2018 Draft Discussion: Day One

The Phillies used their first round pick to select Alec Bohm  out of Wichita State.  Bohm was the third pick overall, and the Phillies only pick on Day One.  The big right-handed third baseman stands 6’5 and weighs 225 lbs.

The Phillies forfeited their second and third round picks when they signed free agents Carlos Santana and Jake Arrieta.

Their total bonus pool is only $8,858, 500.  Their total was reduced by over $2.25M of slot money with the two picks they lost.

Their complete slot breakdown is as follows (round, pick, $) –

  •   1st:       3  – $6,947,500
  •   4th:   107 –    $522,900
  •   5th:   137 –    $390,600
  •   6th:   167 –    $292,700
  •   7th:   197 –    $228,000
  •   8th:   227 –    $180,600
  •   9th:   257 –    $153,600
  • 10th:   287 –    $142,600

Schedule (All Times ET)

Tuesday, June 5
Day 2
Rounds 3-10
Live on MLB.com
Preview show begins at 12:30 p.m. ET
Round 3 begins at 1 p.m.
Wednesday, June 6
Day 3
Rounds 11-40
Live on MLB.com
Round 11 begins at noon ET

Draft picks and signings will be tracked on the 2018 Phuture Phillies Draft Tracker.

231 thoughts on “2018 Draft Discussion: Day One

  1. I am excited about the pick. The scouting reports are universally very good. The kid has a very good walk and K rate. Has power and a projectable body. Good contact numbers. I hope he stays at third. His timeline is perfect for the Phillies young core. I view Franco as a below replacement level player. I don’t think Franco will ever tap into his full potential. I am excited. Go Phil’s!

    1. I know it’s dangerous to compare any draftee to Chase Utley, but he has Utley-esque hair . .

    2. V1 – totally agree. Its an exciting pick for all the reasons you just stated – he’s got good peripherals and has potential to stick at 3rd. Clearly Franco is not a 1st division regular, and this is a spot that can (needs to) be upgraded.

      Looking forward to seeing him this summer.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if Bohm and Phillies already had a signing bonus idea set where they save a bit of money which helps in draft further down even if it is only a hundred thousand or two.

  3. Well, I am fine with Bohm. Let’s see what gives when J2 comes around. Otherwise, I am feeling underwhelmed by this year’s plan to fortify the farm. Couldn’t we have made a deal with either Baltimore or KC for a comp balance pick? Feels like we’re holding one card when everyone else has a full hand.

    1. 8mark Its our great gm Shelton fault. I just don’t understand we have a owner with a ton of money and they are doing nothing. And without any real postion players at triple a, cause the next crop is up and doing nothing. the next couple of years if we don’t get two bats at least are not going to be good.

      1. You can fault them for just accumulating assets and not making moves, but they are already spending money and they are going to spend more money. That’s not the issue. The issue is talent evaluation, particularly with hitters.

        That said, this looks like an excellent pick. The right player was there and they took him – he’s as safe a bet to be a first division regular as any player in the draft and he has power, a decent hit tool, excellent contact skills and first rate plate discipline. I’m not worried about the fielding – if he hits, they’ll find a place for him to play and it still could be third.

      2. Ahh, roccom, I see what you were responding to. I also do not understand the reluctance to obtain a competitive balance pick – it makes no sense to me. It always seems like the Phillies are holding back a little in ways that don’t always make sense. When the Braves go in, they go full bore and look how it has paid dividends for them. I just don’t understand the philosophy. They are trying to spend money, they are trying to develop talent, and they have professed a no holds barred approach but when you scratch the surface a little, well, some holds are definitely barred, but to what end? I don’t get it.

        1. How many competitive balance picks have traded hands?? – one.. We have no idea if Klentak tried to make a deal for a CB pick or not but he has to have a trade partner to make that work.

          The fact than none of the other MLB teams besides SD were able to acquire one either leads me to believe they weren’t available to be had.

          1. I never understand the bashing (not educated enough to think of a better word) when we aren’t behind the scenes. Who knows if the FO tried to get a comp pick. You need another team to match up in order to do that. Kinda unfair when we have no clue what goes on behind the scenes.

  4. I like the pick and his bat.
    He may not be a Nolan Arenado, but maybe they can make him into a non-negative SDI third baseman.

    1. Romus the kid I fell in love with, was Bart Looks like he will be at least a guy with power and good defense. Mize I think could start tomorrow in the big leagues.

      1. rocco…whaty surprised me was the rated high pitchers who fell…McCanahan, Rolison and Singer….and the rated 36th player taken by the As at 9….Kyler Murray a slash in college of 261/.381/.466 …27% k rate and a QB on the OU football team!

        Bart looks to be an impact player if he can hit for contact.

      2. rocco…Bart’s career K rate and last year’s K rate are both 21%……his BB rate improved to 15% this season, but he was pitched around…..career it is 10%.
        Even his BA was poor his first two years for college (<,.300), so he would look to have some contact issues going forward….but the power tool is legit.
        Heck we have a catcher now with the same profile at the plate in Alfaro.

  5. I went George Costanza yesterday and did the opposite of what I wanted and it worked. I love the pick and the more I see of this kid the more he reminds of Jayson Werth at the plate of course.

    Jayson’s athleticism must have been much better since he was drafted as a catcher. Alec’s footwork to me looks fine and heck if Rhys can play a decent OF so can Bohm if needed.

    1. Agree. Santana may be a trade chip at ’20 deadline. Rhys moves back to 1b, Bohm would be a reasonable option in LF if 3b isn’t his bag. (Sorry)

      1. According to the gradings on ‘run’, Rhys can probably beat Bohm in a foot race.
        But LF does not require much other than when ball hits glove,,,ball stays in glove.

  6. Phillies believe that A-Bohm can play 3B-LF-RF-1B positions. I’m still in the opinion that the Phils will pursue Machado (play SS short term but 3B long term). I can see Hoskins sliding to 1B and Bohm playing the corner OF.

    All 3 can represent the heart of the batter order in 2020 and lure the local fanboy Mike Trout to join them.

    1. KuKo…Johnny A on Bohm at third…..hope to be ‘average to above-average’ at third with instruction….sounds to me they will be satisfy with him as a 0 dWAR player, just not negative.

      1. @romus – Bohm will probably 3B in the minors full time but if Machado joins the Phils, I can see a switch in position similar to what happened to Hoskins who played mostly his natural position at 1B in the minors.

        1. Bohm seems like a good pick. Always a crap shoot but he has the size and power. For all those slotting Hoskins in at 1B or on the roster the next 6 years, be wary. He could be a Kevin Maas as well and fall off the map. Until proven otherwise, 2017 could be an aberration and nothing more

          1. That is of course possible with Hoskins, but his minor league career would suggest he’s not going to be a one-hit wonder – he built a pretty solid track record before being recalled. It would be a massive disappointment if Rhys regresses to the level of being an average hitter.

            1. The thing that scares me with Hoskins is that you haven’t seen him make any adjustments at all. You would hope that when a player like him goes into a slump, his approach would help him get out of it. Hasn’t been the case with Hoskins. I’m really concerned that he isn’t the player that we all hoped. Not giving up on him obviously but def concerned.

          2. i agree with catch about Hoskins hit tool. His minor league stats matched his physical abilities which makes Hoskins’ outcome close to his projection.

            Take not that Cody Bellinger is struggling worst than Hoskins as of now.

        2. Agree with KuKo. For all who worried that Bohm would never be able to stay at 3B long term … is it really going to matter when the team signs Manny Machado this off-season ? IMO, Bohm can handle a corner OF position (if he has to).

      1. yeah, and if both Bohm and Hoskins’ bat developed as projected – the Phils can have – H-Bomb and A-Bohm!

  7. Bohm I assume goes after Sanchez now in the top 10, at number two on the prospect list.

    1. I would have him second. I’m not prepared to put him behind a guy like Medina right now.

    2. Romus he should be after Mickey Moniak. Randolph, aunt ellen. moe. larry . curly. if johnny picked him I am not putting him in any top ten. cause we don’t have ten prospects.

    3. I asked Matt Wink this and he would slot Bohm at 3 but can see the argument to put him above Medina.

  8. Hinkie, I know about Gage Canning for today. Who else is on your “hope for” list?

  9. Delvin Gandberg ,Colton Eastman I like Phillies have some history with the schools too.

  10. The bad/sad news is the Phillies didn’t get Casey Mize at 1-3.
    The good news is they got a high ceiling, fast moving bat … AND … they will still have the slot money to have typical Johnny Almaraz days two and three (where Almaraz has a history of doing his beat work). Meaning, if they had gotten Mize, the Phillies would have had to go well over budget. That would have probably meant senior signs in the fourth round and a couple/few other day two rounds. It would have also denied the club any HS over-signs on Wednesday. I’m not sure if they’ve agreed to an at/above/below slot deal with Bohm. I read different mocks that had Bohm sliding a few spots (as many as four to the Padres at 1-7) if the Phillies passed on him. If those mocks were correct, then it’s unlikely the Phillies are going over-slot, and it’s even possible they may have a (slightly) below slot deal in place with the lanky 3Bman.

    Now … on to day two. There are just 28 picks sitting between the Phillies and Arizona State CFer Gage Canning. Because the Fangraphs team of McDaniel & Longenhagen had reported the Cubs had a strong interest in Canning, I was really sweating Chicago’s two picks at the end of the second round. However, Theo Epstein and Co. chose a HS CFer at pick #77, and over-drafted a college pitcher at pick #78 (I assume to help pay for the HS kid at #77). Keep your fingers crossed Canning lasts through the third round, and until the Phils’ next selection at #107. Otherwise, I’ll be hoping for Louisiana Lafayette LHP Hogan Harris, HS RFer Elijah Cabell, or even UNLV OFer Kyle Isbel (who Johnny Almaraz personally scouted when he attended a UNLV-Arizona State (Canning’s team) game earlier this season.
    I’ll also be rooting for the Phillies to draft Hartford RFer Ashton Bardzell later today or early tomorrow.

    1. It sounded like the team was laser focused on college arms, but I agree they would probably take a hitter if he was the BPA.

    2. I like Jonathan Bowlan (MLB #113) as pick 3.107 although I expect that teams will get him earlier — Bowlan’s profile a something any teams like to have. KC drafted Bowlan at pick #58.

      Nander de Sedas is the next one i like, but since he is slipping thru the draft, De Sedas might have a signability issue and the Phils doesn’t have that flexibility to accommodate de Sedas.

  11. I think there will be like 5 out 6 pitchers taken maybe Johnathan Children’s,Wade Garrett , Tyler Ras.

  12. any chance Phillies make a run at local kid Siani? maybe he signs below market value to get a chance to play locally.

    1. If this were 2016 when the Phillies had the 1-1 pick and the biggest (one of the biggest pools) then yes Siani could be in play. Not this draft, though.

  13. Surprised to see Singer drop like a rock to 18 or 19. He was my pick, from what I saw, he looks like great. I’ll followup his development, will be interesting to follow. I’m not overly excited about Bohm, his potental defensive struggles are holding back my enthusiasm. I’ll give him his fair chance. A power bat is obviously nice, but if he has blocks for feet, that OF won’t be kind to him with a catchable ball eyeing the gap.

    I’ve said it for awhile, but i’m done trying to predict this rebuild, too many options can shakeout for me to rack my brain over, I’m just trying to enjoy the ride… but i’ll say it will be tricky to fit Hoskins, Santana, Kingery, Crawford, Franco, Bohm, and MACHADO at 1B,2B,SS,3rd, and LF 🙂

    1. Keith Law was the low man on him…and as usual, Keith was right. He has a very rough side to him, but he is probably the best in the biz on projecting talent.

  14. Ten picks to go until the Phillies can draft Gage Canning. Cubs up next. If he gets by them, I’ll feel a lot better.

    1. Phew … Cubs take local kid Jimmy Herron from Duke. Herron is a college OFer so they picked him over Canning.

      1. Not low power. He’s actually a XBH machine. His ISO was better than Bohm and Bart. Plus defender in CF. Just a really exciting player, makes things happen. A lenny Dykstra type guy IMO.

    1. He’s the third Cal St Fullerton in the organization. Eshelman and Seabold type.

  15. Colton Eastman – whoever the heck that is. He was ranked better than his slot, so that’s good.

    1. Back-end starter without good velocity – ho hum. The type of righty pitcher JA specializes in. JA gives us guys like this and Seabold. Sal gives us Dominguez and Sanchez. Just saying.

    1. Why in a system full of pitchers with potential and good arms is this the type of guy you go with in the 4th round? 8th or 9th round, sure. But 4th round? Unless they see untapped velocity in his arm, I hate it.

      1. Was this really the best player on the board? Wow – I know it’s a 4th round pick, but it’s very disappointing. We don’t need another Jake Thompson.

  16. Perhaps they don’t plan to save much on Bohm because I would have gone after a HS player here.

  17. Colton Eastman. rhp I hope I am right throws 88 to 91 good secondary pitches. tough kid.

    1. 88 to 91 is dreadful. It’s almost impossible to be successful in the big leagues with that lack of velocity.

  18. Hate johnny hate this pick soft throwing right hander. waste of time to follow this guy and his drafts. have fun hinkie

  19. We all thought they would save some money last year on Haseley and they went Overslot on him. For all we know Bohm doesn’t save us any money either.

  20. I really don’t like the 4th round pick but I’m going to wait until all of the picks are in. Almaraz has done okay in later draft rounds so I’ll wait to see the full draft results before I draw any final conclusions knowing that I really like the first pick.

  21. Give it to the Braves. Phillies take Eastman (back end starter). Five picks later Atlanta nabs Tristan Beck. Beck comes with injury history … but … much more projection.

  22. Yea hope he’s a save some money pick that they plan to use later because they already have plenty of low-ceiling RHPs in the system…

  23. it is almost predictable what type of players that Johnny A. likes. that’s good for finding good gems in the late rounds, but for early picks, high ceiling should be highly considered. the only high ceiling prospect that Johnny A drafted and paid a lot is not even playing.

    looks like the Phils will look at Sal A. to provide the high ceiling premium prospects that can turn teams around —- Sixto, Medina, Jhailyn, Morales, Gamboa, Luis Garcia and soon Starlyn Castillo has the projection of all-star caliber players.

  24. Fifth round coming up. Gage Canning still available. So is Ashton Bardzell and Bryce Montes De Oca. Montes De Oca is exactly the kind of pitcher the Phillies (under Almaraz) don’t draft … but … WTH … he’s a really big, intimidating guy (6’7″, 250 lbs), packs heat (up to 100 MPH), but his control is a mess. Have a little faith in your developmental staff. Take a flyer on him (at some point). At the very least, he could be a high leverage reliever.

    1. Exactly. I want the future Nick Pivetta or Josh Johnson (both 4th round picks).

  25. We’re also in the area of the draft where Johnny A looks for/drafts not so highly rated HS LHP’s (Falter & Lindow). It’s possible he’s hiding one of those type of kids for a pick coming up soon.

    1. Matt Vierling from Notre Dame drafted. Both an OFer and pitcher – not sure what he’ll be doing for the Phillies. Not sure what I think about him.

    1. Vierling over Canning ??? What ???
      I hope he is saving them some big time money.

      1. 4yr Junior? Is that someone that the Phils can sign for like $5K/$10K?

      2. It sounds to me like they are stocking up on arms because, you know, there’s nothing a team with a farm system loaded with guys like Sanchez and Medina and De Los Santos needs more than back-end starters.

  26. From baseballdraftreport.com

    I’m a big fan of OF/RHP Matt Vierling, though I think it’s time we put the pitching side of his game to bed. Vierling’s stuff — 88-92 FB (up to 94) with a nasty (occasionally) hard cut-slider — should be good enough to make him a viable two-way performer, but the results simply haven’t been there on the mound. Thankfully, Vierling can really hit. And run. And throw. The well put together 6-3, 200 pound athlete has above-average speed, a strong arm befitting a part-time pitcher, and enough range to dabble in center. It’s easy to put a backup outfielder — a good one, to be fair — ceiling on him and call it a day, but I’m not ready to rule out Vierling as being skilled enough to play regularly if the power plays in the pros.

    1. He’s got good size. Just don’t know he’s a fifth round pick, but like I said, I’ve never seen him play. I know nothing about him.

    1. No offense, but that’s literally the last thing I care about in a draft prospect – his outfield arm.

        1. Yeah, it’s like going on a first date with a girl and your friend tells you she has good manners. Sorry, it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

      1. With over 700 PAs his career collegian slash was .300/.375/.474…14% K rate and 10% BB rate.
        Plus peripherals and plsu ISO his last two years at ND.
        Bat right……has same profile as one Cam Perkins from 6 years ago…but wears batting gloves.

    1. He’d (Granberg) be an interesting senior sign. Could be another Austin Listi. Phillies have done well picking DBU kids.

  27. Johnny A. did some magic on Rd 5 and 8 picks. Maybe he pulled something there to get excited about,

  28. Everyone should just chill for a little since none of you know anything about most of these picks at this point. The draft hasn’t even finished yet. Give it some time to see who they throw money at later or, just maybe, to let these guys actually play and see how they do. I’d put money on there being a lot of complaining on picks like Hoskins, Romero, Irvin at that time. True, they’ve had plenty who have bombed out but at least wait until the draft is over to go crazy.

    1. nobody complained about Jojo, Irvin and Hoskins because they are good picks from when they are drafted. Jojo and Irvin were signed over slot, which shows that the Phillies saw about in them.

      1. I have to admit , I was really mad w/ jojo pick, because they were giving glowing reports of everyone before him and no glow w/ jojo plus he was supposed to go later. I don’t always know these guys and want the phils to get someone rated 77 at # 107 or 188 at # 139 for example. Never seems to happen but i’m thrilled w/ jojo now even w/ the bad start.

  29. Rangers with an excellent pick here in round five … Jayce Easley. Saw him play last summer when I was watching Nolan Gorman. I’m sure he’ll be an over-slot kid.

    1. Hinkie, your boy Canning is still on the board….but is that still a good thing?

  30. Coltman Eastman ranked no. 98 by mlb.com, and no. 88 by fangraphs. Went with the 107th pick. Have no idea if he’ll be any good, but that doesn’t seem like an overdraft.

    Fangraphs descriptiont: “College righty whose strike-throwing progressed this year. Low-90s with plus, split-action changeup.”

    1. eastman is not an overreach. but since the phils don’t have a rd 2 and 3 picks, why not got for a high value pick when prospects like sciani, beck and gingery are available.

      at the current stage of the rebuild, the phils can afford to basically throw the whole draft for 2 or 3 high ceiling prospects.

  31. WHOOA !!!!
    Love this hillies pick !!!!!
    Kendal Simmons. Big time arm for SS/3B

    1. That’s LOGAN Simmons, Hinkie. Serious power with naturally lots of swing and miss. Could be a diamond in the rough at 3b/OF?

  32. Logan Simmons is a rich man’s version of DJ Stewart (last year’s 37th ? round pick). Simmons can play both SS and 3B.

    1. They will need to quiet his hands and shorten the swing but I like the pick for the upside potential..

      1. Yeah, he’s a regular Gaulett Eldemire (those of you who have been here for a long time will know the reference).

          1. He was a really good guy with great skill. It just didn’t work for him when offspeed pitchers were introduced

    2. That Simmons slot is worth 292 thousand dollars. I’m going to guess he ends up getting roughly 700 thousand dollars. That would to basically amount to the Phillies 5% overage money (~420 thousand dollars).

  33. … and here is that young, not highly rated/ not well known LHP Johnny A usually finds/drafts in this part of the draft I posted about earlier. He’s had success with Bailey Falter and Ethan Lindow has promise. 18 YO Gabriel Cotto from PR.

    1. Jhordany Mezquitta is the other young LHP they y’ve taken around this spot, but I give Sal A the credit for that find.

      1. Yeah, he’s pretty good at this. None have hit the big time yet, but I suspect a few will. Romero and Will Stewart are great finds.

        1. Tim…I was wrong again…..he is 6’4″….I was looking at his 2014…14-year old scouting reports.

      1. A PR Academy trained kid…..always take them.
        Though Jan Hernandez was a slow starter.
        The likes of Correa, Lindor and even Valentin all have been given very good baseball training.

            1. And another poster on another Phillies site added also…Mayo had him high 80s to low 90s, top 93 with room to add.

  34. Not having those 2nd and 3rd rounders really put a damper on my enthusiasm for this crop. Yes, most of us only know what I read but that’s a big chunk of this draft. And yes I was all for signing Arrieta and Santana which forfeited those 2 picks. But with all these assets of money and depth of talent, we couldn’t acquire ONE comp pick?!?!

    1. 8mark…get use to it…..Phillies sign Machado after the season if he is not traded before the season ends, ….and they may lose yet another pick next draft.

      1. I wouldn’t worry about Machado not getting traded. Barring some horrible injury, he’ll be on the move by the end of July.

        1. @hinkie – i agree. BAL will not get a haul unless CHC goes all in this year, but Machado will be traded. At the least, Klentak can swoop in the last minute and offer a package of Kilome (or delos Santos) another RHP (Taveras, Lively) and throw in Maikel Franco. This offer is better than the comp pick that BAL will get if they hold and offer Machado a QO.

          1. Nobody really knows how crazed the MM market will be around trade time, but they really have to trade him – what’s their alternative.

            1. the alternative is the Comp Pick (which is probably less than a Top 100 prospect value). Also, BAL asks for at least 2 controllable arms…

      2. I know, Romus. Hinkie got me all riled up with Gage Canning and lo and behold, the freakin’ Nats take him. The draft became a snoozefest for me at that point. Simmons intrigues me though. I have a Colton Eastman tree in my backyard.

        1. 8mark….Mike Rizzo was reading Hinkie’s scouting reports, Matt Klentak was out to lunch.

    1. LOL – what is it with you and the arms of position players? Yeah, it’s more relevant for a 3rd baseman – but we want to know if the dude can freaking hit and field the position.

      1. LOL……..bottom line …..hit the ball.
        I do think though Matt Vierling is a hitter.

    1. It’s relevant – but it’s not the main reason you draft a guy in the 7th round.

  35. Romus … I checked on Vierling. He’s got the size and some tools, but it looks like the Phillies over-drafted him. Maybe he saves them a little money? Not sure.

    MLB.com didn’t rank him in their top 200.
    Fangraphs didn’t have him ranked.
    SB Nation’s Minor League Ball had him at #293.
    D1 Baseball.com had Vierling as the 182nd best college player (not overall prospect) for the draft.
    Frankie Piliere (formerly of D1 Baseball) didn’t even include him on his top 200 Cape Cod players list after Vierling’s poor performance last summer.

    Here’s what D1 Baseball.com said about Vierling in their 2018 season preview:
    “The other critical bullpen piece is Matt Vierling, a two-way talent who doubles as the starting center fielder and the centerpiece of the lineup. Vierling (.330/.398/.549, 7 HR as a soph) is a mature hitter with strength and above-average speed, but he also will pitch more this year than he has over his first two seasons. With a 90-93 fasball and a wicked 87 mph cutter, Vierling should serve as Notre Dame’s closer.”

    He does fit the Phillies motto of “controlling the strike zone” … 28 K/33 BB&HBP this season, and his slash line is pretty good .310/.402/.505.

    1. Vierling and Lancaster appears to be the underslot signings – $150-200K. Simmons will probably command overslot around $600-700K to sign. Cotto is another possible overslot maybe $350-500k.

    2. Hinkie…..he looks like he meets all the requirements to be a very good hitter.
      Not sure why he would be so low on scouts’ sheets and rankings.
      Then i see Kler Murray…..ranked 36th then drafted 9th……with close to 30% k rate…..go figure.
      Thanks Hinkie for the info.

  36. Seth Lancaster is a nice senior sign. Hadn’t heard the story about his improvement after eye surgery. Should save the Phillies about 170 thousand dollars.

  37. A Johnny A. stunner —- i like the guts in drafting Pipkin —- a potential $700k+++ signee

  38. Hell, Yeah !!!!!
    Dominic Pimpkin has all kinds of up side !!!
    I’m a little surprised he’s signable here, but I’m sure they know what he’s demanding and they know what they can afford !

    1. He is committed to Cal…PAC-12…so they will have to cough up some to get him to de-commit.

    2. Best name among our picks this draft. MLB ranked him #92! Read where he was considered among Ethan Hankins class of talent but started poorly this spring before righting the ship. Nice pick.

  39. With Simmons ($600-700k), Cotto ($300-400k) and Pipkin ($700-$1M) signings, the Phils already busted their bonus pool. Lancaster and the Rd 10 pick will most likely a $5k-$10k signee. I’m not sure if Cotto will do a Mezquita, but at a minimum, he might be a slot signee which leaves Eastman and Vierling as underslots to make the math work.

    Johnny A. normally comes out swinging at Rd 11-13 and add some back at the back end of the draft. but with the bonus pool already busted, maybe some $100k signings and nothing more.

    1. Sounds like Bohm (maybe a bit), Eastman, Vierling, and Lancaster will all be under slot. Their 10th rounder (whoever it turns out to be) will be another senior sign. I’m going to guess Cotto might even be an under slot kid (like Mezquitta last year).

      Have I mentioned how much I love the Simmons and Pimpkin picks? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Quality over quantity!!! That’s what I want! Finally, an arm that I can get excited about. The Pipkin pick is the one I like the most because on where he was drafted. I’ve been screaming high ceiling arms since Aaron Nola.

        I like Johnny A. success with under the radar lefty, so Cotto can be a good one. But i’m thrilled with the Simmons pick more because of the power potential.

  40. Bryce Montes De Oca to the Mets. Would have loved to have taken him, but TBH if it came down to Pimpkin or Montes De Oca, I’d roll with the youngster (Pimpkin).

    BTW … Pimpkin should also (like Simmons) immediately make the Phillies top 30 !

    1. yeah, I like Pipkin a lot. though, i think he is not a Johnny A. type so i’m not mentioning him a lot. i’m a sucker to prep arms with high ceiling — makes me forget about not drafting Shane Baz.

      Pipkin has clean and easy delivery and showing 3-pitch mix with at least above average potential. the challenge will be controlling the strike zone. but i’m not concerned since the mechanics don’t have a lot of noise. it will be doable! potential TOR!!

  41. Guys, seriously….if they can work the money out with these top eight picks, this could be an unbelievable draft. The potential of these young men appear to be outstanding.

    I thought for certain we’d be going for a large number of college guys, mostly pitching, in these early rounds. I’m so pleasantly pleased with this approach. Thrilled, actually.

    Who knows what tomorrow holds but right now I’m ecstatic.

  42. Here is Frankie Piliere’s (formerly of D1 Baeball.com – now a scout with the Mariners) scouting report on Pipkin from the Area Code Games last summer:

    “Dominic Pipkin, rhp, Pinole, Calif. | Commitment: California

    It was a complicated outing for Dominic Pipkin, who had two superb innings before things unraveled for him in his third inning for the Athletics on Tuesday. The 6-foot-4, highly projectable, long-limbed righthander did not hold his velocity deep into his outing, but at one point hit 96 mph on three consecutive fastballs in his second inning of work. Overall, his velocity ranged from 90-96 mph, but when he had everything clicking, he was truly explosive. His delivery is relative easily and his frame screams projection. He’s going to continue to add velocity, and it’s simply going to be a batter of getting him more confident and sharp with his secondary arsenal. His 83-85 mph slider had short action, but he did show flashes of a decent changeup at 83 mph. We’ll need to see if he can maintain his velocity, but we saw a glimpse of a tremendously high upside arm on Tuesday.”

    1. Hinkie…can the Philies afford a $750K plus bonus to get him from Cal Bears?
      Maybe Bohm could be really doing them a favor and go extremely under-slot.

      1. They wouldn’t have drafted Pipkin on day two if they didn’t have an agreement in hand.

    1. Sounds like Stokes is Roman Quinn 2.0, an injury waiting to happen. Raw power and speed. Plays either 1b or SS. Odd combo.

  43. Hinkie, How much did you say we can go over the pool, 10%?, without it being too costly? Pipkin getting signed is a really nice addition, if we can do it. And, Eastman seems to be a better player than the meh given by some of the guys on this site.

  44. Interesting observation. Phils did not draft 1 player under 6’2″…………….Madrigal never had a chance:-)

  45. Are we to assume that prospects like Cole Wilcox, Kumar Rocker, and Nander De Sadas are unsignable?

  46. Just read the Matt Gelb story on Bohm for the Athletic. He seems like a terrific kid who can hit, hit with power, and has a great eye. It would be great if he sticks at 3B. 2 6’5″ players have done well at 3B, Kris Bryant and Troy Glaus. Interesting, because Glaus should have been the Phils pick when JD Drew made it perfectly clear he was not signing here. I would love Bohm to be Troy Glaus.

  47. Did Luke Heimlich get picked and if not will he be tomorrow or maybe a team signs him as an undrafted player to lessen the headlines?

  48. I think Hinkie passed out. Great draft, you know either we have 4 3rd base man or 3 big SS and a big CF ans 1 third baseman. Both Simmons and
    Vierling could be pitchers.

  49. Does the selection of Bohm ring the death knell of Franco’s Phillies career?

    1. I think the upcoming signing of Manny Machado is the bigger/more violent sledge hammer to Franco’s Phillies career.

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