were up there for infield drills.

In addition, random guys spotted either as they walked around the complex include Ruffcorn, Wynne, Collins, Woodward, Marcano, McKay, Dyar, Flores, Ibarra, Schultz (throwing from the stretch on flat ground), maybe Wetherbee, Castillo, and Nava (he was the only catcher I saw at the Complex).

Word is that there will be 70 young men here for Instructs including rehabbers and six or seven DSL players who will report when their season ends Saturday.  There are a few additional guys here who don’t count against the seventy. I’ll address them as I see them.

As I left, the lunch truck had arrived as guys were finishing batting practice back on Schmidt.

I don’t have a schedule, but if things run as they did last year, the players will have camp days all week until an off day on Sunday.  They’ll continue with camp days in the mornings and games in the afternoons next week.  Wednesdays and Saturdays are camp days with intrasquad games.  I will be permitted to attend the scheduled games which would be on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, so two days each week.  No admittance to intrasquad games.

Here’s a more orderly list of participants, so far.

  1. Erik Miller
  2. JoJo Romero
  3. Ethan Evanko
  4. Christian McGowan
  5. Matt Goodheart
  6. Jamari Baylor (?)
  7. Gavin Tonkel
  8. Baron Radcliff
  9. Yhoswar Garcia
  10. Jordan Viars
  11. Tommy McCollum
  12. Jonathan Hughes
  13. Micah Ottenbreit
  14. Matt Osterberg
  15. Gunner Mayer
  16. Blake Brown
  17. Maikel Garrido
  18. Alex McKenney
  19. Jake McKenna
  20. Andrew Painter
  21. Griff McGarry
  22. Victror Vargas
  23. Ben Brown
  24. Jose Pena
  25. Alex Garbrick
  26. Tristan Garnett
  27. Matt Russell
  28. Malik Binns
  29. Cristian Soriano
  30. Carlos Betancourt
  31. Chase Antle
  32. Sam Jacobsak
  33. Ethan Lindow
  34. Nick Fanti
  35. Braden Zarbnisky
  36. Keylan Killgore
  37. Brendan Bell
  38. Drew Baker
  39. Eduar Segovia
  40. Tristan Garnett
  41. Carlos Betancourt
  42. Logan Cerny
  43. Jared Carr
  44. Jhailyn Ortiz
  45. Marcus Lee Sang
  46. Ethan Wilson
  47. Jason  Ruffcorn
  48. Cam Wynne
  49. Ty Collins
  50. JP Woodward
  51. Jared Wetherbee (?)
  52. Rafael Marcano
  53. Tyler McKay
  54. Dallas Dyar
  55. Wilfredo Flores
  56. Neyker Ibarra
  57. Andrew Schultz
  58. Starlyn Castillo
  59. Andrick Nava

That’s 59.  Plus the 6-7 from the DSL.  And, there has to be more than one catcher who went on the 60-day IL on August 22nd (Nava) here.  That leads me to believe that there may be a couple players above who aren’t official participants in Instructs.  Flores and Ibarra for instance have their arms in slings.  I’ve heard that Rixon Wingrove and Chris Burke are here but not official.

On a more interesting note, Miller offered without my asking that he’s here to build up strength for Arizona.  I have to assume AFL.


16 thoughts on “2021 Instructs, 9/28/2021

  1. That’s good news that Miller is going. With Ortiz back on the field, I could see him going, with Moniak, OHoppe, and Muzzioti.

  2. To me Miller was always a no brainer for the AFL. I agree with Jim it’s been a long year for Stott and if he’s going to the AFL the Phillies may be asking the Peoria coaches to get him time at 3rd base.

    1. I can also see Stott headed to Australia in Dec/January…if they let Americans back there this year.
      AFL is over mid-November…he can go home for a few weeks, get some R and R , then pack his bags and head down under.

        1. That is not good news…..though do understand the Australia govt has some strict visa policies going on now anyway…..so maybe there will be no foreign born players this season in their league. That would be sad…..I am sure the Americans players enjoyed their time down there….a vacation of sorts, and get to still play ball.

      1. Stott is too advanced for Australia these days. More a league for players in A ball. I think Arizona will be plenty of offseason action for him.

        1. fair point, Stott is a year older than most….except maybe Randolph from last year.
          As far as advanced….do not see that being of a relative factor.
          That is so subjective at this point.
          The caliber of pitching in the ABL is probably somewhere between Hi-A and double A. Rhys went there just before his AA season.
          Luke Williams was there last season and he is older…do not seem to hurt him, and he made the Olympic team..
          O’Hoppe went there prior to the Alternate Site tour last year.

          If the Philies feel he does not need anymore baseball….then they will shut him down after the AFL until spring training.

          But may just be a moot [point……Jim said the new owner of Adelaide has no agreement with the Phillies right now…plus the Australia govt has pretty strict visa restrictions in place right now….come 3 months from now who knows what will happen..

  3. MLB teams can send seven players to the AFL for the 30 game season.
    ………..Stott, and now Miller for sure.
    O’Hoppe I assume will be there also with Mickey Mo going for the second time.
    I would think one or two more pitchers will be in the mix also…possibly a reliever, maybe Dohy , not sure about Warren, he was there already in 2019..
    Maybe Marconi.

    1. Yeah, rules stipulate 4 pitchers and 3 position players one of whom is highlighted player who gets most of the play at his position. In addition, they can ask to send an extra guy who is restricted to limited playing time.

    1. That is good to hear on Abel.
      This Armenta fascinates me…..he can get it up to mid-90s and then comes in with that loopy 77/78 curve or some type of breaking ball it appears.
      Cannot argue with his SO/9 .. if not the best in the minors, it is certainly up there..
      If he can get his control in order he could be a real find.

  4. Jim, I am astounded that you would take the time to walk around the complex and give us all this information. Much appreciated.

    1. Amazing what you do, Jim. No question that PhuturePhillies is the best site and no question its because of your hard work and no-nonsense policing of posts.

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