2021 Instructs, 9/30/2021

2021 Instructs continued through today.  I went to the Complex on Wednesday and Thursday and watched for a few hours.

It looks like the guys here for Instructs are doing work indoors and out.  When they come outside, the position players are working in small groups with multiple coaches/instructors.  Pitchers groups are a little bigger, but they tend to separate into different size groups depending on what they are doing.  They do tend to gravitate back into a larger group for PFPs with many coaches/instructors.

The rehab group is becoming more apparent.  They come out en masse later than the others and run through stretching and agility drills.  Their workout ends with those who have reached the throwing portion of their rehab doing so if scheduled to throw that day.

I have put eyeballs on some more players and can correct some of my earlier observations.  I had reported a bullpen by Baker, Bell, and maybe Segovia on Tuesday.  I have learned that it was Abel, Baker, and Armenta,  The last two days, I’ve seen Rumfield, Luis Garcia, Simmons, Cristian Hernandez, Carlo Reyes, Ash, De Freitas, Wingrove, Nicolas Torres, Minyety, Mejia, Azuaje, Schulze, Andrew Brown, Phelan, Lehman, Martinez, Cesar, Barber, Aldeghari, Pina, Aparicio, and Valadez-Acuna.

That brings participants up to 79 players.  Here is an updated list in alphabetical order.  This does not include the 6-7 DSL players who will arrive when their season ends this weekend.  Still seems to be short catchers with only 3-4 listed and one not healthy (Nava).

  1. Mick Abel
  2. Samuel Aldeghari
  3. Chase Antle
  4. Juan Aparicio
  5. Konnor Ash
  6. Alexis Azuaje
  7. Drew Baker
  8. Albertus Barber
  9. Carlos Betancourt
  10. Malik Binns
  11. Andrew Brown
  12. Ben Brown
  13. Blake Brown
  14. Chris Burke
  15. Jared Carr
  16. Starlyn Castillo
  17. Logan Cerny
  18. Joel Cesar
  19. Ty Collins
  20. Arturo De Freitas
  21. Dallas Dyar
  22. Ethan Evanko
  23. Nick Fanti
  24. Wilfredo Flores
  25. Alex Garbrick
  26. Luis Garcia
  27. Yhoswar Garcia
  28. Tristan Garnett
  29. Maikel Garrido
  30. Matt Goodheart
  31. Cristian Hernandez
  32. Jonathan Hughes
  33. Neyker Ibarra
  34. Marcus Lee Sang
  35. Rafael Marcano
  36. Gunner Mayer
  37. Tommy McCollum
  38. Griff McGarry
  39. Christian McGowan
  40. Jake McKenna
  41. Alex McKenney
  42. Daniel Mejia
  43. Freylin Minyety
  44. Sam Jacobsak
  45. Keylan Killgore
  46. Taylor Lehman
  47. Ethan Lindow
  48. Jordi Martinez
  49. Tyler McKay
  50. Erik Miller
  51. Andrick Nava
  52. Jhailyn Ortiz
  53. Matt Osterberg
  54. Micah Ottenbreit
  55. Andrew Painter
  56. Jose Pena
  57. Corey Phelan
  58. Nicoly Pina
  59. Baron Radcliff
  60. Carlo Reyes
  61. JoJo Romero
  62. Jason  Ruffcorn
  63. TJ Rumfield
  64. Matt Russell
  65. Andrew Schultz
  66. Brett Schulze
  67. Kendall Simmons
  68. Cristian Soriano
  69. Gavin Tonkel
  70. Nicolas Torres
  71. Jose Valadez-Acuna
  72. Victror Vargas
  73. Jordan Viars
  74. Jared Wetherbee
  75. Ethan Wilson
  76. Rixon Wingrove
  77. JP Woodward
  78. Cam Wynne
  79. Braden Zarbnisky

I have a schedule now.  They do start playing games next week.  I am approved for admittance to the two games each of the next two weeks at the Complex.


2 thoughts on “2021 Instructs, 9/30/2021

  1. So how does the fall instructs invites work? Are player invitations limited to certain levels of minor league? For example would invitations be extended to triple A players?

    1. Normally you will not see a 23/24/25-year old player from Triple A…unless they have missed a sizable portion of their Triple A season and are rehabbing back from an injury.
      From the list above..LHP Nick Fant …turning 25 in a few months…jumps out….he has not been healthy for the last 3 years. He needs the work or the rehabbing ……and sadly, this may be his last hurrah

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