Threshers Recap – 7/25/2019

I was a little bothered at the response to the Ochart interview and excerpts I provided yesterday.  I spent a lot of time finding a way to present Mitch Rupert’s tweets in a contiguous fashion.  The comments were puzzling.

Sorry, I read the comments over 12 hours ago, and they still bother me.  It’s 3:00 AM as I type this.  There are hundreds of players’ family members that come here to find out what’s going on.  I’m sure they enjoyed learning about the hitting stuff.

Clearwater (17-20, 53-50)  beat Charlotte, 5-3.

Colton Eastman pitched seven innings.  He held the powerful Stone Crabs line up to 3 runs on 5 hits and a walk.He struck out four.. All three runs he allowed came on 2 long balls in the third and fourth innings.  He threw just 84 pitches in those three innings (53 strikes, 64%).  His fastball was 88-91 mph.

Oscar Marcelino did his best to thwart the Threshers’ come back, walking the bases loaded in the eighth.  He threw 2 wild pitches and benefited from a base running error by wunderkind Wander Franco.  Tyler Carr relieved to strike out the final out of the eighth.  He pitched perfect in the ninth, recording two more strike outs.

The Threshers opened the scoring in the first inning on Nick Maton’s RBI double.  They came from behind with 4 runs in the seventh on Matt Kroon’s RBI single, a force out, and Nick Matera’s 2-run double.

There were a lot of scouts, local media (other than me), and even ESPN on hand.  Top prospect Wander Franco led off for Charlotte.  Easman got him on two easy ground balls his first two at bats, one grounded softly into a shift to SS Nick Maton and the other on a soft come backer to the mound.  He singled on a fly ball to center in the sixth and advanced to second on a HBP.  He was walked by Marcelino in the eighth and moved to second on a wild pitch.  But, he was retired on a fielder’s choice by third baseman Madison Stokes (unassisted) with no trailing runner on first base.

Lehigh Valley (49-52)  beat Toledo, 5-4 in a ten inning walk off.

Damon Jones made his third start with the MLB ball.  His line reads like he’s still trying to adjust to it.  Four runs in 3.2 innings on 4 hits and 4 walks with 3 strike outs.  He threw 40 strikes in 75 pitches (53.3%).  The bull pen rallied to shutout the Mud Hens on 4 hits over the next 6.1 innings, walking just one and striking out four.  Tyler Gilbert allowed 3 hits in two innings.  Austin Davis pitched 1.1 no-hit innings.  JD Hammer allowed a hit in one inning.  Edgar Garcia allowed a walk in one inning.

And, Connor Brogdon picked up his first AAA win with a perfect inning.  An inning in which the OT runner was placed on second base to start the inning.  He also struck out a batter to end the inning.  He needed just 9 pitches and threw 6 strikes.

The IronPigs overcame a 4-run deficit.  They scored a run in the fifth inning on Phil Gosselin’s RBI single.  They scored again on Shane Robinson’s sac fly in the sixth.  They tied the game with 2 runs in the ninth on Ali Castillo’s bases-loaded, two-out, 2-run single.  They walked off in the tenth on Matt McBride’s RBI single.

Reading (22-13, 61-42)  lost to New Hampshire, 9-1.

Gustavo Armas got clobbered.  He gave up 8 runs in three innings on 8 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out three.  Garrett Cleavinger lasted 2.1 innings.  He gave up a run on 2 hits and 4 walks.  He struck out five.  Jeff Singer allowed 2 hits in 1.2 innings, but allowed one of three inherited runners to score.  Luke Leftwich pitched a perfect, one-strike out inning in his first action after coming off the IL.

The Phils scored one run on Josh Stephen’s solo HR (7) in the ninth inning.  He went 2-4 with a walk.  The team had 8 its but went 1-13 with RISP.

Lakewood (12-20, 41-61)  lost to Charleston, 4-3.

Victor Santos pitched five innings.  He gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and a walk.  He struck out two.  Francisco Morales pitched three innings.  He gave up 2 runs on 2 bhits and 3 walks.  He struck out three.  Omar Maldonado pitched a one-hit, scoreless inning.

The BlueClaws scored 2 runs in the third inning on Jonathan Guzman’s RBI triple and Luis Garcia’s sac fly.  They scored again in the eighth on a ground out.  They managed just 3 hits.

Williamsport (12-27)  beat Auburn, 6-2.

Leonel Aponte pitched four shutout innings.  He gave up 2 hits, walked none, and struck out two.  Tyler Burch pitched three innings.  He gave up 2 runs on 3 hits, walked none, and struck out two.  Alejandro Made pitched two, shutout innings.  He gave up a hit and a walk as he picked up his 2nd save.

The Cutters scored a run in the first inning on Logan O’Hoppe’s solo HR (5).  They scored twice in the third on Bryson Stott’s RBI double and O’Hoppe’s sac fly.  They added 3 insurance runs in the eighth on RBI singles by Juan Aparicio and O’Hoppe and Hunter Hearn’s RBI double.

GCL Phillies East (12-9)  postponed, rescheduled for August 2nd.

GCL Phillies West (15-7) postponed, rescheduled for August 2nd.

DSL Phillies Red (29-12)  beat the Nationals, 11-3.

DSL Phillies White (27-19)  lost to the Cubs2, 6-5 and dropped a game out of first place.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of July 25th … there are 398 players in the org

Today’s Transactions (newest transactions in bold text)
7/25/19 – Kyle Dohy assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
7/25/19 – Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
7/25/19 – RHP Luke Leftwich assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/24/19 – Phillies activated SS Sean Rodriguez from the 10-day IL
7/24/19 – Phillies placed 2B Brad Miller on the 10-day IL, right hip flexor strain
7/24/19 – Clearwater sent OF Ben Aklinski on a rehab assignment to GCL West
7/24/19 – Lehigh Valley placed Logan Morrison on the 7-day IL
7/23/19 – Reading placed RHP Tyler Viza on the 7-day IL
7/22/19 – Lehigh Valley sent RHP Luke Leftwich on a rehab assignment to GCL East
7/22/19 – RHP Connor Seabold assigned to Reading from Clearwater
7/22/19 – RHP Colton Eastman assigned to Clearwater from Reading
7/22/19 – Reading placed RHP Luis Carrasco on the 7-day IL
7/22/19 – RHP James McArthur assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
7/22/19 – RHP Dylan Castaneda assigned to GCL West
7/22/19 – LHP Cam Beauchamp assigned to GCL East
7/22/19 – Kyle Dohy assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/22/19 – Austin Davis activated by Lehigh Valley
7/21/19 – Phillies designated RHP Fernando Salas for assignment
7/21/19 – Phillies signed free agent LHP Drew Smyly
7/20/19 – Victor Santos assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
7/20/19 – Phillies transferred Seranthony Dominguez from the 10- to the 60-day IL, UCL
7/20/19 – Phillies optioned RHP JD Hammer to Lehigh Valley
7/20/19 – Minnesota traded RHP Mike Morin to Phillies for cash
7/20/19 – RHP Omar Maldonado assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport

75 thoughts on “Threshers Recap – 7/25/2019

  1. I’m not sure whether I should apologize for my brief sarcasm yesterday in reaction to the Ochart piece or explain my take on the prevailing philosophy of the organization.

    I don’t dislike Gabe Kapler. I think he’s trying. The Phillies seem to have put in place a paradigm for developing players that’s been difficult for many of us to assess, other than to read and hear the lingo and spin of the leading voices while the results so far leave much to the imagination. From the big league club down through each level, we expect to see both progress for some players, regression by others, and a static line from the rest. From where I sit, it’s hard to see the progress with a few exceptions. And other than one top pitching prospect who’s been injured much of the season until his promotion today, not a single player is dominating his current level.

    Jim, I understand your feelings since your close to what’s happening with the intel in Clearwater. You know people while most of us shout out from the distance. My comment was based on my perception of the incongruity between what’s [not] happening in game action and what’s being spoken by those in charge.

    In any case, I do apologize for my sarcasm. Keep up the good work. Let’s go Phillies!

  2. Good grief with your self-righteous, self-important rant. You do this blog for the families of the players? I thought it was for Phillies fans. The families of the players are not Phillies fans. They are families of the players. If one of the players gets traded the families are no longer Phillies fans. Meanwhile, the real Phillies fans, the one’s that were born into being Phillies fans, will remain so.

    You are a classic example of forgetting who your customers/audience are. That audience is not families of the players. You seem more concerned with getting “inside info” than serving your readers/audience.

    1. Jim is the soup nazi of sports blogs. He must be worshiped or he’s taking his ball home.

      1. Thank you for teaching my son music in third grade. He always spoke highly of you as a lad.

    2. I would like to remind everyone that Jim does not make money with this, there is no customer. The commenters don’t have any right to a comment section, nor the site. I can tell you from running this site that those that comment make a minuscule percentage of the readership, just count up the unique names that appear, it isn’t that many. However, every single comment can appear in a piece and it sets the tone and welcomingness of the site.

      I can’t speak to who Jim sees his audience as, but it always for me was anyone who wanted to read about the Phillies minor leagues and not those that have this as personal chat board.

    3. Jeez. The person that does all the work supplying information that you probably wouldn’t get anywhere else makes a comment and you jump all over him. Maybe you should chill out a little and get over yourself.

    4. Since its inception this blog has been the most consistently good thing about the Phillies organization (it’s not officially affiliated, but you know what I mean). YOU are a classic example of trying to bite the hand that feeds you, that feeds all of us unparalleled coverage of players we rarely, if ever, get to see play. ESPECIALLY because Jim and his predecessors never received compensation for their work, you and everyone else complaining should be grateful this site has lasted as long as it has.

    5. Talk about a self-righteous, self-important rant.

      What a strange sense of entitlement from someone who contributes nothing to the content, pays nothing for the information, and is not required to read anything that might offend.

      This blog has no customers and the audience is whoever chooses to read. Jim has no obligation to cater to the “Phillies fans” you’ve determined should be served. If you are unhappy with the content or his comments, oh well…

    6. NL – this is not a subscription site nor is there any advertising. The audience is whomever the site producers care to direct their content toward.

      I enjoy Jim’s observations and hope he continues.

    7. NL.. and you are the epitome of a bad Phillies fan. Quick on the trigger and self-righteous in your own right. Most Philly fans are good but guys like you are in the bad category. Maybe you were drunk when you wrote that but you need to check yourself. Jim works his ass off and for you to come across and say something like that is way off base. How about you try doing it for a week and see how much work this is. Keep it up Jim don’t let one bad apple discourage you. You have every right to voice your opinion just like everyone else does on here. Especially you, if it wasn’t for you none of this would be. THANK YOU

    8. NL, you certainly don’t speak for me and I see you as the off-the-mark self-righteous one. Jim didn’t suppress commentary and he didn’t come close to saying the blog is written primarily for the families of players. He reminded the readership of the range and diversity of the audience, which a successful blogger needs to know and which readers might lose track of to their peril.

    9. NL (or whatever moniker you are hiding behind today). I hate you break it to you but a blog can be done for anyone Jim wants. As for getting “inside info” that actually does serve his readers and one of the highlights of why I come to this site. You can find box scores multiple places but it rare to find insight like Jim provides.

      Well Jim I think the takeaway here is not let some of the comments like yesterdays bother you since they are clearly just from someone trying to Troll the boards and the aren’t worth a second thought.

      1. I figured my comments would stir these reactions. I don’t care. I will speak my mind and not be part of a group think collective circle jerk as long as I am allowed to speak my mind.

        1. It’s funny that you hide behind the “I WILL SPEAK MY MIND” crap while your original comment is taking someone to task for speaking their mind. What a hypocrite.

        2. NL – no one will miss you especially if you are going to make highly offensive comments.

  3. I thought the Orchart interview was interesting but I did t give it too much thought because what are you supposed to say when no one is hitting at Lakewood. Trust me, they’d all be happier if Garcia was improving his average but they can’t dump on the kid in public.
    Howard tonight in Reading? All eyes will be on him. Bohm is in a slump and us probably tired. Let’s see how he fights they it.
    It’s disappointing to see Damon Jones struggle so bad at LHV. I think there were hopes for a quick call up but forget that. However I do think Gilbert is getting close to a call up. He’s not on the 40 but they’ll work that out. He could swap places with Irvin.
    Eastman looks like another 4A guy. However I would like to see Maton go up to Reading. He’s had a nice year and I’d like to see what he has up there. After the deadline next year, they’ll reassess.

    1. I love music but not music teachers. Please block Stassi’s ASAP. Thanks Jim for all you do!!!

  4. Watch out, NL! Jim will take his ball and go home. All worship Jim.

    1. I enjoy Jim’s commentary and think he does a great job. Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us…

    1. You can say that again…he is smokin’.
      Last 76 PAs slashing .303/.333/.682…with 5 HRs, 6 doubles and 2 triples..for an ISO of .379…only blemishes are the 28% K rate and 6% BB rate

  5. Logan Ohoppe and Stott stay hot…

    Lets see how Bohm and Jones handle these mini cold streaks.

  6. I like Jim’s comments, it’s his work he is allowed to manifest his grievances.

    I love this blog.

  7. Hey guys, The first thing I read in the morning is this site. I learn a lot from all of you, even those I don’t agree with. I still miss LarryM. We have to try to not take it personally, especially if something bothers Jim. The work he does deserves an occasional rant, if he so chooses, and none of your negative comments towards him were blocked. I am grateful he provides us with this site, and I am simply asking that we appreciate that.

  8. Spencer Howard is officially listed as the starter in the game notes for Reading’s game tonight in New Hampshire. The roster move isn’t official yet, that I’ve seen. Lehigh Valley doesn’t have a starter for Saturday, so we’ll see if anything interesting happens there. Reading has a doubleheader tomorrow.

  9. Okay, so Jim is a little sensitive about how people react to certain things he writes – big deal freaking deal. Nothing he said was offensive, he was just annoyed and puzzled by some of the things that were written and he said so. What’s so wrong about that?

    Also, this isn’t a paid gig for Jim. He spends a ton of time going to games, compiling daily reports, and keeping up on a ton of stuff, including draft picks and the like. HE DOES THIS FOR FREE WITH HIS OTHERWISE VALUABLE TIME and it’s a huge service to those who read the blog every day! So give me a break and leave him alone.

  10. Moving along . . . Williamsport seems to be a hot bed of hitting talent this year. Stott, O’Hoppe and Rojas are very encouraging. I would love for us to finally have a hot shot phenom – a guy who rushes through the minors at ages 19 and 20. Maybe Rojas is that guy – who knows? In any event, I’m keeping really close tabs on him.

      1. Yes, going into the draft he is more known for defense that his hitting tool. good balance, strong arm, good read and play calling. To many, his hitting success last year is a big surprise and there are still some who questions his hit tool. But the power behind the bat is the one that starting to get recognition.

        I love that kid when the Phillies drafted him.

    1. Like to see them force feed Logan O’Hoppe.
      Lakewood next month…..LKW to start 2020, then CLW next May/June 2020 in his age20 season…..come hell or high water.
      A 23d round pick’s likelihood of ever reaching the majors is obviously a very low percent, so lay it out on the table for him, and challenge him and see if he is up for it.
      From all reports i have read, he is a mature person beyond his years.
      At least if he struggles in CLW at 20…he is at the Complex with instructors/coaches and can stay there thru the FIL,

      1. Why don’t we just let his performance dictate his promotions rather than planning where he’ll be by the end of next year? Who knows how well he will do at every level? That said, he’s looking like a good and potentially excellent prospect.

      2. @romus – you know that I’m a O’Hoppe guy so I will be happy to share your enthusiasm. I agree with Catch that performance will dictate the phasing and the Phillies need to move one of (or both) Gutierrez/Marchan up to CLW to give O’Hoppe the ample opportunity to develop in LWD.

        But O’Hoppe is almost a lock to start in LWD next year and with Ben Brown coming back, that’s a battery that I will be watching more often.

        1. KuKo…..IMO, a philosophical change should be made for those HS lower round drafted position players (not pitchers).
          Empower them to a challenge, especially if they have the make-up a\nd maturity like an O’Hoppe.
          I am positive they will want the challenge.
          The odds are already against them …what percent , non-pitchers, drafted after the 10th round go on to a major league career?

          1. @romus – I’m actually OK with that approach. I’m more on evaluating the actual skill set rather than scouting the stat line so negative numbers means nothing to me. I love the kids to be in the situation to challenge themselves and to push harder than ever, But at the same time, I also appreciate the beauty of natural progress — it’s basically like rhythm and having a momentum.

            1. There is that high probability the prospect will eventually reach that point where it will not be working for them.
              And it will be up to them to push thru or decide that is it and move on to another career opportunity.
              But I like giving them that chance to succeed , or if it may, plateau, at a faster pace..

    2. Catch22 – I agree, it’s troubling to see other teams with 20 year olds who zoomed through the minors and now playing well in the majors. Hopefully the Phillies have a couple of those young players ready to do the same. Go Phillies!!

  11. We always seem to have our negativity directed somewhere, and it’s not fair. Moniak the last two years, and now it’s Luis Garcia. We’ve seen moniak pull through, so a thinking person should realize that we can’t wrote off Garcia no matter what his #s look like.

    And I always appreciate Jims contributions, and for single handedly keeping this blog going for so long now.

    1. The negativity in Garcia’s case isn’t about Garcia himself but the collective concern with the organization’s development department. And I don’t think most people come down hard on particular players. The argument is usually over how a prospect is projected or where he is assigned and whether it’s appropriate. Garcia had been so highly touted (I bought in) and now the numbers aren’t there. Hopefully he grows into his level and begins to develop as has been expected.

      And for the record, whether I agree with Jim or not or he agrees with me, I appreciate the trouble he goes to. He also balances the responsibility between keeping us informed and maintaining confidence with those organization contacts who trust him. There’s a lot of snarkiness to go around here and he’s human like the rest of us.

  12. I’m an infrequent poster and a loyal reader of this blog. Jim certainly has earned the right to blow off a little steam if he wants. Big deal. I wanna know what’s going on in the Phillies organization’s teams and youngsters. I hope some of these kids start blossoming into productive Major Leaguers.

  13. Hi- I’m a parent of a minor league player and every morning I log onto this site. I feel it’s the most informative site out there with what’s really goin on in the phillies minor system. My son is not talked about a whole lot on this site which is fine (non drafted free agent in his 4th year) but the info I get on here is excellent. I know who to listen to and who not to. As far as critic I am all for it as long as it’s done in good taste. We have to remember these are kids-17up to 25,26 year olds. They don’t read this but the families do. My son doesn’t care what’s on here nor should he, He is worried about his next outing and trying his best to move up the ladder. This site is for people who love the phillies. If my son gets traded I will look for site where he is but I feel it won’t be as good as this one. So people-enjoy what you have here because it is informative and a little controversial but people need to be thick skinned. Baseball is an extremely hard sport. Only sport you can fail 7 out of 10 times and be in the Hall of Fame. Sorry for rambling

    1. Good luck to your son. Just so you know, the folks here are genuinely rooting for all of our prospects. But it’s always good to be reminded of the human faces behind the discussions. These are just young men doing their best, in good faith, to succeed in an incredibly competitive and difficult career. We have to always remember this, so thank you.

  14. Some good feedback on O’Hoppe in today’s Fangraphs chat:

    12:23 Is Logan O’Hoppe a real prospect?
    Eric A Longenhagen
    12:23 Sure, athletic, well-made catcher from cold weather area. The type to stay on, the type that blossoms late.

  15. Jim … Appreciate your dedication to this site, all your hard work.


    For those of you who have been crying over Luis Garcia’s on field results this season, you might want to check out this story from Matt Gelb on what’s going on at Lakewood (and throughout the Phillies farm system).

    In a nutshell:
    * The Phillies have a adopted an ultra aggressive player development strategy.
    * Lakewood is the second-youngest full-season affiliate in all of minor-league baseball.
    * Garcia has faced zero pitchers younger than him this season. Mickey Moniak has faced two pitchers younger than him. Jhailyn Ortiz, Simon Muzziotti, and Arquimedes Gamboa have all faced five pitchers younger than them.
    * Scouts are showing greater interest in seeing the younger levels of the Phillies system in person because the underlying numbers and advanced metrics cannot paint as complete of a picture.

    1. Hinkie…thanks for that.
      That is what I am talking about in an aggressive philosophical approach.
      Josh Bonifay appears to be on board with that…challenge the kids.
      They want it and work harder to progress to their ultimate goal

      1. Yeah. That’s a good philosophy … and a good piece by Matt Gelb.

        … and … here you go Mr H !!! Who knows … we could be seeing you at CBP watching your son make his MLB debut in the not too distant future !!!

        1. As most of us believe, Howard will be in REA sooner than later!!! I think it is known in the whole MLB that Howard is “untoucheable” in a trade scenarios unless they are talking about the Milville dude or any player close to that level.

          1. KuKo…and now that Darick Hall is 24 years old and too old for Double A…..time for him to get in his auto and drive on over to Lehigh Valley and become a Bacon.

            1. I think Hall gets traded this week. He’s blocked by Hoskins and is already 24. Looks like type of prospect they’re going to movr

            2. Sr….Unfortunately not much demand for a first base only guy these days.Most teams have players like him in their system already, even though his power metrics at the Double A compares favorably with the other 200 or so 2A guys in baseball.

            3. @romus – Hall will be exposed to Rule 5 this year. He’s only 24 yo and getting close to the majors so the Phillies will prefer to keep unless they believe that Hall will have takers in the Rule 5. Hall can be traded for PTBNL or Cash or J2 IFA $$.

        2. Kinda makes me think of watching the Reading Phils rather than the Philadelphia Phils tonight, though I’ll probably have one on my laptop and the other on my I-pad.

          As for Damon Jones, he has great stuff. I’m confident he will adjust.

  16. Not sure if this posted, apologies if so:

    Jim, I’d suggest taking a week off. Relax and enjoy yourself. From what I gather, you are retired, so I hope you enjoy doing your work on this blog, for yourself vs the parents or “

    I’m sure certain types of comments get under the skin, I can see why that would be.

    I’d also suggest, giving some thought into monetizing this site. I know it’s free now, and how’d you like it, but consider making it a $10 annual fee. Not for you to get rich, but to make running the site easier. Invest into a faster internet connection, computer, equipment, something that makes the job take less time. Voice to text recorder as your watching the games. Maybe you already have these, but you could potential hire someone to do part of the update work. You get the idea, something to think about, I’m sure many would understand and “support” the site. Harder to block
    People but … probably a fair trade off for the sleep. Also, just spitballing for you, maybe you can be a day or two behind the game results so you’re not up so late, or have a mid day release. I don’t think you’d lose much understanding from those who visit this site. If it gives you a better schedule, I’m sure we can wait a bit.

  17. Jim, Hope it’s not too late to chime in a note of support.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I was a career newspaper guy who now has his own e-publishing company. I know how much work this takes and what a great job you do. And that you do it free is beyond all expectation.

    You also have worked yourself into the position of being important in the lives of others, such as the families of the young players who are pursuing their dream. Understandable that you will react sometimes to a post that is insensitive. I can only imagine that the satisfaction you feel for this great achievement called PhuturePhillies makes it all worth it.

    Keep up the work we all so much appreciate. I also think you should consider some effort to at least offset some of your expenses. I’d be glad to pay to subscribe or to respond to a fund-raising appeal.

  18. Mr Howard, best of luck tonight, exciting to see your son move up and hopefully his success will continue with a trip to the big leagues in the not too distant future. With the state of the pitching staff at that level, your son very well may be the single most important prospect in the entire system. No pressure 🙂

  19. Hell of a AA debut for Spencer Howard! Strikes out the side in the first and finishes with 10 Ks in 4-plus innings!

    1. Howard turns 23 on Sunday. Should he continue to progress as he has, he should get an invite to spring training….and an opportunity to win a spot in the starting rotation. The dreak that we’ve had to endure at the big league level shouldn’t have to continue into 2020.

    2. And it would have been shut-out innings if the left fielder hadn’t misjudged a fly ball.

  20. Stott’s glove plays up but his bat right now says he should get used to Low-A

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