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Spring Training 2014; March 11th, Phillies vs. Blue Jays

Groups 1 and 2 played at the Carpenter Complex.  Groups 3 and 4 traveled to Dunedin.  Group 5 hosted the Three Rivers College Raiders, an NJCAA member from the MCCAC.  I decided to go to the Complex to watch Groups 1 and 2.  Hoby Milner started for Group 2, Barry Enright for Group 1.  I opted to watch Milner and the younger pitchers in Group 2. Continue reading Spring Training 2014; March 11th, Phillies vs. Blue Jays

The Phils and the Draft–Few Hits, Plenty of Misses

Looking at the first three rounds of the major league baseball draft over the past 10 years, it becomes quite clear why the Phils have the lack of depth that they are currently suffering from.  They have had very few high draft picks who have panned out in the manner you would hope and to some extent, expect.  When you look at the teams around the major leagues and review their first three rounds of draft picks over the last 10 years, there are very few teams that have produced less major league talent (regulars) than the Phils.

The benefit that the Phils received from their drafts over the last 10 years is that specific pieces have helped land the likes of Halladay, Oswalt, and Blanton.  Those pieces were critical to the success of the Phils (some more than others) in 2008-2011. It is notable however, that absent Halladay, there is no player that had prolonged success in the Phils organization.  The future holds some degree of hope with the ultimate success of the last 3-4 years still to be determined.

Looking back year by year: 2013: (1) JP Crawford; (2) Andrew Knapp; (3) Cord Sandberg; (3) Jan Hernandez.  It’s too early to pass judgement and the Crawford pick has the potential to erase plenty of bad draft memories.  Knapp has been hampered by Tommy John surgery which he underwent late last year.  Both Sandberg and Hernandez struggled mightily with the bat last year but have the talent to erase their first 100 professional at bats pretty quickly. Continue reading The Phils and the Draft–Few Hits, Plenty of Misses