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2014 Spring Training, Intrasquad Game

Before the game, the Phillies held a morning workout at the Carpenter Complex.  It consisted of stretching exercises, sprints around the bases, long toss, and BP off the coaches.  I spotted Dugan and decided to watch him and his group which included Franco, Joseph, and Marson, who followed Brown, Byrd, and Gwynn.  I didn’t pay much attention to the first group while waiting for Dugan and Franco.  Dugan started slow but really picked it up after his first two ABs.  He made good contact before launching a couple towering home runs to right.  However, towering drives is not his trade mark result.  Franco launched a couple over the left field fence.  But otherwise made inconsistent contact on his other swings.  Joseph looked good and showed a little power.  Marson had a nice swing and hit a lot of line drives, but no power.  Practice ended, on to Bright House. Continue reading 2014 Spring Training, Intrasquad Game

Thoughts on Those That Missed the Top 30

After working on the Top 30, I ended up with a list of names that I had opinions on.  This list may only represent two-thirds of them, because I just didn’t have time to finish them all.  This is not meant to be really in depth, so if you want more on a player just ask.  Previously I had attached this list to the Top 30, but in an effort to streamline the main list, the supplement gets its own post.  From this list you can probably take a good guess on who made the Top 30, so enjoy the speculation.

Jake Sweaney
Sweaney just missed the list.  Some evaluators love the upside, but I just feel that a raw catcher that may not catch, just doesn’t have a ton of value.  Check back in a year and he could be much higher in lesser form of what a Grullon did this year. Continue reading Thoughts on Those That Missed the Top 30

2014 Spring Training, Day 12

Not much to report today.  Just a short practice.  The annual golf outing is this afternoon.

They started a few minutes early.  I arrived after the meeting and exercises.  They were just finishing their run around the bases.

The pitchers long tossed on Schmidt Field.  Cole Hamels was among them, and looked to be throwing well. Continue reading 2014 Spring Training, Day 12

2014 Phillies Sleeper/Breakout Prospects Open Discussion

Everyone has that one player they believe is just going to explode on to the scene this year.  Whether it is the growth of a single tool, the ability to stay healthy, or just to survive another level, a prospect’s stock can change wildly.  In general most people think of a sleeper as a player who is completely off the radar, and a breakout prospect as a player who is going to have his stock take a large leap forward, but feel free to define it as you choose.

I will post my sleepers along with my Top prospects, but for reference here were my 2013 picks.
Sleepers: David Buchanan, Braden Shull, Manuare Martinez, Marek Minarek
Breakout Prospect: Carlos Tocci

Lets hear yours.

2014 Spring Training, Day 11

So, tomorrow is the last day of major league spring training at the Carpenter Complex.  Tuesday the Phillies are playing an intra-squad game at Bright House Field.  The Complex will be turned over to the minor leaguers for their spring training.  Already there are dozens of them reporting to the Complex to use weight and batting in the facilities there. Continue reading 2014 Spring Training, Day 11

2014 Spring Training, Day 10

Same start as on previous days – meeting at the mound, stretching routines, exercises, then running drills.  Today’s drill had the runners take a turn at first.  When all were in line again, they went from first to third.  You could see the coach watching the runner approach second then looking down to watch the foot placement as each player touched the base.  Kelly Dugan was Continue reading 2014 Spring Training, Day 10

2014 Spring Training, Day 9

Larry Andersen is a special pitching instructor this year.  I had a conversation with Larry during Phantasy week in January.  Larry presides as the commissioner during Phantasy week and spends a lot of time visiting with the people watching the games.  During one of these visits, I asked him about his upcoming stint as instructor and his future in the broadcasting booth.  Larry said that he was supposed to be a special instructor each of the past two seasons but that something came up each year that cancelled his appearance.  He said that he would love to be a pitching coach again and that he would gladly Continue reading 2014 Spring Training, Day 9

The Next Five – 2014 Rankings

So instead of me trying to write up a HILARIOUS Top 30 like I did last year, (you all remember how funny that was? No? Oh, come on!), or a serious Top 30 that will be put to shame by the depths to which Matt will go this year, (or even the depths to which he went last year), I’m going to take this chance to lobby for a couple guys who missed our Top 30, and give you all the chance to discuss. I might do it again next week as well, just to see how we might have progressed to 40. And if it’s rolling along just fine, maybe go five a week right up to opening day. I ranked 76 guys last year, and my list is around 95 right now, before I cull out a handful of NPs from last year’s draft and guys who proved themselves NPs from last year’s performances, plus whichever borderline guys get cut in the spring training numbers game.

So here’s my next five, with my personal rankings in parentheses:

Continue reading The Next Five – 2014 Rankings

2014 Spring Training, Day 8

Similar routine as yesterday – meeting at the mound with Sandberg, stretching exercises, and then base running.  Today, home to second, and second to home.  There was more effort from more players, but 3 or 4 still look like they are taking it easy.  One or two might be going easy due to injuries last year.

Continue reading 2014 Spring Training, Day 8