2018 Phuture Phillies Draft Pick

Last week I asked you to post your pick if you were making the Phillies’ selection with the third overall pick in the Amateur Draft tonight.

The results are below. 

The request was pretty simple.  Assume that Casey Mize was off the board and submit your pick in the comments section, include a second pick if your pick was also off the board, and include whether you would take Mize if he were still available.

Make sure that these were your decisions, not who you think the Phillies will take.  Don’t treat this as a discussion thread or a chance to campaign for your pick.

Well, that was too difficult for many as I received over 70 useless comments that I couldn’t use.  This made pulling the data longer and more difficult than it had to be.  For this, I thank you.  (yes, sarcasm)

Here are the results.

Of the 43 people who responded,

  • 13 would pick Alec Bohm with the third pick assuming Casey Mize is off the board
  • 9 would pick Nick Madrigal
  • 8 would pick Brady Singer
  • 5 would pick Matthew Liberatore
  • 4 would pick Joey Bart
  • 1 would pick Jonathan India
  • 1 would pick Nolan Gorman
  • 2 didn’t pick

Of the same group,

  • 8 would pick Alec Bohm with the third pick if their guy is also off the board
  • 5 would pick Brady Singer
  • 4 would pick Joey Bart
  • 2 would pick Jonathan India
  • 2 would pick Matthew Liberatore
  • 6 would pick Nick Madrigal
  • 16 didn’t make a selection.  11 had a first pick among those above, 1 had a guy who he was certain would be on the board, 2 couldn’t decide between a couple guys, and 2 didn’t make a first selection.

And finally,

  • 33 would take Casey Mize if he falls to 1:3
  • 1 would not
  • 9 didn’t answer.  2 didn’t have a pick or a back up pick.

I’ll post the full results with the other draft stories when the draft and follow up discussion are all over.

20 thoughts on “2018 Phuture Phillies Draft Pick

    1. Ditto. Bohm vs. Madrigal is a classic floor vs. ceiling debate. I like Madrigal and think he will be a first division middle infielder, which is nothing to sniff at, but I think if the Phils take Bohm at No. 3 they have a reasonable amount of confidence that he can play 3B in the bigs. And if that’s the case, his bat makes him an All Star 3B.

      1. I think it’s going to be Singer. It would follow the buy the bats grow the arms philosophy. Singer could be up soon per the draft experts… as in this year. But that is doubtful imo. They need to hit on the pick whoever it is, but I’d go with a pitcher in this spot. The offense can be upgraded if needed through FA. Even still… I don’t really know where you put Singer if he does advance quickly. I’d like to see Eickhoff back and at full strength. If they pick singer I expect some trades with the new depth. Eschelmann, Eflin,Thompson could all easily be on the block – not that is will bring back a haul, but

        Vazquez/Pivetta …

        Not looking so bad

  1. If the Phillies do pick Madrigal over Bohm (assuming Mize not available), it will reflect their doubts about JP and Kingery. At this point those doubts may be justified.

    1. Because nothing says patience like giving up on two players two months into their first full season.

    2. No, picking Madrigal over Bohm would simply mean that they think he’s the better player, he’s a better financial option, or both…

      They would be foolish to pick a player based on concerns regarding current major league players. this isn’t the NFL where you expect your first round pick to make an immediate impact…

  2. You have to figure that whoever the Phillies select (Madrigal or Bohm), they won’t be staying in the minors long. Aaron Nola was in the minors for 2 years, so that’s the likely timetable.

    1. maybe yes, maybe no. If they select a player expecting him to fill a spot in 2 years they are setting themselves up for failure. Not every pick progresses as quickly as Nola, especially position players who have to learn to hit with wooden bats..

      1. I’m just saying that the Phillies will be aggressive with their promotions. Obviously, they still have to earn their promotions.

    2. nola was just over one calendar year from being drafted.
      but as for hitters, kingery spent 2.5 seasons in minors, and with a year in, and Haseley has close to a year in and a year from now still seems early for him to be in the big leagues, if all goes well.

  3. Callis and Mayo have us taking Madrigal they are generally pretty tuned in to at least the first 6-10 picks so I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the pick.

    They also agree on Mize going at 1 so there you have it.

  4. First draft related post this year – Alec Bohm in my view is very likely a first baseman, and of the RH variety. With the draft so heavily talented in pitching, I’d honestly take one of 3 or 4 different pitchers ahead of Bohm. Madrigal or Singer for me presuming no surprises at 1 and 2.

    1. Bohm was my third choice after Mize and Madigral, but I have to admit to being excited to see him develop into a disciplined power hitter like Rhys, and advancing fast through the system — 2020 here we come.

  5. Madrigal went next. It will be interesting to watch them both progress through each system. I sure hope the Phils made the right pick! I expect we will know in 2 years.

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