Lakewood Annouces Roster

Here it goes for the BlueClaws:

Catchers: Gabriel Lino, Jose Mayorga, Willians Astudillo

Infield: Wilmer Oberto, Andrew Pullin, J.P. Crawford, Zach Green, Robinson Torres

Outfield: Dylan Cozens, Samuel Hiciano, Carlos Tocci, Larry Greene Jr,

Pitchers: Alejandro Arteaga, Tyler Buckley, Ranfi Casimeiro, Cody Forsythe, Ulysses Joaquin, Mark Leiter, Jr, Shane Martin, Manny Martinez, Julio Reyes, Yacksel Rios, Keivi Rojas, Jesen Therrien, Tyler Viza.

Lakewood begins their season on Thursday in Savannah.

20 thoughts on “Lakewood Annouces Roster

  1. Solid team. All around some of the better prospects in the system. I expected Arteaga and Leiter to be in Clearwater. They make this team much stronger. Rios should be at the right level. I look for an outstanding year from him. Buckley and Rojas should furnish great relief pitching.

  2. tyler visa should hopefully put together a solid year as well. Im still suprised they gave up on guys like cardozo and braden Shull.. they must have looked bad this spring.

  3. Therefore, it seems that they will start Crawford in Clearwater FSL. This is surprising progress for him; it also indicates just how much the FO wants him to move quickly through the system and believes he can do High A in ’14.

    If Crawford DOES do High A decently, look to Reading in ’15.

    The big push is on…

    And seems like a message that Quinn may not return to SS; instead…CF.

    Watching Crawford could be our largest focus in ’14.

      1. …for now. Quinn is starting the year on the Lakewood DL. Who knows where he ends up. A change to outfield (his HS position) would be good for him.

  4. Lakewood is definately the most intriguing team. Green, Crawford, Cozens, Pullen, Hiciano, Tocci, Viza all will be of serious interest. Plus, this is prob L. Greene’s last shot to prove something. Maybe it’s fools hold but u never know

  5. This will certainly be a team worth driving over to see. I’m curious as to the lineup. I figure Hiciano will be in the lineup most days rotating with the three starters as DH. My guess is Crawford, Tocci, Pullin, Green, Cozens, Hiciano, Greene Jr, Oberto, Lino

  6. This team could very well challenge for the HR title and perhaps surpass the loaded Ranger’s Hickory team from last year.
    Ok, so I dream.

    1. No team that plays its home games in Lakewood will ever challenge for the HR title I think. Nor Williamsport. Interesting if these guys played in the Charleston WVA bandbox…

        1. Williamsport by the numbers is actually fairly neutral. It has a reputation as a huge pitcher’s park, but all the data says it is even.

          Lakewood and Lehigh Valley are too of the hardest places to hit, especially for power. Reading is a huge hitters park and especially inflates HR totals, and Clearwater plays towards hitters in many similarities to CBP, but with more wind blowing out.

          1. Bowman Field’s reputation for being huge is 20 years out of date. It used to be (L to R) 400, 450, 367. When the Cubs placed a franchise in Williamsport in 1994 the fences were moved in to 345, 405, 350. Not to take away from Zach Green though, his season numbers were still pretty darn good when you consider it was short season ball.

            1. I would note however that although Bowman Field is not as huge as it once was, it still has the farthest fences in the Philly system. CBP is 329, 401, 330 (although the angle in left center is 409). Lehigh Valley 334, 400, 325. Reading 330, 400, 330. Clearwater 329, 408, 330 (centerfield there being the only distance larger than the comparable distance at Bowman). Lakewood 325, 400, 325.

      1. 325 down both lines and 400 in dead center. Lakewood is the smallest park in the Phillies system. It just looked big because there wasn’t much in the way of power hitters there last year.

        1. It is historically bad, and not just for Lakewood hitters. Opposing hitters hit very poorly there as well. I would need to do more research about whether it is the winds or another factor. It has been a huge pitchers park since it opened.

  7. you can count me to make 30 min drive to see few lakewood games. Pretty much every player I want to see is on that team.

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