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Greetings Readers

As we approach the start of Spring Training, I would like to take this opportunity to say, “Hello” to all the Phuture Phillies readers and also tell you a little about me.

I retired from a civil service position in the fall of 2011 and moved to Clearwater within 6 weeks.  I began devoting my time to following the Phillies off season moves.  I visited all the sites you probably access to keep abreast of baseball news.  I was growing increasingly appalled at the amount of negativity on most Phillies sites when I found Phuture Phillies.

I became a Threshers season ticket holder in 2012.  I discovered that Gulf Coast League games were played at the Carpenter Complex that summer.  I learned about the Florida Instructional League that autumn.

In 2013, I attended fewer Grapefruit League games and spent more time at the minor league spring training games.  When camp broke, I continued to attend the extended spring training games, then the GCL, and finally the FIL.

I have learned a lot reading the posts in Phuture Phillies and the comments of you readers.   I am happy to repay you by reporting what I see in Clearwater.  Since I get to see most of the players in the organization as they pass though the Carpenter Complex, I try to form my opinions based on what I see before reading the scouting reports.  My opinions are quite often “wrong“.

I assume that your interests early in the spring would be the progress of young players like Altherr, Dugan, C. Hernandez, Ruf, Asche, Galvis, Martin, Munson, Gonzalez, Biddle, Giles, Franco; and to a lesser extent Collier, Gillies, R. Hernandez, Lincoln, Hollands, Valle.  Let me know if this is correct or if there are any omissions.  If you have a special interest in a any player and would like me to provide you with updates contact me.

I am looking forward to serving you this season.

16 thoughts on “And Another Keyboard Heard From

  1. I’d like to thank you for your service. I like hearing how the guys look. Who’s squaring up the ball. Who’s throwing well and even not so well. XST is very important this year. Encarnacion, Puhols, Sandberg and some of the new guys from South America. You might be able to tell us how the rehab guys look once they get to working out. I know you’re not a professional scout and the guys on this site should recognize that. My suggestion is have some fun like Brad does. Enjoy the fun in the sun and be the Philly Pharm Phreaks eyes and ears. Welcome aboard!

  2. Welcome aboard the writing train! I like the idea, scout or not I’m sure you’ll add to the offerings of the site. Good luck and have fun with it!

  3. Welcome aboard Jim. We appreciate your insights and look forward to having you as part of the writing team

  4. Hi Jim,
    I laughed when I read your “wrong”. I like your passion for the players. I am interested in Hiciano, Edwin Rodriguez, the new 16 year old from the DR and Bryan Martelo, the 16 year old from Colombia. If you can give a bit of information about the players who come from outside the US I’d appreciate it.

    1. I saw Martelo during Instructs. He’s built like Encarnacion (who is built like Franco). He only got a couple of ABs and never played the field when I was there. But physically, for a 16-year old, he looks like a nice signing. Same for Encarnacion. Both left the on deck circle swinging. In the 26 ABs between them, I think they took 1 first pitch. Kids nowadays.

      1. Thanks Jim. When he was signed, he said they had him scheduled to begin his professional career in Venezuela. I suppose Rodriguez will start in the DR.

  5. Glad you are on board. Nice to have ‘ eyes ‘ in Clearwater thru the season.
    If you can, talk to some scouts in the stands about players, and even maybe get a quick conversation in with a young player or two about how they are doing.

  6. Hi there. Thanks for pitching in (no pun intended). Seems like you already have a good list of players to look at. Maybe I’ll try to pick you out in the crowd at the complex, I’ll be down in March and always try to poke around the minor league complex a bit. I think that last year I may have been the one who broke the news that, gosh, Larry Greene looked fat.

    1. Let me know when you’ll be down. I have Phillies tickets for the 4th, 5th, and 6th. But I’ll be spending the mornings at the Complex and the 4th is a night game …

  7. What’s not to like, here? Happy to have a guy with that depth of interest in the team…for purposes beyond the present status.

    How many here would sacrifice their first born for such an opportunity? None. Nevertheless, I admit to envy.

    Enjoy the look-sees into the future of the franchise! We’ll be able to look with you.

    Welcome…and be well in your retirement.

  8. Nice to have you aboard. First question is have you seen Larry Greene person in the past and if you have can you give us a report on how he looks physically. And MAG is the big question for everyone and first hand reports of his throwing would be appreciated

  9. Jim, thanks for your offer to provide eyes on some of these guys. CWater is certainly is a nice place to hang out. It’s always been fun for me to see the guys that were just names on a page otherwise. I love the morning workout sessions at the complex with all 4 fields being used. Lots to watch on each field. I look forward to hearing your reports. When do the minor league guys report?

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