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Positional Preview – Second Base


Chase Utley – 35 – MLB
Cesar Hernandez – 23 – AAA (18)
Albert Cartwright – 26 – AA
Carlos Alonso – 26 – AA
Angelo Mora – 21 – A+
Samuel Dove – 23 – A-
Andrew Pullin – 20 – A- (29)
Jair Morelos – 20 – SS

Positional Overview:  True second base prospects are a rare breed, because they must be able to play a physically demanding position and hit enough to be major league regulars.  Unless they can fake shortstop their floors are off of major league rosters, and so it means they are undervalued until they can show that major league ceiling.  The Phillies have been blessed with one of the best second basemen of the past 10 years in Chase Utley.  Utley is now into the decline phase of his career and the search for a suitable replacement is on the horizon.  The system really only has two guys in that discussion; Cesar Hernandez is near major league ready, but there are plenty of questions about whether the bat can play as a major league regular, and further away is Andrew Pullin who is still getting used to playing the position.

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