Report Card, Bullpen, Clearwater and Lakewood

Report card for relievers in CLearwater and Lakewood.  The final report card segment will cover Williamsport and GCL.


Aaron Baker, 24, Signed as a free agent in 2014; 19 games; 3-2 with a 4.89ERA between GCL, Lakewood and CLearwater; 2 saves; 35IP 45H 6BB 38K; 1HR allowed; .306 opp avg; 1.46 WHIP; 1.19 GO/AO; Baker was picked up mid season and gave Clearwater innings.  Grade: C; 2015: Another organization

Cody Forsythe, 24, Phils 25th round pick in 2013; 45 games between Lakewood and Clearwater; 5-5 with a 2.35ERA; 12 saves; 65IP 55H 17BB 72K; 6HR allowed; .223 opp avg; 1.11 WHIP; 0.78 GO/AO; 2.4BB/10.0K per 9; For Clearwater: 22 games; 2-3 with a 2.27ERA; .208 opp avg; 1.07 WHIP.  Forsythe was excellent for Lakewood and pitched even better for CLearwater.  He is a guy whose value is limited as a reliever but on the rise nonetheless.  Grade: A; 2015: Reading

Perci Garner, 25, Phils 2nd round pick in 2010; 26 games (16 starts) between Reading and Clearwater; 4-5 with a 4.61ERA; 93.2IP 88H 77BB 75K; 3 HR allowed; .254 opp avg; 1.76 WHIP; 1.74 GO/AO; 7.4BB/7.2K per 9; Garner started the season in the Reading rotation, lost his spot, was very poor in the Reading bullpen, sent to Clearwater and not much better there.  He simply can’t throw strikes.  and hasn’t been able to throw strikes throughout his minor league career. Grade: D-; 2015: I would be fine seeing Garner released however I suspect he has one more shot, probably in the Reading bullpen

Ulises Joaquin, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2010; 46 games between Lakewood and Clearwater; 2-2 with a 3.84ERA; 16 saves; 70.1IP 67H 30BB 51K; 6HR allowed; .253 opp avg; 1.38WHIP; 1.14 GO/AO; 3.8BB/6.5K per 9; For Clearwater: 16 games; 2-1 with a 3.57ERA; .298 opp avg; 1.54 WHIP; Joaquin was very good for Lakewood and then slipped a bit for Clearwater, although converting 8 of 9 save opportunities.  Grade: B; 2015: Clearwater to start

Lino Martinez, 22, SIgned as a free agent in 2009; 37 games; 0-6 with a 5.32 ERA; 3 saves; 71IP 64H 53BB 70K; 6HR allowed; .246 opp avg; 1.65WHIP; 0.74 GO/AO; .284 vs. LHH; .219 vs. RHH; .286 opp avg last month; 6.7BB/8.9K per 9; Martinez was victimized continuously by his lack of control which led to a ton of baserunners.   A few too many home run balls as well.  Grade: D; 2015: Clearwater

Lee Ridenhour, 25, Phils 16th round pick in 2013; 42 games; 2-8 with a 4.72ERA; 9 saves; 55.1IP 56H 20BB 37K; 4HR allowed; .267 opp avg; 1.37 WHIP; 1.16 GO/AO; 3.2BB/6.0K per 9; .240 vs. LHH; .289 vs. RHH; .342 over last month; In August, 9 games, 0-3 with a 9.00ERA. Ridenhour had a good first part of the season but was very bad down the stretch.  Curious as to whether he was hurting as his walk rate drastically spiked in August (7.2BB/9); Grade: C; 2015: As a 25 year old in High A, I think you have to move him to Reading.  Competing against AA hitters will show quickly what the Phils may or may not have.

Ethan Stewart, 23, Phils 47th round pick in 2010; 28 games (16 starts); 5-7 with a 4.82ERA; 102.2IP 117H 58BB 70K; .290 opp avg; 1.70 WHIP; 1.00 GO/AO; 9HR allowed; .263 vs. LHH; .305 vs. RHH; .321 opp avg last 30 days; 5.1BB/6.1K per 9; As a reliever: 12 games; 1-0 with a 4.71ERA; .311 opp avg; 1.57 WHIP; Stewart has now thrown in 49 games over two seasons for Clearwater and is 6-13 with a 5.39 ERA and .295 opp avg.  I keep hearing how Stewart is a projectible lefty but he doesn’t throw strikes and is far from overpowering.  Grade: D-;

Jordan Guth, 23, Phils 9th round pick in 2012; 33 games (8 starts); 3-4 with a 3.04ERA; 4 saves; 77IP 73H 46BB 47K; 6HR allowed; .252 opp avg; 1.55 WHIP; 0.86 GO/AO; 5.4BB.5.5K per 9; 2-1 with a 2.94ERA in 2nd half of season; .270 vs. LHH; .235 vs. RHH; .216 with RISP; Guth pitched in a variety of roles and was generally effective, albeit with a high walk rate.  His ability to bear down with RISP evened things out and ultimately led to his effectiveness.  Grade: B-; 2015: Reading


Joey Denato, 22, Phils 19th round pick in 2014; 23 games between WIlliamsport and Lakewood; 4-1 with a 1.93ERA; 2 saves; 37.1IP 33H 16BB 39K; 1HR allowed; .250 opp avg; 1.31 WHIP; 0.66 GO/AO; 3.9BB/9.4K per 9; For Lakewood: 15 games; 2-1 with a 1.38ERA; .261 opp avg; Denato, an Indiana product quickly impressed earning a quick call up to Lakewood after the draft.  Even after a long college season, Denato had the stuff to compete; Grade: B+; 2015: CLearwater

Jesen Therrien, 21, Phils 17th round pick in 2011; 35 games between Williamsport and Lakewood; 4-1 with a 5.58ERA; 3 saves; 71IP 72H 30BB 54K; 4HR allowed; 3.8BB/6.8K per 9; .258 opp avg; 1.44 WHIP; 1.08 GO/AO; For Lakewood: 27 games; 3-0 with a 6.27ERA; .280 opp. avg; After two seasons in the GCL, Therrien pitched well in a short stint for Williamsport and was called up to Lakewood where he generally struggled until coming on strong at the end of the year.  Over his last 10 appearances, Therrien was 2-1 with a 1.80 ERA and 3 saves, so it seems he may have figured things out. Grade: C; 2015: Clearwater

Delvi Francisco, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2010; 30 games; 3-3 with a 7.44ERA between Williamsport and Lakewood; 2 saves; 52IP 56H 32BB 47K; 2HR allowed; .267 opp avg; 1.69 WHIP; 0.91 GO/AO; 5.5BB/8.1K per 9; .304 vs. LHH; .242 vs. RHH; After a 2013 where he showed some promise with Lakewood, Francisco was very bad in 2014; Walks continued to get him and trouble and he did not have a put away pitch to consistently get him out of trouble.  Grade: D-; 2015: May get one last shot with Lakewood, but a release wouldn’t surprise me.

Will Morris, 21, Phils 24th round pick in 2013; 23 games; 1-3 with a 3.52ERA; 1 save; 46IP 45H 6BB 51K; 2HR allowed; .250 opp avg; 1.11 WHIP; 0.57 GO/AO; 1.2BB/10.0K per 9; .209 vs. LHH; .287 vs. RHH; .222 opp avg last month; .288 with RISP; Morris did a very good job this year with outstanding control and overpowering the opposition at times; He few poor outings inflated the ERA; Grade: B+; 2015: Clearwater.

Julio Reyes, 23, Signed as a free agent in 2009; 33 games (6 starts); 3-4 with a 3.65ERA; 81.1IP 71H 24BB 55K; 5HR allowed; 2.7BB/6.1K per 9; .231 opp avg; 1.17 WHIP; 1.00 GO/AO; .261 vs. LHH; .206 vs. RHH; .212 opp avg over last month; Reyes had a good year and should be ready for step up to Clearwater; Grade: B

Frank Rivas, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2011; 22 games between Williamsport and Lakewood; 1-1 with a 3.22ERA; 3 saves; 36.1IP 31H 12BB 38K; 2.7BB/9.4K per 9; 3HR allowed; .230 opp avg; 1.18WHIP; 1.39 GO/AO; FOr Lakewood: 10 games, 0-1 with a 4.67ERA; .254 opp avg; 1.29 WHIP; It was Rivas’s first pro ball in the STates and he pitched extremely well for Williamsport before struggling a bit for Lakewood.  Still, he has very good stuff and decent control.  Grade: B-; 2015: Lakewood to start

Nick Rodesky, 23, Signed as a free agent in 2014; 7 games between GCL and Lakewood; 1-1 with a 3.97ERA; 3 saves; 11.1IP 10H 3BB 13K; .244 opp avg; 1.15 WHIP; 1.22 GO/AO; For Lakewood: 4 games, 0-1 with a 5.68 ERA; Very limited sample size to draw any conclusions upon. Grade: Inc. 2015: WIll be a numbers game for a roster spot in Lakewood or Clearwater

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  1. I’d like to give Garner another shot. Through his first 12 starts in Reading he was actually doing a nice job, but then the rails came off. I think there was an injury mixed in there too, because he missed a few weeks between his last appearance for Reading and his first for Clearwater.

    Ethan Stewart was much better in the bullpen than the rotation: 24 strikeouts against 5 walks. And, per Matt’s twitter, his fastball touched 97. Maybe he’s the next Diekman.

  2. I saw a couple of Williamsport games this year and Therrien really looked good for them, great stuff. You could see a potentially dominant reliever there. Of course, small sample size caveat applies, as does the caveat that I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

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