Clearwater Threshers Recap – 6/11/2018

This will be a truncated version of the daily recap.  It might be this way for a day or two.  I sustained a back injury and can’t spend the required time at the keyboard for now.  Sorry.

The Clearwater Threshers (28-34) beat Tampa, 4-1.  Connor Seabold (3-4, 3.90) threw a complete game, three hitter, walked one, and struck out nine.  Jose Pujols went 2-5 and raised his average to .307.  Edgar Cabral and Raul Rivas also had 2 hits.  Mickey Moniak did not play.

I was at the Complex and saw 12 draft picks (all position players) on a back field going through their orientation.  Any new pitchers who were there didn’t venture outside while I was there.  Nine new guys were up in Philadelphia.  In the picture I saw taken in CBP, I could only identify Bohm and Richardson.

I also saw the Williamsport group.  I cover that below.

I expect to visit the Complex again tomorrow morning, but also expect to miss the Threshers’ game again.

In other action –

Lehigh Valley (35-27) lost to Buffalo, 9-4.  Drew Anderson and Jake Waguespack gave up 9 runs in five innings.  Trevor Plouffe hit 2 HR (6), Mitch Walding hit one (8).

Reading (26-35) did not play.

Lakewood (37-26) beat Hagerstown, 4-1.  Andrew Brown (2-0, 0.90) pitched five one-hit, shutout innings, striking out five.  Rodolfo Duran had 2 hits, a HR (6), and 3 RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

DSL Phillies Red (1-7) lost, 9-4 and DSL Phillies White (5-3) won 3-2.

Williamsport begins its season on Friday, June 15th v. State College.

At the Complex, the kids worked out in their new groups.  The Williamsport group included (GCL East and West worked out together) –

  • Catchers – Rafael Marchan, Lenin Rodriguez, Nerluis Martinez
  • INF – Danny Mayer, Edwin Rodriguez, Brayan Gonzalez, Jesus Azuaje, Luis Rojas, Jonathan Guzman, Austin O’Brien
  • OF – Keudy Bocio, Malvin Matos, Julio Francisco
  • Pitchers – Francisco Morales, Ethan Lindow, Manuel Silva, Oscar Marcelino, Randy Alcantara, Abdallah Aris, Gustavo Armas, Jhordany Mezquita, Jose Jimenez, Anton Kuznetsov, Luis Ramirez,Rafael Carvajal, Orestes Melendez

GCL Phillies East begins its season on Monday, June 18th v. GCL Yankees West.

Gcl Phillies West begins its season on Tuesday, June 19th v. GCL Yankees East.

Phillies GCL schedule.


6/10/18–Efrain Morales assigned to DSL Phillies Red from DSL Phillies White.
6/10/18–RHP Carlos Betancourt assigned to DSL Phillies White.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of 6/10.  I’ve got 322 players in the organization.


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    1. He’s ill. He started with a severe case of the change-up flu, which morphed into an acute bout of curveballitis and if it goes any longer he’s going to need a sliderecotomy.

      1. The kid had been hitting a lot better recently so I don’t think the joke was necessary?

  1. You do not see legit prospects pitch 9 inning complete games in the minors ever more.

    1. Fanti, the only pitcher in the Phillies minor league system if I recall and if he is considered a ‘legit’ prospect, did it twice last year

    2. You do with the Phillies – they have had legitimate prospects throw 8 and 9 innings all year. I think it’s stupid as all heck, but don’t assume he’s not a prospect – he is.

      1. Seabold threw 105 pitches in 9 innings. Is that stupid? If so, when should he have been removed from the game?

        1. Yes, nothing says player development like some arbitrary pitch limit.. The one limit they have that I do agree with is having a pitch limit within an inning, beyond that, it’s about high stress pitches and mechanical breakdowns due to fatigue…

  2. Sport to hear about your back. Get well soon. With the depth of pitching in Minors when is there going to be movement at the top

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