Top 10 Under 25

Top prospect lists do a good job of showing the minor league talent in an organization. However, the cut off can arbitrarily cut off players who have graduated, but are important part of the organization’s young core. Given the small sample size nature of the spring I am not altering my Top 30 for this list.

So here is the list:

1. Maikel Franco
2. Jesse Biddle
3. J.P. Crawford

This group is very clearly a tier unto itself.  Franco and Biddle stumbled a bit this spring, but they are going to be fine.  Crawford is a stud and will be atop this list a year from now.

4. Cody Asche

Asche spent most of last year looking a major league regular in waiting.  Despite hitting .180/.288/.400 this spring, his ceiling is still the same.  As he adjusts to the major league game more he should settle is as a solid regular.

5. Ben Revere

Revere is another non-sexy name for the major league club.  He lacks the upside of the prospects on the list, but at 25 years old he is close to establishing himself as a major league regular in center field, and was on pace for a 2 WAR season before injuries cut him short.

6. Carlos Tocci
7. Kelly Dugan

Tocci and Dugan combine a good level of upside and floor.  They both profile as solid regulars and there is a chance that they both have a bit more ceiling left in them.

8. Jonathan Pettibone

Pettibone has the stuff to be a #4 starter this season for the Phillies (if there is a roster spot for him).  He offers more safety than those behind him on the list.  His control could use some polishing up, but he keeps the ball in the park and can keep hitters off balance with a mix of solid offerings.

9. Aaron Altherr
10. Roman Quinn

Altherr and Quinn round out the Top 10.  Both offer a ton of risk, but there is upside here.  Quinn could jump up this list with a healthy year, and Altherr could advance his stock by continuing to polish his game in AA.

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Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has previously appeared on Phuture Phillies and The Good Phight. You can read his work at Phillies Minor Thoughts

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Under 25

  1. I’d insert Freddy Galvis 6th on this list. His defense is there and his bat in improving. He is a future starting SS. He may already be better than Jimmy Rollins was last year (although not as good as Rollins figures to be this year). News reports talk about C. Hernandez as the better hitter, but I disagree. Galvis has enough power to cancel out Hernandez’s better OBP in total hitting value.

    I’d also flip-flop Revere and Asche. Revere has proven himself as a a major league regular and a 3-tool player: plus fielder, plus runner, and plus hitter. His fWAR for the Twins two seasons ago was 3.0. That’s above major league average for a regular. We are all hoping Asche can be major league average (2.0 WAR), but as a rookie he is still a big question mark. Above average is a lot to expect for him. You say yourself he’ll be a “solid regular”.

    1. maybe dugan and altherr as honorable mentions until they show something in AA, Galvis and Hernandez are making the team, I’d slot them in behind Pettibone. Otherwise, I think it’s a really solid list.

  2. why do I get the distinct feeling this is going to be long year at major & minor league levels.

  3. I agree on the major league level but we may be jumping the gun on the minors. There are several players who I’m intrigued by in the lower minors . Even in the upper half aside from Franco and Biddle there’s guys like Dugan, Altherr and maybe Joseph if he can stay healthy. Those guys could help us as early as late this year or next year. I admit the starting pitching is a little thin and major injuries to some good prospects like Quinn, Watson, Knapp and Morgan suck, though. We just gotta hope a player or 2 breaks out like a Franco did last year.

  4. BA out with their list of top 50 players 25 and under, selected from both majors and minors. None of Phillies make the top 50. They also rank the strength of organizations based on total 25 and under talent in the organization. We rank 25th as an organization. Franco and Biddle listed as our best.

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