Clearwater Threshers Recap – 6/12/2018

The Clearwater Threshers (29-34) beat Tampa, 4-3 in ten innings.  Adonis Medina pitched six , shutout innings.  He gave up five hits and struck out five.  Luis Cedeno made his first appearance and blew the save without recording an out.  Jake Hernandez (3.62) quieted things down, striking out two in two innings.  Josh Tols (1-0, 0.93) pitched two, no-hit innings and got the win.

The Threshers opened up a two-run lead on Austin Listi’s two-run HR (9) in the first inning. They added another run in the second on Grenny Cumana’s RBI single.  After Cedeno blew the lead, Listi drove in the winning run in the tenth with an RBI single.

Listi and Cumana each had three hits of the Threshers’ total of eight.

In other action –

Lehigh Valley (36-28) split a double header with Buffalo, winning 2-0 and losing 9-2.

In game one, Enyel De Los Santos (7-3, 1.47) pitched a seven inning complete game.  Trevor Plouffe provided all the offense with a two-run double.

In the second game, Tom Eshelman (1-6, 7.74) got knocked around for seven runs on ten hits.

Reading (26-36) lost to Harrisburg, 8-3.  Elniery Garcia (0-6, 6.20) lasted two innings and gave up six runs on six hits and four walks.  Zach Green (.282) went 4-4 with all three RBI.

Lakewood (38-26) beat Hagerstown, 5-0.  Ramon Rosso (4-1, 1.46) pitched six two-hit, shutout innings, walking three and striking out seven.  Nick Maton (5) and Daniel Brito (3) led the offense with a pair of two-run HRs.  

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

DSL Phillies Red (1-8) lost, 5-3 and DSL Phillies White (5-4) lost 11-3.

Williamsport begins its season on Friday, June 15th v. State College.

At the Complex, the kids worked out in their new groups.  The Williamsport group included (GCL East and West worked out together) –

  • Catchers – Rafael Marchan, Lenin Rodriguez, Nerluis Martinez
  • INF – Danny Mayer, Edwin Rodriguez, Brayan Gonzalez, Jesus Azuaje, Luis Rojas, Jonathan Guzman, Austin O’Brien
  • OF – Keudy Bocio, Malvin Matos, Julio Francisco
  • Pitchers – Francisco Morales, Ethan Lindow, Manuel Silva, Oscar Marcelino, Randy Alcantara, Abdallah Aris, Gustavo Armas, Jhordany Mezquita, Jose Jimenez, Anton Kuznetsov, Luis Ramirez,Rafael Carvajal, Orestes Melendez

GCL Phillies East begins its season on Monday, June 18th v. GCL Yankees West.

Gcl Phillies West begins its season on Tuesday, June 19th v. GCL Yankees East.

Phillies GCL schedule.


6/10/18–Efrain Morales assigned to DSL Phillies Red from DSL Phillies White.
6/10/18–RHP Carlos Betancourt assigned to DSL Phillies White.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of 6/10.  I’ve got 322 players in the organization.


34 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers Recap – 6/12/2018

  1. I apologize if this has been discussed on the site already, but what is the explanation for what has happened to Eshelman? Is battling an injury or something? I thought he would at least be consistent if not spectacular. Has just lost his ability to pitch?

    1. There are people on here who follow the Pigs more closely who might have a better idea of what specifically is happening, but it’s clear that he’s lost the pinpoint control and command that was his hallmark in previous seasons.

      2017: BB/9 0.97, .255 BABIP, 5.7 HR/FB
      2018: BB/9 3.13, .397 BABIP, 16 HR/FB

      An amateur’s interpretation: He’s falling behind more batters than ever before, and hitters are sitting on the lettuce they know is going to be coming in a three-ball count and driving it.

    2. I saw one of his starts about ten days ago I believe it was that long. Had nothing, they were just laying on everything he throws, I don’t know what he had before, but what I saw, was a guy with low velocity, and bad secondary pitches

      1. Right – we’ve all said this again and again. If you don’t have good velocity, you either have to have a special out pitch (like a splitter) or you have to have nearly perfect command and good movement. He’s lost his command and now he’s toast (for now). When you throw that slow, you have no margin for error. If I were him I’d be thinking about developing a splitter or a knuckler or some special out pitch – he’s going to have to reinvent himself if he doesn’t find his way soon.

          1. VV himself has already produced a full win more of WAR than Giles. So maybe the trade doesn’t turn out to be a home run for the Phils, but it’s still a win.

        1. I don’t care what a pitcher throws or how hard . They have to have movement ,Command , Control. You can’t walk 4 per 9 and pitch in majors. You can’t throw a 99 mph FB down the middle of the plate . Pitchers that don’t have the command or control don’t usually make the big leagues .The 2 pitchers the Phillies recieved from the In Jays were the perfect example . One blew his shoulder out the other is still in A ball.

          1. What’s your point? We all know velocity alone isn’t enough – nobody is saying that. But less velocity makes it even worse. If you throw with low velocity your chances of success are greatly decreased and you have far less margin for error. When you throw hard you have a much better chance of developing over time, as Eflin and Pivetta are doing now. When you’re a righty and throw 90-93, you better do a lot of other stuff really well in order to succeed – but most cannot.

            1. Gives me tons of confidence in the Colton Eastman 4th round selection. Fullerton baseball puts a ton of innings on their starters. Get away from CSF Almarez!

  2. DeLosSantos, Medina and Rosso all pitched great and are setting themselves up for promotions. All three are really throwing the ball well.

    1. Unfortunately for de los Santos, the Phillies rotation is currently blocking his promotion. No rush because he’s still young enough. But perhaps a trade of one of Pivetta, Velasquez, Eflin or de los Santos is in the works…??

      1. Here’s my Machado trade:

        Velasquez or Efflin (young mlb starting pitchers)
        De los Santos (dominating AAA) or Medina (high level High A pitcher)
        Cesar or Franco (youngish mlb infielders)
        Moniak or Haseley (recent top ten overall draft pick outfielders in High A)

        So four players.

        If I’m Baltimore I’m taking de los Santos Cesar Velasquez Haseley and EXTREMELY pleased. That’s your 2/3 of your rotation of the future with a floor of 3/4. Your starting second baseman and leadoff hitter for the next 5 years, and a starting outfielder from 2020 til 2030 basically.

        And if I’m Philly I’m finding a way to pull Haseley out of the deal And replacing him with either Moniak, or a combo of guys like Brito,gamboa or hall.

        1. Yuck. This is how rebuilding teams, like the Padres, screw themselves again and again and again. Fortunately, the powers that be on the Phillies know better. You don’t send tons of young players and cash for a player when, in a short period of time, you can get the player with only cash and, if you make the trade and God forbid he doesn’t sign – it has the possibility of being the worst trade in the history of the franchise. Historically, horribly, irreversibly bad.

            1. Completely agree. The big club is not ready for a deal like this. Go balls to the wall to sign the guy this winter. And if not, oh well.

          1. Let’s wait another 5 years to collect all this young talent and then give it away ???? I say let MM get traded to somebody else and swamp him with cash in the free agent market. Never mind trading youthful assets for a rental – that would be criminal.

        2. Aside from the fact that this is in the wrong thread, the part that bothers me most is how you equated Cesar with Franco when Cesar is a much better player. Of course Bal would take him. Also, that’s way too much to give up for a possible rental.

        3. Lsigal – do you work for the Orioles?? Are you trying to spread fake news?? Other than the proposed trade with the contingency to add 2 or Medina, Kingery and/or Haseley, this is the most ridiculous Machado-related trade for a team like the Phillies.

          Machado is a rental and the Phillies are not a player away to be a WS contender. Klentak just need to focus on the players in the Machado market — if one GM overbids, then stay away and wait until the end of the season to acquire Machado.

          Klentak just need to follow the same approach when he acquired Arrieta. The market will start big and the price too high until suddenly they are not. Patience is a virtue.

        4. Why on earth would ANYONE take Franco? A sub-.300 OBP and below average defense? Oh, sign me up for that.

        5. I can’t understand how you put Franco and Cesar as equal options. Franco is a below replacement level platoon player who is also poor defensively. Cesar is on pace for his third straight 3+ WAR season.

          That is also way too much to give up for a rental.

  3. All jokes aside, what’s the deal with Mickey Moniak? Is the organization hiding some sort of injury here? Last thing we need is another Markelle Fultz (cross-sports reference FTW).

  4. Elniery Garcia and Harold Arauz continued to pitch themselves out of the REA rotation (which is actually good). Sixto and Medina will be the logical choice for promotion that will create a chain reaction in CLW and LWD rotation. I can see the promotions to be:

    REA – Medina and possibly Seabold/Falter (join Ranger, Jojo, Taveras and Kilome)

    CLW – Rosso, Howard and possibly Parkinson and move Llovera to the pen

    LWD – continue to stretch RP-guys like Jones, Brogdon and Julian Garcia until some reinforcements come in from WIL or R4 draftee like Eastman.

  5. Falter’s status on’s website says “assigned to new team/level”. Is this a paper transaction? I would think very soon some of these moves will be made. As Kurdt mentioned above, I think Llovera probably pretty soon moves to the pen. If Falter/Medina get moved to AA, then Clearwater has Sixto (DL), Seabold, Fanti, Rosso (probably), Mills?. They would have some room for promotions. I’m on board with cutting El. Garcia at this point. PED’s and now isn’t good. I guess the reason some of them are sticking around a little more is because of the uncertainty on some future trades and need for pitching in the upper levels.

    1. Falter is still with Clearwater,as of yesterday’s gene Hebert was on bench. Looked like he had a long sleeve on his arm. Not sure if he’s injured or not.

  6. Andrew Brown seems like the likely next man up for the Lakewood rotation. He’s made a couple of 5 inning appearances lately, one being a start. Promote Rosso and/or Stewart. Parkinson, Jones, Young, Howard and Brogdon would also be left.

  7. No more then if you have no command or control of your Pitchers. You can have all the Velo you want if you locate it it’s going to be crushed. Garcia last night big arm big time Velo couldnt get an out . 2 single were on 98 mph FB . There were right down the middle of the plate. Kingery Home run 97 mph Fb were at middle of the plate.

      1. Well it gets me first question ” what his Velo ? ” If nobody can live on just Velo alone. No matter what pitch it is Curve Ball ,Slider etc you need Command & control of it .
        Interesting Kiley’s chat on fangraphs today . Question was what stat do you look at to tell if an Amateur pitcher will have Success . Kiley’s Response k/bb if younger Pitchers don’t have Command & control of his stuff it’s an uphill battle to get it as a pro.

  8. Haseley with a three hit game this afternoon.
    Keeps making contact
    And Mauricio Llovera with a Game Score 68 over 6 innings, 3 hits and 9 Ks
    Pitchers in the system, on a whole , are doing well this season.

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