Reading Announces Roster

The Fightins’ announced their 2014 opening day roster.  It is as follows:

Catchers: Tommy Joseph, Sebastian Valle

Infield:Albert Cartwright, Edgar Duran, Matt Tolbert, Chris Serritella, Carlos Alonso

Outfield:Kelly Dugan, Zach Collier, Anthony Hewitt, Brock Stassi, Cameron Perkins

Starters: Jesse Biddle, Severino Gonzalez, Hoby Milner, Luis Paulino, Percy Garner

Relievers: Justin Friend, Tyler Knigge, Brody Colvin, Jay Johnson, Austin Wright, Kenny Giles, Neifi Ogando, Ryan O’Sullivan

DL: OF Aaron Altherr; OF Jiwan James; P Ryan Demmin

Reading opens the season at home on Thursday against Portland.

6 thoughts on “Reading Announces Roster

  1. This Altherr wrist thing–I thought he was supposed to be ready by the end of spring training? Trying not to get worried, but he sustained the injury in Arizona if I remember correctly, so this is going on five months now that he’s been recuperating.

  2. Well I like the outfield and the top three starting pitching. I thought Hewitt would move up, now looks like he won’t even start.

  3. Be interesting, in my extremely humble opinion, and maybe a different thread, to get everyone’s take on which team’s groups (i,e, outfield, infield, catchers, pitchers) everyone is most excited/intrigued about. For example even though Franco is at Lehigh I’m real interested in the infield group at Lakewood. Once we get CW be fun to get everyone’s thoughts.

    Again, just a suggestion:) Love the site!

    1. Yes, but a few guys are likely to be with the team only a few months. Biddle, Dugan and even Joseph and Gonzalez, are likely to be promoted within a few months and one or two of those guys has an outside chance of spending serious time with the big league team before the season is over.

      Lakewood, however, is the team with the most hot prospects. I’ll definitely be driving out there to see a few of the games.

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