2020 Instructs, October 6th (updated 5:15 PM)

The 2020 Instructs have arrived.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the players are in a “bubble” and no one not associated with Instructs is allowed inside the Complex.  So, we stand outside the fence with binoculars and cameras with zoom lenses and take in what we can.

The bubble consists of a hotel and the Complex.  The only time the players are outside either is on the bus ride between the locations.  If you are familiar with spring training, a large tent has been erected along Carlton Field (where the mobile gift shop is located) for food services.

The players are split between the Complex club house and the Spectrum Field club house.  So far, as far as we can tell, all workouts and drills are taking place on the four fields at the Complex.

There are a lot of coaches on hand – Shawn Williams, Marty Malloy, Roly de Armas to name a few.  I saw Chris Truby on Monday.  And, Josh Bonifay and Brian Minnitti today.

The drills are held in individual or small groups of three or four.

I’ve identified over 40 players – either by seeing them or being told they were seen by friends.  Others may not arrive until later.

  1. RHP Mick Abel
  2. RHP Ben Brown
  3. RHP Blake Brown
  4. RHP Dylan Castaneda
  5. RHP Starlyn Castillo
  6. RHP Joel Cesar
  7. RHP Dallas Dyar
  8. LHP Bailey Falter
  9. LHP Nick Fanti
  10. LHP Jordan Fowler
  11. LHP Maikel Garrido
  12. RHP Christian Hernandez
  13. RHP Jonathan Hughes
  14. RHP Sam Jacobsak
  15. RHP DJ Jefferson
  16. LHP Rafael Marcano
  17. RHP Gunner Mayer
  18. RHP James McArthur
  19. RHP Tyler McKay
  20. LHP Jhordany Mezquita
  21. LHP Erik Miller
  22. RHP Francisco Morales
  23. RHP Jack Perkins
  24. LHP Cory Phelan
  25. RHP Dominic Pipkin
  26. RHP Carson Ragsdale
  27. RHP Brett Schulze
  28. RHP Eduar Segovia
  29. LHP Manuel Silva
  30. RHP Noah Skirrow
  31. LHP Christopher Soriano
  32. RHP Billy Sullivan
  33. RHP Victor Vargas
  34. RHP Braden Zarbniskey
  35. C Edgar Cabral
  36. C Rodolfo Duran
  37. C Herbert Iser
  38. C Andrick Nava
  39. C Cesar Rodriguez
  40. C Micah Yonamine
  41. SS Jamari Baylor
  42. INF Chris Cornelius
  43. INF Guarner Dipre
  44. INF Nate Fassnacht
  45. INF Wilfredo Flores
  46. SS Luis Garcia
  47. INF Jonathan Guzman
  48. INF Edgar Made
  49. SS Casey Martin
  50. SS Logan Simmons
  51. INF Nicolas Torres
  52. OF Jose Cedeno
  53. CF Marcus Lee Sang
  54. OF Simon Muzziotti
  55. OF Jhailyn Ortiz
  56. OF Baron Radcliff
  57. OF Johan Rojas
  58. OF Matt Vierling

I would have expected a few more players here, like RHP Buddy Howard, LHP Jake McKenna, , LHP JP Woodward, RHP Chase Antle, OF Jadiel Sanchez, LHP Hunter Milam, LHP Olvis Genoa, SS Kervin Pichardo.

RHP Seranthony Dominguez is also here, but probably rehabbing and not taking part in Instructs.

44 thoughts on “2020 Instructs, October 6th (updated 5:15 PM)

    1. No. My original list was not a complete list, and I did include him among those I still expected to see. I have since updated with an accurate listing that includes DJ.

  1. Jim…..guessing the Phillies let Logan O’Hoppe and Rafael Marchan go home and take some time off since they did their share of work at the Alt Training Site @LHV.

    1. Yes, that appears to be the case. Stott, too. Interesting that Stott was assigned to Clearwater out of the Alternate Site rather than Lakewood or Williamsport.

      1. Oh yeah forgot about Stott…..and who knows, .he probably already started his training program with Harper in Vegas.

          1. Hah….okay, can see him taking a day off to blow out the candles and have some cake with family and friends..

        1. I agree Romus. Harper may give Stott a nudge up the system sooner than later. Bryce may not get Middleton to re-sign JTR ultimately, but his influence on some young talent may persuade them to push them at a faster rate than usual. I expect to see Stott up here in September 2021 and starting at either SS or 3B in ’22, assuming there’s no disruptions to next year’s baseball operations.

    2. Alternate Site players were not allowed to go to instructionals. Probably half to give them some rest but I am guessing mainly it simplifies the medical protocols in Florida. This was an MLB ruling.

      1. andyb….did not know that. .
        Well then that explains Marchan, Stott and O’Hoppe’s. absence.

        1. They can ask for waivers. Apparently, they did for Joel Cesar. Also, I believe a position change would not require a waiver if they wanted to see the catchers at 3B for example or Stott at another infield or outfield position.

          1. Well that is a good thing.

            Did notice the AFL was cancelled.
            “Because there’s no minor league ball, teams have placed many of their best young players in their 60-man pool and allowed them to train at their alternate sites. Some of those players will enter their teams’ playoff bubbles or join the fall instructional league. That’s among the reasons there will not be an AFL season this year….t MLB had concerns over whether the AFL’s usual sites would have been equipped to handle all of the players, coaches and staff members on each team during a pandemic.”

            I was hoping that the season would still go on.

            1. Do we think that Spring Training might be extended next year, if we get thru this Pandemic soon?

            2. CBA…..2017–2021 BASIC AGREEMENT:

              ARTICLE XIV—Spring Training Conditions
              A. Reporting
              No Player shall be required to report for Spring Training workouts
              more than thirty-three (33) days prior to the start of the championship
              season, provided that:
              (1) injured Players, pitchers and catchers may be invited to
              attend Spring Training workouts no earlier than forty-three (43)
              days prior to the start of the championship season; and
              (2) all other Players may be invited to attend Spring Training
              workouts no earlier than thirty-eight (38) days prior to the start of
              the championship season

  2. Have the Phillies given up on Austin Listi? I see he is on the Reading roster, not the LHV roster. What happened to the promise he showed a year or so ago?

    1. Not from where I’m standing. I can see guys doing drills from the BP mounds between the fields, but not the seven mounds they normally use for throwing. In either case, I wouldn’t be able to make out names or numbers.

    1. Jim, thank you for all that you do. This is probably the “baseball season” I enjoy the most. Do you think the Phillies will do less with experience ball players hanging on in ST; i.e. Drew Storen, Josh Harrison, etc. and go with more minor leaguers. We need to get more minor leaguers into games instead of players that will probably be let go. Thoughts? Thanks.

      1. No, I don’t think the Phillies will discontinue their habitual hiring of experienced players on minor league contracts with an invite to spring training. For a long time, they have followed the practice of stocking their AAA affiliate with AAAA players for call ups to the majors in case of injury.

        One might think that the contraction of the minor leagues might have an effect on upward mobility in the organization. If the Phillies were forced to cut affiliates, I believe the releases would occur at the bottom of the system and end the careers of the marginal players hired as filler. However, I think the Phillies will lose just Williamsport and still continue to have two teams in the GCL and two teams in the DSL. In either case, there will not be pressure from the bottom forcing players up the organization and filling the spots usually earmarked for minor league free agents.

        I believe another factor is Joe Girardi. He’s an American League manager managing what is essentially a National League roster. The DH alleviated some of his problems, but there’s no guarantee that the DH will be in place next season, yet. Girardi appears to prefer experience over youth. Maybe his newness to the organization and the short spring training prevented him from learning about his AAA pitchers. But, and this is a big but, Girardi is used to a starting staff that goes deeper into games than our guys and a bullpen that had a hall of fame closer. Tough to manage a staff when you are accustomed to a Mariano Rivera to save games.

        I understand the desire to sign and retain major league ready players in AAA, but my preference has always been to see the kids I’ve watched progress through the system get a look over AAAA guys. I would have liked to have seen Listi called up when Hoskins was injured. I would have liked to have seen Hall at the Alt Site and maybe get the call instead of Listi. I would have had Singer at the Alt Site from the beginning and brought him up. I think he has the temperament and stuff to be successful.

        Sorry for the ramble. Hope I addressed your concern.

        1. “Girardi appears to prefer experience over youth.” Let me add youth & TALENT… The pitchers summoned to the Summer Camp was horrendous. Younger pitchers with more upside should have gone for the experience and training vs 26 year old AA guys. My guess with a new manager and pitching coach + shortened spring training they went with what they thought they knew over the better younger guys that hadn’t really seen enough of..

  3. Athletic notes that Corey Phelan is there. He was the last UDFA we signed back in August. 18-year-old LHP out of Long Island (like Fanti). Curious if there are any other undrafted free agents there as those have not been publicized that well after the draft.

    1. Sal A. gets a lot of those NYC area and Long Island kids…besides Fanti, there is also O’Hoppe, Kyle Young, and Ben Brown.

  4. I didn’t see Cornelius Randolph’s name on the list…is this an indication that the organization has given up on him or maybe he is there and not seen yet.. or he is injured/sick. Or did I miss his name at the training site in Allentown this season ?

  5. Watching Tatis Jr do for the Padres do the Phillies have anyone that can command that Statis, game changing talent.
    Does anyone think that the Phillies can/could compete with any one of the playoff teams, appears as phillies are along way off especially with Giradi’s staying with Older players unlike almost all of the playoff teams.

    why is it that almost all of the playoff teams picked up Better Performing BP Arms than what the Phillies picked up at the trade deadline Hmmmm. Maybe someone should step back and see Phillies need better SCOUTING

    Miami seems to have loaded up on 97 mph arms, YOUNG. Where or why can Miami find these arms? Once again scouting

    1. And drafting. Can’t take low risk but low upside guys. Can’t win with them. Need players who can reach higher upside. In our system, we have very few if any of these high potential upside guys. This year’s draft was the first where this philosophy was adhered to. A high school arm = upside, Martin in the 2nd = upside. It will take time now.

        1. Stott and Abel , IMO, fall into that category also…both rated and projected top ten at the draft.

          1. Agreed, we have a few now and that’s good but it’s not just the first rd picks. We need to stop taking low ceiling, high floor college guys to fill out the draft. They just don’t help build a winner. We need to draft 10 high ceiling even if low floor guys and hope that 1/10 gets close to that ceiling. Rollins and Howard are good examples. Then it’s about development and whether we can help these guys improve. It’s too soon to know whether the new system development guys can help achieve what is needed.

            1. Murray…..”low ceiling, high floor college guys to fill out the draft. They just don’t help build a winner.”….you may get a few rebuttals on that.

              Phillies alone Hoskins and Howard filled out the draft in the 5th round…..now if you mean after the 10th round…’as fill out the draft’…the Phillies have been active in that respect with HSers with low ceilings and maybe higher than normal upsides….all the kids from Long Island and NYC in the last 3/4 drafts are examples of that………..you really need a good mix between the both.

              The only draft were they seem to go college almost all the way was Ruben’s draft in 2014…..29 of the first 30 picks were college…Nola and Hoskins only survivors….Austin Davis is now a Pirate

            2. Here’s my rebuttal: drafting high ceiling guys means less probablity of success. So if you draft all high ceiling guys, don’t be surprised if none of them pan out. And then don’t complain that the Phillies can’t develop anybody…

    2. I think one of the reason Harvey is that Miami and Atlanta have join the Green Deal and it is helping.

  6. Jim; I heard pitchers through to hitters yesterday.. Any feedback or do you need the Hubble Telescope from where you’re sitting to get details?

  7. Middleton having confidence in MacFail because he won the WS with the Twins 29 and 33 years ago is like you having confidence in betting that I can win a foot race now because I was the stolen base champ in my baseball league when I was 25.

  8. At the opening of the Rays v Astros game today, they gave a story that the thing that changed Morton’s career was when he got to the Astros, they showed him video of Roy Halladay. They told him to watch how Roy keeps his head and core centered no matter which pitch he throws. He credits that video session with changing his game.

    As I thought about that story, I became enraged that the Astros thought to show them video of a Phillies pitcher but the Phillies didn’t think of that. Pure incompetence of player development by Phillies.

  9. I have a friend in camp with the Pirates and he said Abel was as advertised. Started today down in Clearwater and went two innings and touched 100. Several K’s and no hard hit balls. Any updates on other guys?

    1. Great news. Thanks for sharing that.

      BTW … this was Abel before the draft.

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