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Spring Training 2014, Day 1

Spring Training 2014 began officially this morning when the pitchers and catchers exited their locker room in Bright House Field and entered the outfield in Schmidt Field for calisthenics.   For those of you who haven’t been to the Carpenter Complex, I have attaced an overhead shot of the area below.

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And Another Keyboard Heard From

Greetings Readers

As we approach the start of Spring Training, I would like to take this opportunity to say, “Hello” to all the Phuture Phillies readers and also tell you a little about me.

I retired from a civil service position in the fall of 2011 and moved to Clearwater within 6 weeks.  I began devoting my time to following the Phillies off season moves.  I visited all the sites you probably access to keep abreast of baseball news.  I was growing increasingly appalled at the amount of negativity on most Phillies sites when I found Phuture Phillies.

I became a Threshers season ticket holder in 2012.  I discovered that Gulf Coast League games were played at the Carpenter Complex that summer.  I learned about the Florida Instructional League that autumn. Continue reading And Another Keyboard Heard From