Extended Spring Training Schedule

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The extended spring was released today. I have posted it here for you:
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Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has previously appeared on Phuture Phillies and The Good Phight. You can read his work at Phillies Minor Thoughts

11 thoughts on “Extended Spring Training Schedule

  1. thanks for the schedule. do you think players get tired of seeing the same guys all the time for 2 months. jeez only 4 teams!

    1. My last report was on the 22nd.
      23rd – Camp Day, no games
      24th – Yankees cancelled, intrasquad games played at 10:00AM
      25th – Rain
      26th – Camp Day, intrasquad games in the PM (I attended the Phillies/Tigers game)
      27th – vs. Pirates (I attended the Phillies/Blue Jays game)
      28th – vs. Blue Jays moved up to 10:00AM
      29th – Camp Day, intrasquad games, weather permitting (I think it was rained out)
      Rain disrupted a lot of the past week. Games were moved up on short notice to try to beat the weather. With the players reporting to their teams, I probably won’t have anything to report until next week.

    1. I watched Hamels throw from the back of the left field bleacher area at Bright House during the Anthem and start of the Blue Jays game on Thursday. Word is that he is going to throw every 5 days like he would in the starting rotation. That would be Tuesday. For what it’s worth, and from over a hundred yards away, Hamels looked good. Two infield singles, and I think only one other ball left the infield. (However, it would have been against the Group 3 Pirates, the equivalent of the Clearwater A+ team.)

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