2014 Spring Training, Day 12

Not much to report today.  Just a short practice.  The annual golf outing is this afternoon.

They started a few minutes early.  I arrived after the meeting and exercises.  They were just finishing their run around the bases.

The pitchers long tossed on Schmidt Field.  Cole Hamels was among them, and looked to be throwing well.

After running, the position players divided into groups to take BP off the coaches.  I saw Kelly Dugan long tossing in the outfield.  He later took part in BP.  Turns out he had flu-like symptoms.  I overheard people who apparently knew him discussing this.  I had heard similar conversations the past two days.  Later, while signing autographs, he was asked and answered that he was feeling much better.  It didn’t seem to affect him very much.  His timing was back within a few swings.

Practice was over by 11:00AM.

The minor leaguers have been working out in right field on Roberts Field in the afternoon.  Their “uniform” is baggy blue gym shorts and a red tee shirt with no name/number.  The area is remote and access is restricted after the major leaguers leave.  Even with binoculars, I would have difficulty identifying players without their names on their shirts.

Tomorrow the Phillies play an intra-squad game in Bright House Field.  Paul Hagen reported yesterday that “Jesse Biddle, Ethan Martin, and David Buchanan are tentatively scheduled to pitch two innings each while Justin DeFratus, Luis Garcia, Jeremy Horst, Cesar Jimenez, Shawn Camp and Kenny Giles are likely to get an inning each“.  The game is at noon.  I’m going to get to the Complex around 9:00AM to see what is going on there.

I have tickets for the first two games against the Blue Jays at Bright House and in Dunedin.  I hope to hit the Complex in the mornings before both games.

For those of you who believe in omens and stuff like the SI cover jinx, I think Morgan and Pettibone started last year’s intra-squad game.  And they’re both having varying degrees of arm problems this year.  Hmmm.

3 thoughts on “2014 Spring Training, Day 12

  1. Clete Thomas starts in RF in the scrimmage over our own draft pick steve susdorf who is not even in camp. Thomas from another ORG is 30 yrs old and a career .262 batting aver in the minors. Our Susdorf is 27 yrs old and a career .302 batting aver in the minors. I ask why ????

    1. Susdorf’s fielding is lackluster, as far as I know. I’d say bad, but I don’t recall seeing much out of his glove last year (in a 7-8 game sample size, anyway. At the very least, I will say that I don’t recall too many balls going out into his section of the OF)

      However, I just checked some of his stats, and his year’s-end OBP has been over .340 every year (except for his MLB OBP of .143, but that was only in 3 games.) Either way, he’s limited in what he can do once you factor in defense. Wasn’t his defense…abysmal when he finally did get called up?

  2. You seem to be trying to cover the entire camp from the favored 40 through the minor leaguers. A large task.

    Will you be able to cover the minor leaguers games as well as those of the big club?

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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