2019 Post Draft Discussion; July 1st

The 2019 Draft Tracker is up to date.  All signings and bonuses that have been reported have been recorded.

The Phillies have signed 34 of their 39 draft picks.  With this week’s signing of #1 Bryson Stott, they have signed all nine of their picks in the first ten rounds.  They forfeited their #2 pick when they signed Bryce Harper (who had declined his former team’s qualifying offer).

I have confirmed bonuses for all but #11 Marcus Lee Sang, #33 Thomas Little, and #36 Cam Beauchamp.

By my calculations, the Phillies have $322,290 over the $125,000 slot bonus to spend on the remaining unsigned picks, less any dollars over $125,000 spent on the three whose bonuses I haven’t confirmed.

The remaining unsigned picks are –

  • #30 Dylan Castaneda, a RHP from a HS in CT
  • #31 Shane Murphy, a LHP from HS in AZ who seems signable per social media
  • #32 Logan Koester, a RHP from HS in NY who is a strong college commit
  • #34 Jalen Battles, a SS from JUCO in TX who is thought to be signable
  • #35 Michael Prosecky, a LHP from HS in IL who has declined to attend college

In addition to the new draft picks, the Phillies have signed over a dozen young free agents.

  1. NDFA – Connor Hinchliffe, RHP, LaSalle
  2. NDFA – Tyler Burch, RHP Lewis-Clark State College (Connor Brogdon’s school)
  3. NDFA – Albertus Barber, RHP, Oklahoma Baptist (2018)
  4. NDFA – Brian Marconi, LHP, George Mason
  5. NDFA – Sal Gozzo, SS, Tulane
  6. NDFA – Riley Wilson, LHP, UVA (2018)
  7. NDFA – Brenden Kudlinski, LHP, College of Central Florida
  8. NDFA – Aiden Anderson, RHP, McNeese State
  9. NDFA – Olvis Genao, LHP, New York Nines, (Carlos De La Cruz’ club)
  10. NDFA – Kervin Pichardo, SS, Bronx NY
  11. IFA – Josh Gessner, RHP, British Columbia, Int’l FA (to GCL West)
  12. IFA – Samuel Aldegheri, Int’l FA (to GCL West)
  13. IFA – Jhorjan Guevara, Int’l FA (to DSL Red)
  14. IFA – Uziel Vilora, Int’l FA (to DSL Red)

Some of these guys may have been signed to futures contracts.


30 thoughts on “2019 Post Draft Discussion; July 1st

  1. With $322,290 left, my guess is most/all will go to Marcus Lee Sang and Thomas Little.
    If Jadiel Sanchez (round 12) got 300 thousand, I’m assuming Lee Sang (round 11) got at least the same amount. I’m guessing Little (round 33) may get ~200 thousand.
    Maybe there’s a chance Almaraz can squeeze in Shane Murphy (round 31) or Jalen Battles (round 34) to a slightly over slot deal (maybe 175 thousand dollars), but I’m not banking on it.

    1. I guess this means Thomas Little signed for very “little”. The most they could have given him is $132,290.

    2. I think Jimmy Peyton said his name was Marcus Lee Sang. Who is Marcus “See Lang”

  2. The Tracker is up to date. The Phillies have signed 34 of their 39 picks.

    Bonuses have been reported for all but #33 Thomas Little and #36 Cam Beauchamp.

    Both had to sign near or below the $125,000 slot allotment for picks 11-40 as the Phillies have just $7,920 left of their bonus allotment plus 5% of $6,799,590.

    Including bonus dollars that didn’t count against slot, the Phillies have spent $8,624,800 (plus Little and Beauchamp).

    Beauchamp is at the Complex working out with Coach Burris and the rehab pitchers. Little was at the Complex and returned to high school in Canada, much like Ben Pelletier did in 2015 when he sat out the season on a futures contract,

  3. Jonathan Mayo @JonathanMayo
    One more post-10th rd @MLBDraft pick by @Phillies to report: 30th-rder Dylan Castenada got $130K ($5k counts vs bonus pool). @umichbaseball recruit was two-sport standout for @SarumAthletics. Athletic RHP w/low 90s FB, solid CH.

    1. Draftees left unsigned….given the $ pool left and the upside of these 4 prospects, they might remain unsigned and John A. will get 35 (or 39) prospects he drafted.

      Rd 31 Shane Murphy
      Rd 32 Logan Koester
      Rd 34 Jalen Battles
      Rd 35 Michael Prosecky

      1. Phillies signed their top 30 selections…..not sure how accurate the MLB tracker is these days…but Braves missed on 8 of their top 30, the Mets seven unsigned of their top 30 and Nats four unsigned of their top 30 selections..

    2. The Castaneda signing surprises me. He was committed to Michigan. It’s not only a good school, they were College WS runner-ups. To get him for 130 thousand is a pleasant surprise.

      1. Phillies did alright I would think.
        They have to make sure they have $2M in the treasure chest come March/April or May of next year to sign Garcia.
        They stil can trade to get some money also.

  4. NL East Signings:
    Atlanta Braves: $0 in pool space……Note: The Braves are still serving penalties from recent signing violations, so they can only sign players to deals less than $10,000…Shortstop Wilfran Graciano from DR.

    Miami Marlins: $5,939,800
    Shortstop Jose Salas from Venezuela agrees to deal worth $2.8 million
    Shortstop Junior Sanchez from Dominican Republic agrees to deal worth $1.15 million
    Shotstop Ian Lewis from Bahamas
    Right-handed pitcher Eury Perez from Dominican Republic
    Shortstop Miguel Rodriguez from Dominican Republic
    Right-handed pitcher Jean Perez from Venezuela
    Right-handed pitcher Cristian Millan from Venezuela

    New York Mets: $5,398,300
    Outfielder Alexander Ramirez from Dominican Republic agrees to deal worth $2.05 million
    Outfielder Jostin Almonte from Dominican Republic
    Shortstop Junior Tilien from Dominican Republic
    Right-handed pitcher Jose Dominguez from Dominican Republic

    Philadelphia Phillies: $4,821,400
    Right-handed pitcher Jean Hernandez from Dominican Republic
    Shortstop Randy Vasquez from Dominican Republic
    Catcher Jackie Pertuz from Colombia
    Shortstop Jehisbert Sevilla from Venezuela
    Catcher Jose Colmenares from Venezuela

    Washington Nationals: $4,321,400
    Right-handed pitcher Andry Lara from Venezuela agrees to deal worth $1.25 million
    Outfielder Rosimar Quintana from Venezuela
    Shortstop Dauri Martinez from Dominican Republic
    Shortstop Juan Garcia from Dominican Republic agrees to deal worth $300K
    Right-handed pitcher Pablo Aldonis from Dominican Republic
    Outfielder Eliezer Santana from Dominican Republic

  5. Not sure about other organizations, but I’ve been noticing that the Phillies are loading up on catchers, including the 2 today. Smart since it’s a premium position if you find one or two who can handle the bat. Valuable trade commodities.

  6. Here’s a list of the IFA transactions from J2 –

    Phillies signed IFA Esteban Cabrera, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Jean Cabrera, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Jose Colmenarez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Diego Gonzalez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Enyer Graterol, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Fernando Hernandez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Jean Hernandez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Diego Linares, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Raibiently Mercalina, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Jackie Pertuz, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Jesus Querales, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Ricardo Rosario, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Jehisbert Sevilla, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Brahian Silva, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Santiago Torres, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Randy Vasquez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
    Phillies signed IFA Giussepe Velasquez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)

    1. FUT means they were signed to a future contract, and among other things, won’t be assigned to a team until next season. Each rookie level team can have up to 12 future contracts on its roster. So, obviously, some of the above will have to be assigned to another team.

  7. The Phillies began yesterday with approx $4.8M in their treasure chest.
    The following six will cost them $1.825M

    Jean Hernandez, RHP, DR –…. $300K
    Randy Vasquez, SS, DR – . ……$350K.
    Jehisbert Sevilla, SS/2B, Ven – . $275K.
    Jackie Pertuz, C, Colombia – …. $200K.
    Jose Colmenarez, C, Ven –……..$350K.
    Fernando Hernandez, SS, Ven –.$350K

    And then estimates for Yhoswar Garcia were $2M
    Left them with approx $1M for the remaining 11.

    They may have to trade to get more money if they want to sign more..

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Met’s draft strategy this year. They drafted High School studs in the first 3 rounds and then drafted college seniors in rounds 4-10.
    – 1st round: $470k under slot
    – 2nd round: $780k over slot
    – 3rd round: Matt Allen (rated as the top HS RHP): $1.832 over slot

    Rounds 4-10 spent a total of $62k combined.


    Makes so much sense to go after premium high upside talent and punt on the other picks.

        1. @v1… I think I agree with you. But you are right, as soon as a few clubs follow suit, the strategy will fail. Also, it’s risky because if you don’t sign the early picks, you lose all that comes with the slot. So, you must be certain that the pick will sign or you are screwed. Generally I like the idea and I applaud the Mets (as much as it hurts) on trying a novel approach.

    1. I’m not a fan of a 3 player draft. Need to find a better balance than that. Baseball needs to change the draft to a format where sign ability isn’t the major factor on most decisions.

  9. We did something similar in 2016(Moniak, Gowdy, Stobbe), so far has not worked out well.

  10. Serious kudos to the organization for following this young man. To ‘find’ and secure this kind of talent post draft is mind boggling to me.

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