Threshers Recap – 7/22/2019

Clearwater (15-18, 51-48)  lost to Bradenton, 7-3 in six innings. They second game was postponed.  

The Threshers jumped out to a quick lead in the first inning on Daniel Brito’s first-pitch, lead off home run (4) and Rodolfo Duran’s 2-run blast (5).  Both were hit hard, Brito’s deep to right field and Duran’s into the Threshers’ bull pen.

James McArthur was the recipient of the early run support, but was unable to hold the lead.  He lasted 2.2 innings giving up 3 runs on 2 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out four.  Kyle Arjona gave up 4 runs in 2.1 innings on 4 hits and a walk.  Austin Ross pitched 1.2 scoreless innings before the game was halted.

The Threshers managed just 5 hits, only 2 after the first inning.  After the Marauders fought back to tie the game in the third inning, the Threshers loaded the bases with nobody out, but were unable to score.  They got one hit after that.

Conversely, McArthur and Arjona walked 4 batters and all 4 scored.  After being gifted a 3-0 lead, McArthur walked the lead off batter in the second inning.  He scored after a wild pitch and a one-out single.  He walked the first two batters in the third inning and both scored on a two out, two-run single that tied the game.  Arjona waited until the second batter in the fifth before issuing a free pass.  He scored on a two out, two-run single that gave Bradenton the lead.  He crushed all hope of winning with a 2-run HR two pitches later.

Lehigh Valley (47-51)  no game scheduled.

Reading (20-11, 59-40)  lost to Binghamton, 3-2.

JoJo Romero pitched six innings and gave up 2 runs (only one ER) on 4 hits and 2 walks.  He struck out seven.  Jake Hernandez pitched a scoreless inning striking out two.  Jonathan Hennigan gave up an unearned run in two innings on a hit and 3 walks.

The Phils scored 2 runs in the eighth inning on Mickey Moniak’s RBI single and Alec Bohm’s sac fly.

Raul Rivas had 2 hits.  Moniak went 1-4.  Bohm went 0-3.  Josh Stephen stroked a 2-out, pinch hit double in the ninth.

Lakewood (10-19, 39-60)  no game scheduled.

Williamsport (10-26) lost to State College, 9-3.

Carlos Francisco gave up 6 runs in two innings on 5 hits and 3 walks.  Tom Sutera pitched four shutout innings allowing one hit and striking out three.  Jake Kinney gave up 3 runs in 1.1 innings.  Anton Kuznetsov mopped up and stranded 2 inherited runners in 0.2 innings.

The Crosscuters scored one run in the first inning on Kendall Simmons RBI single.  They scored 2 runs in the seventh on Johan Rojas 2-run HR (1).

The Cutters had 10 hits, but went 1-10 with RISP.  Johan Rojas went 3-4 with a triple.  Logan O’Hoppe went 2-4 with a double.  Juan Aparicio went 2-4.  Corbin Williams went 2-3 and stole his 20th base.  Bryson Stott went 0-4.

GCL Phillies East (12-9)  beat the Tigers West, 5-2.

Luke Leftwich was the opener and dispatched the Tigers on 12 pitches recording 2 strike outs and a ground out.  Victor Vargas followed with four, one-run innings.  He allowed 5 hits and a walk while striking out two.  His FB was 89-90.  Waylon Richardson pitched his third rehab inning.  He needed just 8 pitches to retire three Tigers’ batters.

Andy Reyes received a quick hook after retiring one of three batters.  He gave up a ru on a walk, wild pitch, and base hit.  Carlos Francisco relieved and started off with a walk.  A force out put runners on the corners, and a botched double steal ended the inning.  Brenden Kudlinski earned his first save with a perfect ninth.

The Phillies built an early 4-0 lead with 2 runs in the first inning on RBI doubles by Vito Friscis and Curtis Mead; a run in the second on a wild pitch; and a run in the third on Cesar Rodriguez’ sac fly.  They added an insurance run in the seventh on another wild pitch.

Jose Mercado, Vito Friscia, and Luis Matos had 2 hits each.

GCL Phillies West (15-6)  lost to the Blue Jays, 7-0.

Brandon Ramey (1.62) pitched four innings and gave up one run on three hits.  He walked none and struck out five.  The first inning run scored on a double play ball.  Ramey hit the lead off batter and he moved to third on a single.  Ramey held the Jays to two hits over the next three innings, retiring them in order twice.

Jaylen Smith (2.84) followed with a one-walk inning, striking out two.  Aiden Anderson (6.48) took the mound in the sixth and got clobbered.  He retired just one batter, gave up 3 runs,  and left with the bases loaded after a 4-pitch walk.  His line was further bloated to 0.1 IP, 3 H, 6 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 1 HBP, 1 K when Connor Hinchliffe (1.54) allowed all 3 inherited runners to score.  Hinchliffe went on to pitch a scoreless inning.

Recently signed international free agent RHP Josh Gessner pitched one inning.  He allowed a hit, a walk, and struck out a batter.  This was a road game, so I have nothing more.  Hopefully, he pitches at the Complex next time.

The Phillies managed just 5 singles.  Twelfth rounder, Jadiel Sanchez went 1-4 from the lead off position.  Keaton Greenwalt went 1-4.  Mitchell Edwards went 1-3.  Recently reassigned Tucker Maxwell went 0-4 with 3 K.

DSL Phillies Red (26-12)  no game scheduled.

DSL Phillies White (25-18)  lost to the Rangers2, 6-1.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of July 22nd … there are 398 players in the org

Today’s Transactions (newest transactions in bold text)
7/22/19 – Lehigh Valley sent RHP Luke Leftwich on a rehab assignment to GCL East
7/22/19 – RHP Connor Seabold assigned to Reading from Clearwater
7/22/19 – RHP Colton Eastman assigned to Clearwater from Reading
7/22/19 – Reading placed RHP Luis Carrasco on the 7-day IL
7/22/19 – RHP James McArthur assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
7/22/19 – RHP Dylan Castaneda assigned to GCL West
7/22/19 – LHP Cam Beauchamp assigned to GCL East
7/22/19 – Kyle Dohy assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/22/19 – Austin Davis activated by Lehigh Valley
7/21/19 – Phillies designated RHP Fernando Salas for assignment
7/21/19 – Phillies signed free agent LHP Drew Smyly
7/20/19 – Victor Santos assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
7/20/19 – Phillies transferred Seranthony Dominguez from the 10- to the 60-day IL, UCL
7/20/19 – Phillies optioned RHP JD Hammer to Lehigh Valley
7/20/19 – Minnesota traded RHP Mike Morin to Phillies for cash
7/20/19 – RHP Omar Maldonado assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport

29 thoughts on “Threshers Recap – 7/22/2019

  1. Aparicio is 4th in the NY Penn in BA and third in OBP and Slg%. He’s also 2nd in OPS. I don’t think he has anything more to learn in A-. With Marston and Gutierrez anchoring a solid catching core in LKW, where should he go? It’s time to test Marston or Gutierrez in CLW and let’s see what Aparicio can do in LKW.

    O’Hoppe is getting hot in Wmsprt. After a woeful June, he’s hitting .314/.364/.754 in July.
    He’s hitting .395 in his last 10 games with 3 HRs and 9 RBIs. He’s hit in 9 of those 10 with 5 multi-hit games over the stretch. He does K a lot and doesn’t collect many BBs but if he gets the bat on the ball, he’s something special.

    I am afraid if Wmsprt moved their catchers along, there would not be a single thing to watch at a game. About 15 games ago, I was going to start a poll to predict when they would win their 10th game. My first thought was 2020 but they’ve gotten to 10. 20 wins might be off the table this year. 15 is a 50/50 proposition.

    1. Johan Rojas looks pretty good. 390 career PAs under his belt and slashing .319/.379/.457 over that time. He is still 18, turning 19 in about three weeks. He might be worth watching.

    2. I’d take Muzziotti over Ortiz. Ortiz has the HR power but very little in the contact skills department. Muzziotti is a “let’s get it started in here” guy. For backup catcher, I think Marchan over Gutierrez but I could make a case for either.

      I’m assuming “All Star Team” means this year so far only and not potential or prior year performance?

      1. This should have gone under Romus’ post below. Got some weird things happening this morning such as typing Marston when I meant Marchan. Ddn’t we have a Marston a bunch of years back?

      2. Muzziotti is a good choice…though he is strictly a CFer and I think Moniak will also be CF only player. So I decided on Moniak.
        Neither have that big power bat now….but Muzziotti has even less power than Moniak at this point…ISO of .075 vs Moniak’s ISO of .127

  2. If we had an all star team consisting of all our minor leagues, what would the team look like?

    1. Denny….if it were based on ceiling and projection…for me it would be:

      OF…left to right…Listi-Moniak-Ortiz…. (Haseley exempt now)
      Catcher….Grullon…back-up Gutierrez
      Inf….3rd to first….Bohm-Stott-Guzman…and who else Darick Hall
      Starters…Howard, Medina, JoJo, Morales and EDLS

  3. Dohy back to Reading, he was totally awful in LHV. Let’s see if he can regroup. Also Eastman and Seabold swapping spots which makes sense. I’m still assuming Howard will go up soon.

    1. With each start in Clearwater, my theory about temporarily suppressing Spencer Howard for trade purposes (you can debate whether that’s a silly thing for them to do, but I believe it is their motivation or part of their motivation), gains ground. Objectively, there is no reason I can see that he should still be in Clearwater, so there has to be another reason he is still there. And, Mr. Howard, if you’re reading this, I suspect this is a very, very temporary thing and, while frustrating, truly not a big deal in the scheme of his baseball career. In short order, Spencer will be exactly where he belongs, which is AA or AAA.

      1. Spencer Howard began his rehab at Clearwater less than 1 month ago. I’m sure the Phillies are being cautious and do not want to rush him. So while your theory cannot be disproven, I don’t necessarily think it is gaining credence, either.

        Could Howard be traded in the next week or so? Sure, anyone could, except maybe Bohm and Stott. But the Phillies have indicated (rightly IMO) that the big team simply isn’t good enough such that plundering the farm makes sense at this time. So I doubt that the Phillies will part with someone like Howard. If they do, it better be for a quality and control-able starting pitcher that can help the big club through 2021.

      2. I think they’ll move him just before his next start. I think it could be Thursday or Friday?

    2. June 3 to July 15 Dohy had no outings over 1 ER. Had two awful outings since. Don’t know what’s up. They had been starting to trust him with some more high-leverage situations too.

      1. I’m one of Dohy’s biggest fans but he has some weird peripherals. Not only are his BB/9 high 8.8 but so are his hits/9 at 9.1.

        But again he’s just 22 so no big deal to down a wrung on the ladder at fix the things that are broke.

        1. Vineland’s Zach Warren’s was my guy, and lately he has started throwing strikes…or maybe getting the calls….but that one stretch from mid-April to mid-May or so, he was walking the majority of all the batters he faced. Maybe it was the umpiring! 🙂

          1. I suspect he had to make adjustments, and started throwing his splitter/slider (not sure which, but it was nasty) less. When i saw him last year, he was unhittable at LKW but guys were flailing at pitches that were bouncing before the plate. More advanced hitters will lay off that.

  4. Jinx but no jinx! I’m glad about the turn around made by JoJo Romero and Logan O’Hoppe. Both prospects have the tools and upside to become a legit Top 100 prospects.

    1. JoJo, if anything, is increasing his trade chip value.
      I remember a guy 10 years ago or so who struggled at Reading…Gio Gonzlaez….and then one year later the White Sox wanted him back….and Pat Gillick and the Phillies actually sold low on him

      1. There were serious queston marks about Gio being able to remain as a starter with 2 pitches. But to his credit, he did.

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