Lehigh Valley Announces Roster

The IronPigs have announced their 2014 opening day roster:

Starting Pitchers: Greg Smith, David Buchanan, Jonathan Pettibone, Barry Enright and Sean O’Sullivan.

Relievers: Luis Garcia, Phillippe Aumont, Shawn Camp, Hector Neris, Mike Nesseth and Kyle Simon, Jeremy Horst, Cesar Jimenez.

Catchers: Koyie Hill and Cameron Rupp

Infield: Jim Murphy, Tyler Henson, Maikel Franco, Andres Blanco, Reid Brignac, Troy Hanzawa

Outfield: Leandro Castro, Tyson Gillies, Steve Susdorf, Clete Thomas

DL: INF Brian Bixler, P Chris Bootcheck, OF Dave Sappelt, P Adam Morgan

Lehigh Valley opens their season in Pawtucket on Thursday in what will be a four game series.


14 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Announces Roster

  1. I was impressed with the changes Aumont made and his progress through ST. He needs more repetitions and i like that he is in AAA. If he can ever get the delivery down he can be really special. He also seems to be in a better place mentally this year.

      1. When you watched him on the mound his demeanor was different, and towards the end of ST he started getting more comfortable with his new delivery. Results and numbers do not always tell the whole story especially with pitchers who are working on things. Look he just turned 25 and he has one of the best arms in the system so to see him making an effort to adjust what he was doing, which was not working, is a step in the right direction. With a talent like his i prefer the method of exhausting all possible options before moving on from him.

    1. he looks more like a pitcher and less like a thrower. definitely see progress. should make it back to philly sometime in 2014.

  2. Ive been saying this for a few years in a row , so here goes nothing . Tyson Gillies gonna have a break out year this year

    1. What’s that saying about a broken clock?

      Yeah, I’ve been saying it too, though (that, “this is the year”). What I’ve also been saying is, “He’s got to stay healthy.” Well, he starts on the DL.

      Gregg didn’t list it that way, but it’s true. He’s with the team (the other DL-ers are not) but is officially on the DL with the hammy. Could be roster manipulation; we’ll see. Hopefully I can get some answers tomorrow.

      Not sure I expect Cedeno to actually play for this team right away–he was added today–likely signed for Jimmy’s potential paternity leave. If Ronny does report here, perhaps a relief pitcher stubs his toe–or Blanco…

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