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Baseball America’s 2013 International Review

Today Baseball America posted their review of the Phillies International spending during the 2013 calendar year (encompassing both the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 signing periods).  During that time, the Phillies signed 35 players, 4 of them for bonuses greater than $100,000.  The full article is here, but here are some highlights.

In April the Phillies signed 18 year old catcher Jose Gonzalez for $300,000.  Gonzalez had Tommy John surgery shortly after signing and did not play last summer.  The Phillies big signing was Luis Encarnacion for $1,000,000 in August.  Encarnacion was one of the best bats in the J2 crop and was widely expected to cost about $1,300,000 (Encarnacion does share a trainer with Gonzalez).  Encarnacion is in camp and should start in the GCL. Continue reading Baseball America’s 2013 International Review