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MiLB Spring Training 2014; Camp Day

I didn’t expect much today.  It was a scheduled camp day where Groups 1 and 2; and Groups 3 and 4 would play intra-squad games while Group 5 would play a team from the Blue Jays.  I could see Jesse Biddle warming up, so I ended up at Roberts Field to watch him this afternoon.  While waiting for the game to start, I noticed that Scott Palmer was sitting in the bleachers.  Soon after, Pat Gillick walked past.  Then Charley Kerfeld.  Dickie Noles came out to the back of the cage.  So did Dallas Green.  Gary Matthews came out to sit with Palmer.  Ruben Amaro came out and sat at the table in the balcony behind home plate.  Why were so many guys here and not in Dunedin where the Phillies were playing the Toronto Blue Jays in a Grapefruit League game?

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Positional Preview – Catcher

Starting with catcher, I am going to take a position by position look at the positional group, and highlight some players in it.  This is not a comprehensive organizational list of each position, but it is meant to give a good feel for position as a whole.  Each position will have its own feel for the categories and questions.

Players: Name-Age-Projected 2014 Level (Top 30 Rank)
Carlos Ruiz – 35 – MLB
Wil Nieves – 36 – MLB
Cameron Rupp – 25 – AAA (23)
Koyie Hill – 37 – AAA
Tommy Joseph – 22 – AA (22)
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