2018 Draft Discussion: June 3rd

This is the Phuture Phillies 2018 Draft Discussion for comments about the upcoming draft.

The Phillies have the third overall selection in the first round.  They forfeited their second and third round picks when they signed free agents Carlos Santana and Jake Arrieta.

Their total bonus pool is only $8,858, 500.  Their total was reduced by over $2.25M of slot money with the two picks they lost.

Their complete slot breakdown is as follows (round, pick, $) –

  •   1st:       3  – $6,947,500
  •   4th:   107 –    $522,900
  •   5th:   137 –    $390,600
  •   6th:   167 –    $292,700
  •   7th:   197 –    $228,000
  •   8th:   227 –    $180,600
  •   9th:   257 –    $153,600
  • 10th:   287 –    $142,600

Schedule (All Times ET)

Monday, June 4
Day 1
Round 1 through Round 2 Comp
Live on MLB Network & MLB.com
Preview show begins at 6 p.m. ET
Round 1 begins at 7 p.m. ET
Tuesday, June 5
Day 2
Rounds 3-10
Live on MLB.com
Preview show begins at 12:30 p.m. ET
Round 3 begins at 1 p.m.
Wednesday, June 6
Day 3
Rounds 11-40
Live on MLB.com
Round 11 begins at noon ET

This is a forum for draft discussion to keep it separate from other conversations.

90 thoughts on “2018 Draft Discussion: June 3rd

  1. I watched a lot of the NCAA regionals over the weekend. I was mostly interested in Nick Madrigal. Madrigal was excellent. Over three games, he went 7 for 14 (double & HR), 1 BB, 1 HBP, 4 R, 5 RBI’s, 2 SB’s. For those who think Madrigal is a slap hitter, get a load of this Bomb from Saturday night:

    Casey Mize was too dominant for Army. Mize was 7 IP (95 P), 1 R, 4 H, 2 BB, 11 K.

    I also wanted to see Hartford’s Ashton Bardzell. A few weeks ago, I listed Bardzell as a guy I’d like to see the Phillies target late day 2/early day 3. The Hartford RF’er is perhaps best known as the kid who tied Mike Trout’s NJ HS record for HR’s in a season. He had a great soph season at Hartford, but has seen his numbers slip some as a junior (.308/.412/.532). Not to worry, in the two games I saw this weekend, Bardzell looked really good (5 for 9 [including a hit off Shane McClanahan], 2 BB, 2 K, 1 R, 1 RBI). IMO, he sort of resembles Hunter Pence at the plate (kind of a funky swing, yet reaches the ball in every quadrent of the zone, and drives it even when his swing looks off balance) and in the field, where he has decent speed and a strong arm.

    1. 2 things stand out. Madrigal is really small. And he has quick hands. That was a bomb.

  2. As we wait for the draft to get under way tonight, and I still hope the Phillies FO will consider one of the following three suggestions I have listed below (in order from most basic to most outrageous):

    * The Marlins have demoted Brad Ziegler. He’s no longer closing. He’s been a disaster, and is still owed about 6 million dollars. The Padres just ate about 7 million dollars of Phil Hughes contract to acquire Minnesota’s comp B pick.
    Matt Klentak (today) needs to offer to take on Ziegler’s 6 million dollars and could even give Miami Zac Curtis (if that’s what it takes) in return for the Marlins’ comp B pick.
    That comp B pick would amount to the Phillies recouping their 3rd round pick because of all the FA signing machinations. That third round pick would be #80 overall and come with 738,700 slot dollars.

    * Eric Longenhagen and Kiley McDaniel posted their mock draft 3.0 on Friday afternoon https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/2018-mlb-mock-draft-v-3-0/ . They still believe the Phillies are most likely drafting Alec Bohm. However, they suggested Matt Klentak and Johnny Almaraz do exactly what I first proposed about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Go all in on Casey Mize. In other words, sacrifice your fourth round pick (and maybe some other picks) to make Mize an offer that would rival Detroit’s 1-1 slot. You would do this in the hope that the Tigers plan to do what every other 1-1 team has always done … save money with their first pick to go over slot in round two (and beyond). Mize is the perfect match for the Phillies. At best, he could probably pitch out of their BP this season if the team was still in contention for the division title. Even if he didn’t throw for the club this season, Mize should be an inexpensive part of the Phillies rotation for the next six seasons as the team competes for WS titles.

    * How about a waaaaaay out of the box idea ? It’s so far out of the box, it’s never been done before. If I was a part of the Phillies FO (you can call us MacKlinkie), I would suggest we ignore/blow past our bonus pool. MLB rules punish teams incrementally for going above their pool. Most teams go up to 5% over because it only costs them a 75% tax on money spent above allocated slot dollars. The penalties get more severe, the further above slot you go. The harshest punishment is saved for teams who spend over 15% more than their bonus pool. No club has ever visited this territory. The penalty for the team that does is a 100% tax on every dollar spent above your bonus pool … and … the loss of your next two 1st round picks. No one should sweat the tax dollars. John Middleton has been banking large amounts of cash for the past few seasons. At first glance, the loss of two first round draft picks sounds severe. However … consider these points:

    1. The Phillies next two first round picks aren’t going to be the top of the draft type picks they’ve had the past four years. They’ll likely land in the 20’s.
    2. This would all but guarantee the Phillies land Casey Mize at 1-3. The team could offer the Auburn “ace” what ever amount Detroit won’t match.
    3. The Phillies could also offer other prominent/high ceiling HS, JUCO, and injured (red shirting) college players stupendous amounts of money to make them available throughout days two and three of the draft.

    To make it worth their while, the Phillies would have to really spend wildly. I’m thinking maybe 15 to 20 million dollars over budget. With that kind of spending, they could collect enough top prospects in this draft to more than make up for two 20-something picks.
    Every year, dozens of highly ranked HS, JUCO, and RS Soph’s/injured college players fall in the draft and don’t sign. Look at this year’s class. Joey Bart, Nick Madrigal, Jonathan India, Brady Singer, Jackson Kowar, Ryan Rolison, Shane McClanahan, Griffin Conine, and Blaine Knight were all previously drafted, but didn’t sign because they weren’t offered enough money.
    Two years ago, during the Phillies famous 2016 draft, Johnny Almaraz used his 30th round pick on HS SS Logan Davidson. The Phillies couldn’t meet Davidson’s price and he went to Clemson. Davidson is probably going to be a top 10 overall pick next year (2019 draft). A player like that is probably worth the two 20-something picks by himself. Imagine seven or eight (or nine or ten – use your imagination) of those type of highly ranked, yet falling prospects. I’m talking guys like Austin Becker, Wil Banfield, Josh Breaux, Nander De Sedas, Justin Hooper (injured UCLA pitcher), Steven Gingery (injured Texas Tech pitcher), Elijah Cabell, Luke Bartnicki, Slade Cecconi, Mike Vasil, and Brandon Neeck. It’s not even out of the question (though not likely) they could slide a guy like Ethan Hankins to their fourth round pick.
    At the very least, these type of prospects could be used as trade assets the Phillies would use in acquiring missing pieces for the big league club over the next couple of years.

  3. Last week, Rob Ozga (The Baseball Draft Report) said this about the Phillies: “They want Mize and are cautiously optimistic he might fall to them at this point”.
    Now this from JJ Cooper:

    … the dream is still alive !

    1. Hinkie, you da man if all goes “as planned”.

      The thorn in my backside is that Klentak hasn’t already made a move for at least one comp pick. He’s got 12 hours. But like I posted the other day, if he somehow lands Mize AND Manny this summer (this offense is anemic and unwatchable) he gets a pass for the next 2 years. GO PHILLIES!!

      1. If the best player falls to 3rd, then by all means draft him. A couple of years ago the Phillies drafted Moniak at 1:1 letting a few other better ranked players fall to later pick. I wanted Senzel

      2. Hinkle if mize doesn’t fall they tall the little guy, I think that is what they will do, I think he is the kind of hitter you can use leadoff or second in lineup. If they draft him I believe Cesar is gone and I love cesar.

  4. Wait that Bomb was Madrigal 3 Rd home run of the yr. 2 of his home runs were when his team scored more then 10 runs . I just saying I beat the Pitchers that he hit the home runs against wouldn’t be drafted. Imo l

    John India a top 15 pick hit a bomb against Mize . Trouble is he’s had trouble with the wooden bat in Cape Cod .

    1. Madrigal Slash line Team USA .258/.292/ .323 last yr wooden bat.l’m not saying Madrigal can’t hit with a wooden bat. However a hugh amount of players that do good in wooden bat leagues have done so in the pros.

    2. Madrigal played 15 games for Team USA. A sample size of 63 ABs. That is a meaningless sample size. A few line drives hit at a defender instead of a few feet to the left or right changes those numbers dramatically. Over interpreting a 63 AB sample size in which he did fine but not great is a mistake IMO. Watch that swing in the above video posted by Hinkie. That is elite bat speed. Combine a great eye and elite contact ability and I have zero concern about his transition to wood. If you can barrel a ball, then it will go far.

    1. Tim…you raise valid points on Madrigal.
      However Cape Cod is a SSS to consider if wood is the detractor for him.
      And isn’t it about the contact skill vs the swing and miss deficiencies….whether it is aluminum or wood what is the difference?
      I get the exit velo is higher with metal than wood but still his eye may be meabt for contact.
      I also like Bohm……but very wary of his final position in the field..
      The old axiom, defense is built from up the middle. then having a average defensive third baseman with good bat and pop then really is not a major concern. I guess just catch the balls you can reach and get it over to first on a straight line..

  5. Jayson Stark told Gargano that though he thought Bohm last week, he is hearing Madrigal more now. Also mentioned that the Phillies sent 15 people to watch Singer’s last start.

      1. v1 … it would be Christmas in June !
        I know pitchers are more risky than bats … but … this pitcher (Mize) has been more dominant than any college pitcher since Stephen Strasburg … and Mize has done it in the greatest conference (SEC) in America, by far. He absolutely dominated lineups littered with future first round hitters this year.
        If this wonderful/mind blowing turn of events were to happen, it would give the Phillies a 1-2-3 stable of starting pitching prospects (Sanchez-Mize-Medina … in some order) that few (not sure any other) team(s) can match. It could also keep their MLB payroll low enough that they could make serious runs at both Manny Machado AND Bryce Harper this winter. Not saying Middleton will be able to buy both guys, but it could at least be feasible with a great, young, cost-controlled pitching staff matriculating to CBP at the same time.

        … now … about my idea to blow past the bonus slot pool (posted above) … just do it !!!!!

        1. that would be amazing. Mize, Sixto and Medina would be the best group of Top 3 pitching prospects by one team in the minors.

  6. Klentak should just simplify his choice. Draft one whoever is available at 1.3 between:

    Option 1 – Mize
    Option 2 – Madrigal
    Option 3 – Bohm

    If Mize is gone but Bart is available at 1.3, talk to MIA and see if they want to swap Bart (as PTBNL) + some controlled players (Lively, Eflin, etc) for Realmuto + Prado (and comp pick).

  7. From Keith Law’s mock 4.0 this morning:

    It is draft day, the most wonderful time of the year, so here is my final — ahem, “final” — projection of first-round selections, but one I present with the caveat that multiple GMs told me Sunday that nothing would really be final until at least Monday afternoon, when teams and advisers would try to hammer out deals for players starting at the top. If there are deals already in place, I don’t think any of those have leaked out, even to other teams. Monday might still be very busy, and I’ll update this as appropriate if I hear anything concrete.

    1. Detroit Tigers: Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech

    Yes, this is a change, but I’m not in any way saying this will happen, or that the Tigers have made a public decision. (Maybe they haven’t even made an internal decision.) I can say the teams behind them, with whom I’ve had discussions, leaned toward Bart going first over Casey Mize because of pitcher-versus-position-player concern. Of course, this could come down to which player is willing to take the better deal for the Tigers — and perhaps there will be a third name involved, like Jarred Kelenic, whom the Tigers scouted heavily at the end of his season. One wackadoodle — a word I do not use lightly — rumor Sunday morning had them doing a deal at 1-1 with Nick Madrigal, but that did not have any substance behind it.

    2. San Francisco Giants: Cole Winn, RHP, Orange (California) Lutheran HS

    I’ve heard they covet Bart, and are considering Winn, Matthew Liberatore, Alec Bohm, Brady Singer and that kid down the street from you who throws wicked hard and one time hit you in the back and you were black and blue for like three whole days.

    3. Philadelphia Phillies: Casey Mize, RHP, Auburn

    They’re looking at about a half-dozen names, which I think include Bart, Bohm and Madrigal. If Mize gets here at all, it’s not a lock they take him, but since they don’t pick again until the fourth round, it would make sense to commit full-slot to the best player available.

    4. White Sox … Brady Singer
    5. Reds … Nick Madrigal
    6. Mets … Jarred Kelenic
    7. Padres … Alec Bohm
    8. Braves … Carter Stewart
    9. A’s … Matt Liberatore
    10. Pirates … Nolan Gorman

    1. It will me a-Mize-sing if Mize falls at 1.3!! I can see the Phils winning the NL East next year with a rotation of Nola-Mize-Sixto-Kikuchi-Pivetta and a Machado batting 3rd.

    2. I actually like Carter Stewart — and the Braves get another good arm again!

  8. KuKo, Arrieta will be in that Rotation someplace. I don’t want to spoil your fantasy.

    1. @matt13 – your correct. the rotation will be much better then with Arrieta at #5.

    1. @hinkie – i hope that Klentak thought of the scenario you brought up before — of paying Mize above the 1.3 slot money. It’s hard for me to think that SF will pass on Mize if he’s there at 1.2. So the only way to prevent Mize falling to SF is for Mize to said that he is not signing with them. SF has the edge because of the 3 WS in the last 8 years, so the only reason for Mize not to sign is the $$.

      1. KuKo … you would think the SFG would draft Mize if Detroit passed on him, but McDaniel/Longenhagen & Law don’t seem to have them linked to Mize at all.

        1. that’s true, considering that SFG really need to restock their farm so going underslot at 1.2 (and pass on Mize) and spread the $$ is a reasonable approach. i just think that SFG will blink the last minute if Mize is available at 1.2 since SFG doesn’t like slow rebuild.

          1. The Giants are one of the better drafting teams out there, especially in the first round. And they drafted Bumgarner, Lincecum, Cain in the first. If they pass on Mize, it’s only because they like somebody else better and not because they want to go underslot.

            1. To be fair, if they draft Cole Winn, it will be because he’s the cheapest of the guys they like.

            2. Mize is the BPA when he’s available — that’s why it concerns me that SFG blinks at the last minute and draft Mize who is not connected with them.

              I agree with Hinkie that if Cole Winn is the 1.2 — it’s because Winn is the cheapest guy (who most likely an underslot signing).

  9. From Keith Law chat (going on right now):

    What percentage would you place on the Tigers NOT selecting Mize 1st overall. Also, if not where is his floor (Phillies at #3?)
    Keith Law
    I go back and forth on this. Was all the smoke yesterday about them being off Mize mere posturing to get him to take less than slot? (Really, they should offer the slot for pick #2 plus $1, and he should take it, because he’s not getting more than that anywhere else.) I think they probably know who they want, and they probably knew that yesterday, so the correct answer is either 100% or 0%. The answer from outside, without actual information, makes it look like 50/50. So I suppose this is Al Avila’s Cat.

    Rico Brogna
    If the Phillies land either Madrigal or Bohm (seems they are most interested in a college bat) or even Bart if he falls, how quickly do you think each of these bats gets to the majors?
    Keith Law
    None is more than two years away. I’d guess any or all could debut late in 2019.

    Hey Keith, where would you rate Casey Mize longterm compared to of Justus Sheffield, Brendan McKay, Bret Honeywell, Sixto Sanchez and Mitch Keller? (My first klawchat question – so proud!)
    Keith Law
    Ahead of Honeywell (hurt), behind the others.

    1. Wait what? Keith Law agrees with me that Madrigal or Bohm are not more than 2 years away?

      1. He sees what has been happening with the college guys lately.
        Nola….13 months after being drafted..August
        Conforto- 14 months
        Benintendi—14 months
        Bryant…..really should have been but Cubs kept out another two months (season;s worth) for money reasons, until Apr ’15

        So there have been top ten college picks that have progressed to the majors within two years.

  10. Hinkie–ever think of starting a draft-focused blog? You’re on a different level with this stuff, m8.

    1. Amen to that. If you need a burner account to set it up Sam, call me!!!

      1. Thanks. I’m following the draft so maniacally that my computer is running at an all time slow pace today 🙂

  11. More from Keith Law’s chat:

    Is there any substance behind the rumor of Mize falling to three? Or was that just a hypothetical in your mock?
    Keith Law
    Not a hypothetical.
    Sorry quick delay for a draft-related phone call
    I’m back. That was interesting, mostly for yet another person saying he didn’t know what the Tigers’ decision will be at 1.

    1. … and …

      The Phillies last 3 first round picks all look highly questionable. What do you make of their scouting department as a whole and their top guy? Have they just been unlucky? Also, please convince me they won’t take a middle infielder with no power at #3 if Mize and Bohm are still on the board. Thanks
      Keith Law
      I’ve said before I think their first round picks have been disappointing and their picks from the second round on have been much better, above average compared to other teams, I think.

      1. Hinkie for a little guy he really has a upper cut swing. I am scared of this kid.

  12. Hinkie, You have made this whole draft process over these past couple of months very interesting. Thank You! I hope we get lucky and Mize falls. If not, I still prefer Madrigal. I want a guy who can hit, and that, really, is the difference for me.

  13. Seems to me that whomever gets picked by the Phillies will be up at some point in 2019. Certainly Mize, Singer or Madrigal earlier in ’19. Bohm possibly Aug/Sept. Not only because of their advanced development already but also because the Phillies have shown to be aggressive with their top prospects, especially bats. Sixto is possibly the exception but he’s still relatively young. My one concern for Madrigal and especially Bohm is that the organization may mess with their swing.

    Speaking of which, has any scrutiny been made on Mallee the big club’s hitting coach OR perhaps the org’s philosophy? I’m pining for Matt Stairs to somehow return from SD.

  14. I’m suddenly warming to Singer as the pick if Mize is off the board. Looking at Severino’s line today for NYY – 8ip, 1 er, 4 hits, 2 BBs, 10 Ks, season ERA 2.20. I want another one of him. Buy the bats! Lots of them!

  15. One last mock from Keith Law. He’s flipped his Casey Mize pick 😦
    He says:

    I guess this is mock 4.1 rather than 5.0, but I’ve heard enough susurrations today to want to put something out that better reflects the current rumor mill, including what’s going on in the top 10.

    1. Detroit Tigers: Casey Mize, RHP, Auburn

    2. San Francisco Giants: Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech

    3. Philadelphia Phillies: Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State

    4. Chicago White Sox: Brady Singer, RHP, Florida

    5. Cincinnati Reds: Nick Madrigal, 2B, Oregon State. One rumor Sunday evening had the Reds exploring deals with prep arms, including Stewart, Liberatore, and Grayson Rodriguez.

    6. New York Mets: Jarred Kelenic, OF, Waukesha (WI) West High School

    7. San Diego Padres: Ryan Weathers, LHP, Loretto (TN) HS

    8. Atlanta Braves: Carter Stewart, RHP, Eau Gallie HS, Melbourne, FL

    9. Oakland Athletics: Travis Swaggerty, CF, South Alabama

    10. Pittsburgh Pirates: Matthew Liberatore, LHP, Mountain Ridge HS, Peoria AZ

    1. That sounds about right.
      If history says anything about prior drafts…Phillies selecting Bohm for third base and at three should prove worthwhile.

  16. The Fangraphs team of McDaniel & Longenhagen are also mocking Bohm to the Phillies. It’s just been published.

    1. Detroit Tigers – Casey Mize, RHP, Auburn

    2. San Francisco Giants – Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech

    3. Philadelphia Phillies – Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State

    4. Chicago White Sox – Brady Singer, RHP, Florida

    5. Cincinnati Reds – Nick Madrigal, 2B, Oregon State

    6. New York Mets – Jarred Kelenic, OF, Waukesha HS (WI)

    7. San Diego Padres – Matthew Liberatore, LHP, Mountain Ridge HS (AZ)

    8. Atlanta Braves – Nolan Gorman, 3B, O’Connor HS (AZ)

    9. Oakland Athletics – Travis Swaggerty, CF, South Alabama

    10. Pittsburgh Pirates – Carter Stewart, RHP, Eau Gallie HS (FL)

  17. Cannot believe MLB announcer Harold Reynolds would take OU QB Kyler Murray at number one overall.
    MLB.com ranks him at 36th.

    1. He dropped his hat. Jersey doesn’t fit. Should’ve went with Madrigal.

    2. I think sometimes Harold Reynolds just talks without thinking at all, or even realizing what he is saying.

  18. I would have drafted Nick Madrigal, but I can understand the Phillies liking Bohm’s ceiling. Best of luck to the young man.
    Here’s some rankings and scouting reports on Bohm:


    #5 Bohm has a strong, wiry frame and, though it may take a swing tweak to unlock it’s full potential in games, he has among the best raw power and power projection in the entire draft. His swing is too contact-oriented. Many college programs emphsize contact-oriented swings because college defenses are bad and the bats allow you to hit for power anyway. Bohm would likely benefit, long-term, from a swing that better loads his hands to take advantage of his strength and that lets him extend his arms more. This would likely cost him some contact ability, but he has a 9% K rate this year due in part to surprising feel to hit, so there’s lots of room for more whiffs before they become an issue.

    While currently athletic enough to stay at third, Bohm’s broad frame is likely to add some weight over the next few years, and he may have to move down the defensive spectrum. This, plus an projected swing change, mean more of Bohm’s profile exists in abstraction than is typical for this kind of college performer.

    Keith Law:

    #5 Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State. Bohm projects to hit for average and for power, with a simple swing that has the right angle to produce real power even with the wood bat. He has hit 15 homers this year and walked 38 times against 24 strikeouts while playing solid competition in the far-flung AAC. He’s a good athlete for a big kid and has plenty of arm for third base, but there’s a chance he outgrows the position in pro ball.


    #7 Coming into 2018, scouts were divided as to which of Wichita State’s two potential first-round position players was better. Greyson Jenista has more all-around ability and won the Cape Cod League MVP award last summer, but Bohm posted better numbers there and does a better job of tapping into his considerable power potential. Bohm easily settled the argument with a superior junior season, thrusting himself into consideration as a top-five-overall pick.

    Bohm manages the strike zone very well and makes consistent hard contact from the right side of the plate. He doesn’t strike out as much as Jenista, has an edge in bat speed and his stroke is more geared to generate power at this point. He understands that he doesn’t have to sell out to hit home runs, so he doesn’t.

    Bohm doesn’t offer much when he’s outside of the batter’s box, however. Though he has worked diligently to improve at third base, he lacks quickness and range, his hands are just fair and his arm is only average. He’ll probably wind up at first base but has the offensive upside to profile there.

    Rob Ozga (The Baseball Draft Report)

    #2 Wichita State JR 3B/1B Alec Bohm: legit hit tool; plus power upside (plus-plus); mature beyond his years approach; average to above-average arm; average defensive tools, long way to go; good athlete; Sam Monroy comp: Mike Lowell; see some Rhys Hoskins in him; RHH; FAVORITE; 6-5, 220 pounds

    2016: .303/.346/.489 – 9 BB/25 K – 0/0 SB – 178 AB
    2017: .305/.385/.519 – 29 BB/31 K – 5/5 SB – 233 AB
    2018: .339/.436/.625 – 39 BB/28 K – 9/12 SB – 224 AB

    D1 Baseball.com

    #6 ranked college player

    Frankie Piliere (formerly of D1 Baseball.com)

    #6 player in Cape Cod League last summer Alec Bohm, 3b/1b, Wichita State (2018)
    It was the year of the Shocker in the Cape Cod League, as two of the league’s most feared sluggers came from Wichita State. And while Greyson Jenista’s game may offer up a little more variety in terms of physical tools, it was Bohm that took the league by storm with his lethal righthanded bat and extremely functional hit tool. The physically imposing 6-foot-5, 225 righty slugger hit .358/.399/.513 on the summer for Falmouth, mashing five home runs along the way. Perhaps his most impressive statistic, however, was his 12.7% strikeout rate. For a hitter of his size, length, and power that’s an incredibly strong stat. And, given that it’s consistent with what he’s done at school, it’s a stat that will allow him to play into early first round conversations.
    With his extra-long frame, Bohm is bound to have some length to his swing. So how is he able to maintain such a contact heavy approach without sacrificing his plus power? Take his showdown with Logan Gilbert in mid-July as an example of how he does it. After losing his first battle with the Stetson righthander, going down on a good sequence of curveballs and a high fastball, Bohm fought off some tough pitches and got himself into a 3-2 count where he knew he’d see a fastball in his second at-bat. Gilbert left a fastball slightly elevated over the outside part of the plate and Bohm muscled one to the opposite field gap off the top of the right-center-field fence. Bohm was vulnerable to Gilbert’s elite velocity on the inner third,but his approach is so sound that he was able to keep battling until he had a pitch he could extend on and drive. It’s the approach, the calmness, and the ability to recognize pitches out of a pitcher’s hand that separates Bohm with the bat. No hitter looked more relaxed in the box on the Cape. He almost never chased a pitch out of the zone, and he knew just when to take a strike he couldn’t handle and wait for a pitch to drive. There may not be a power hitter in the 2018 draft class with a more advanced approach.
    While the length to Bohm’s swing will always be there, he has above-average bat speed and high level barrel control we don’t normally see from a hitter of his size and power. He can miss hit a ball and drive it out to center and right-center, and he looks in that direction unless a pitcher makes a mistake inside. When that happens, he’s capable of hitting monster home runs to left field. This is a hitter who doesn’t need to over-swing to generate plus power. He’s a below average runner, and while he’s shown improvement at third base, looks more likely to be destined to end up at first. But, even so his potent bat and advanced approach could carry him to a first round draft choice.

    Bohm at Spectrum Field in Clearwater for the AAC Tournament

    1. Oops. guess I should have posted this in the Phillies Draft Pick Thread.
      I’ll re-post it there.

    2. Madrigal would have been my choice as well. Best hit tool and highest floor in the draft, which is exactly what the Phillies should be looking for. Not concerned about his size, relative lack of power, or “wearing down”.

      That said, I can understand the Bohm selection.

      1. Madrigal scares me. I saw a kid who has a upcut swing I don’t know how he will do with a wooden bat. Small guy. some things about him are great like contact. but some I just are scared of. Bohm isn’t a sure thing either, but he does have power, and doesn’t strike out a lot for a big guy, that works in his favor. I Really from what I saw loved mize. Bart would have been my second choice. With bart you know he can play defense and has a good arm if you get the power he showed in college. you got a stud., worst case you drafted a good defense catcher.

  19. what do you think of Singer, Liberatore and Winn not going through 14 picks?

    1. There’s always been questions about Brady Singer’s health. Toronto drafted in the second round out of HS. When something fuzzy showed up on Singer’s MRI, the Blue Jays didn’t sign him.

      With the two HS pitchers, I’m guessing it’s a price thing.

      1. I wish I could understand how high school kids. turn down a million dollars or more to sign. 18 yrs old and you have the money to buy a house and nice car. Be independent and they say no. To something they love to play baseball.

  20. Singer finally goes to KC at 18. MLB had 3 players ranked in the 30s before him, ranked #2. Odd

    1. Jeff Ellis had him ranked #24- old for his class, delivery concerns, strike out rate concerns. felt he would be a good reliever, or a mid rotation arm at best. as Hinkie said could be medical concerns too.

  21. I don’t like low ceiling guys because you can’t win championships with them. You need high ceiling guys, who hopefully reach close to the ceiling, to win. Bohm was the right pick from what I read about him. India would have been an interesting choice also but Madragal, especially for this team now, wouldn’t have helped. I assume he’ll go right to Lakewood after they sign him. Time for Scheiner to move up after the signing.

    1. Disagree that Madrigal wouldn’t have helped. And his ceiling is reasonably high as well. Defensive position could have been an issue, but you could probably move him around like the Phillies are doing now with Kingery.

      Meanwhile, the jury is still out about Bohm’s long term prospects at 3B. If he has to move to 1B, his bat has to be even better.

      Again, I’m not down on Bohm, just would have preferred Madrigal.

  22. It’s Bohm now waiting until tommorow . Wierd Gorman went to St.louis ,Singer fell too .

  23. If the player matches the scouting report then it will be a great pick that will match our time frame. Best of luck Alec. We need you!

  24. A few of the guys available at what was formerly the Phillies second round pick:
    Kumar Rocker (at a severe overpay)
    Jeremy Eierman
    Mike Siani
    Austin Becker
    Aaron Hernandez
    Josh Breaux

    1. I would have probably taken Eierman or Becker. Rocker probably has a big deal in place with a team like the Rays or Royals. They have big bonus pools.

  25. Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Phils scouting director, working for this analytically focused regime, said about the #1 pick “he could hit 300 and knock in 100 runs a year”. That is the least analytics based statistical comment you’ll hear these days.

    1. Just read a first round grade by a guy joel rueter. . Worst grade in first round was a c minus and he gave that to our pick. couple C like india got one. all others a and b. doesn’t like our pick I guess.

      1. I looked him up. He writes for B/R. His reasoning is the worst kind … that the Phils already have two 1B on the roster and Bohm wouldn’t have a position should he require a move off third.


        If he can’t play 3B (the Phils have to think he can if they took him at No. 3), there’s a logjam, but logjams have a way of working themselves out. As long as he hits, all will be good.

        1. mike there is first base. left field. if Luzinski could do it anyone can imo

  26. The Blue Jays drafted Griffin Conine in the second round. That leaves them with the children of Jeff Conine, Vladimir Guerrero, Dante Bichette and Craig Biggio in their system. It must be in the genes!

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