Workout Groups 3-11-14

Once again Baseball Betsy has posted up minor league workout groups on her blog (which you should check out for her pictures anyway, including how giant Ranfi Casimiro is).

Here is the new list:


Movement Since First List:

  • Players assigned down to minor league camp Valle, Biddle, Stutes, Dugan, Altherr, and Garcia
  • Trey Williams has been demoted to Group 5 (this also evens out Groups 4 and 5)
  • Rob Marcello, Matt Soren, and Ronald Mendez are all missing presumed cut

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Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has previously appeared on Phuture Phillies and The Good Phight. You can read his work at Phillies Minor Thoughts

19 thoughts on “Workout Groups 3-11-14

  1. I am new to following these workout groups. Is it safe to say that generally, workout group 1 = AAA, 2 = AA, 3 = High A, 4 = Low A, 5 = Short-Season? Or is that not a good assumption?

    1. In general yes, but there is some bleed down the list, so some of Group 4 is destined for Lakewood and others for Williamsport, Group 5 is split between WPT and GCL, and so on for each group.

      I wouldn’t read too much into guys being up or down a group than you expect, there are still some more guys in big league camp to push down, and right now they need to keep balance amongst the groups. There is also likely another round or two of cuts coming.

  2. Two guys to keep your eye on are Knigge and Wright. Knigge has a very good arm – sits 93-95, frequently touching 96 and even 97; seems to have command issues and looking for workable breaking pitch, but he has upside – similar to Rosenberg in many ways. I’ve always liked Wright and lefties who can throw in the low to mid 90s and have potential plus breaking pitches like Wright does are always interesting. Still bummed out that he couldn’t give it more of a go as a starter.

    Kudos for Anthony Hewitt for hanging in there. He may never get more than the briefest cup of coffee, but he sure hasn’t quit and it’s to his credit.

    1. By the way, to be filed in the “Why the Hell Can’t we Scout our Own Players?” File, along with reports on Jason Grilli, and Brandon Moss should be a new one on Seth Rosin. Rosin is tearing it up this spring for the Dodgers – 8 innings, 10 Ks, 5 hits. So who would you rather have – him or Munson? Do I even have to ask? %$#^&#!$

      1. I’m mistaken, it was really important to keep that 40 man roster spot open for Mike Stutes. Oh, wait a minute . . . . .

        1. Catch…coincidence or just me….but Stutes slyly alluded to the fact during an interview last week that he was not fully healed from his surgery, but asked to pitch…now he is released.
          Didn’t Schwimer refer to some injury problem he had in 2012 and then was shown the door also?
          Apparently the company frowns upon players who question their medical expertise.

          1. Stutes was not released. Passed through waivers and will probably be at LHV. Nobody was going to take him after his spring performances so it was a good move by Amaro to clear a spot.

      2. Always a chance the Dodgers don’t keep him. Their bullpen is pretty stacked already, I believe. Still, with his performance so far, I’m sure they can find a spot.

        1. He’s done well enough where, if they don’t keep him, they can probably get something decent for him in a trade. But I think he stays put. @#%^%^ – so frustrating.

        1. There’s a bit of a problem with that too, especially with the pitchers. I have gone on record questioning the merits of Ray Burris, under whom pitchers, by their statistics, went into full throttle, turbo drive reverse at AAA last year. Several pitchers were HORRIBLE in AAA then went on to do extremely well in the big leagues (Diekman, Rosenberg). Now, it’s possible that Ray broke them down so they could succeed, but if this were the case, wouldn’t you expect to see some improvement before the call up and guys generally improving? That did not seem to be the case.

          By the way our juggerNOT is at it again today – three innings, no hits. Even thought it’s only ST, it’s definitely not a good thing.

          1. Fortunately, Buchanan has been very impressive (no ER through 3 IP today). It’s not just about throwing good ST innings – he has surprisingly decent stuff. He’s going to have to find a little more “swing and miss” pitches but, he’s got a good arm and throws a nice assortment of sinking balls.

      3. When I first started to put down names for our most recent top 30, before the Rule 5, I had Rosin around 20th. Not the end of the world, I thought, but I was a little bummed to lose him. It would definitely sting if he ends up having a productive year for someone else.

  3. Those groupings aren’t correct anyway. Logan Moore, Josh Ludy, and Chad Carman were in group 2 today.

  4. As Matt has guessed, Ronald Mendez, Felix Santos, Rob Marcello and Matt Soren have been released by the Phillies.(per Larry Shenk).

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