2016 Spring Training, March 11th

Thursday, the Phillies traveled to central Florida and whipped the Atlanta Braves 9-2, pushing their spring record to 8-3-2. Former Phillies Michael Bourn and Kyle Kendrick started for Atlanta.  Bourn went 1-3.  He fared better than Kendrick who faced 16 batters in 1.2 innings and allowed 7 ER on 9 hits and 2 walks.  The Phillies put up double digit hits again (16).  Ryan Howard returned from an illness and recorded his first spring base hit. Roman Quinn posted his third triple in 18 at bats.  Meanwhile, back at the Complex in Clearwater, the Phillies held two more intrasquad games at minor league camp.

Bailey Falter was sidelined due to an aggravated condition he suffered during morning drills.  Nothing serious, but the trainers decided to err on the side of caution.  Still, I watched 14 pitchers throw in the G3 v. G4 game and Cody Forsythe in the G1 v. G2 game.


  • Pitchers face as many batters as necessary to get their work, usually 20 pitches.
  • No charting, no radar guns, no score.
  • If the third out is recorded with runners on base and the pitcher hasn’t reached his pitch limit, the bases are cleared, nobody on, nobody out.
  • Group 4
  • Seranthony Dominguez was a little up with his pitches but suffered no early damage. Jan Hernandez was the third batter he faced.  He fouled a pitch off his knee and dropped like he was shot.  He was in obvious pain and was eventually helped from the field.  After the delay, the next batter walked and the inning was rolled.
  • Hernandez looked okay a short time later.  He walked past me with with ice wrapped around his knee.
  • Evan Crower faced 5 batters.  He throws a heavy ball and elicited a couple of weak ground balls to first.  One was misplayed for an error.  He struck out Randolph on a high pitch and got a favorable call on a pitch earlier in the count that was questionable.  Kyle Martin stole second on the 3-2 pitch.
Crower 3-11
Evan Crower releasing to the plate.
  • Nick Fanti exhibited good command of his FB and CB.  He recorded 2 strike outs and a ground out to first that was ruled safe when he missed the bag on his first attempt.
Fanti wind up 3-11
Nick Fanti striding into the pitch.
  • Andrew Godail faced 6 batters.  He walked a batter and saw two more reach on fielding errors including Randolph.  He allowed 2 base hits and got a DP.
  • William Stewart recorded a strike out and a come back ground out.  A bloop single by Cuicas was erased on a 4-6-3 DP.  Two ground balls to first ended his outing.
  • Jeff Singer has a deceptive side arm approach that caused some problems for a couple of the four hitters he faced.  Tomscha lined a single to left and Cumana grounded into a 5-4-3 DP before Singer recorded 2 strike outs.  Lucas Williams made a nice backhand at third to start the DP.
  • Geury Ortiz retired the 5 batters he faced.
Randolph 3-11
Randolph lining the ball back through the middle.
Wilson 3-11
Reggie Wilson stepping into one.
  • Group 3
  • Mitch Gueller was the first pitcher.  He was a little wild.  He hit 3 of the first 4 batters he faced – Juan Luis in the foot, Dylan Bosheers squarely in the back, and Bryan Martelo also in the back which forced in a run since the other batter had reached on an error.  A fielder’s choice and a sac fly by Jhailyn Ortiz scored 2 more runs.  A walk finally ended the inning.
  • Tyler Gilbert kept the ball down in the zone, but his downward plane isn’t as sharp as those who come over the top more.  He got one pitch up and Pickett drove it to left for a ground rule double.  Of the other 5 batters he faced only Bosheers reached base when he was struck on the foot by a pitched ball.
  • Luke Leftwich “sounds” like he has some velocity, but I didn’t notice much movement on his FB.  He allowed an infield single to Zier who also stole second base.  Martelo and Ortiz struck out, Ortiz on a ball in the dirt.
  • Anthony Sequeira faced 5 batters who looked over-matched.  Pickett struck out. Bosheers fisted a bloop single out of reach of the SS as the inning was rolled.
  • Kevin Walsh ran into a little difficulty.  Tomassetti singled to left and Martelo lifted a ground rule double to left center.  a run scored on a ground out to third.  Ortiz drew a walk.  Edwin Rodriguez singled to RF.
  •  Robert Tasin is another side arm pitcher.  He got a ground out to second but the next 3 batter hit him pretty hard.  Pickett crushed a HR to CF that was initially ruled in play when the umpire didn’t notice that the ball ricocheted back onto the field off a passing waste disposal truck.  The CF played the ball back in like it had come off the wall, but the umpires eventually got the call right.  Alastre lined a single to left and Luke Willaims grounded hard into a 5-4-2 DP.
  • Zach Morris finished up retiring the three batter he faced, two on ground outs to third.  Little Enmanuel Garcia opened some eyes when he flied out to deep CF.
  • Over on the other field, Cody Forsythe retired the 5 batters he faced.  A couple of Ks and some weekly hit balls.  he is assigned to G4.  Some of the G3 batters he faced were Sandberg, H. Rodriguez, Kingery, and Grullon (I think).  His delivery still looks different to me, but it seems effective.
Forsythe 3-11
Cody Forsyhte delivers.

Intrasquad games are scheduled again today at 1:00PM.  Jerad Eickhoff is reported to be activated and throwing 3 innings in one of the games.



23 thoughts on “2016 Spring Training, March 11th

  1. Is there a more comprehensive source for Phillies spring training notes anywhere on the web right now? Serious question. You do good work Jim. Hope you’re enjoying it. Otherwise try not to burn yourself out.

    Have you seen much of Lucas Williams? I see his name referenced a few times above. Any impressions?

    1. I like Williams. He impressed me with his plate discipline last summer in the GCL, second only to Randolph. He still looks smart at the plate the few times I have seen him. He looks a little bigger, too. That should help him develop the power he’ll need to stick at a corner. Defensively, he has adjusted well to third base. Perhaps he could also make a future transition to second if other options in the org don’t pan out.

  2. Good report Jim.
    I am hopeful Falter, Fanti and Crower are three starting LHPs that will emerge from that department with promise.
    Imhof and Liebrandt need to right their ships and show a lot of advancement this season. Windle and Milner are bullpen guys it would seem going forward.
    Along with third base, (which is not an issue with Franco sitting in Philly on top of the leader board already), starting LHPs would appear to be a real dearth in the farm system.

  3. I’m hoping that Fanti and Pickett are two guys we’ve undervalued previously. They certainly both have potential.

    1. Pickett looks so much more confident this year. I saw flashes from him last season, but his injuries prevented proper observation and reporting.

      Fanti looks like a kid who is confident he’s going to make it. Like it’s a foregone conclusion. He certainly pitches like a pitcher older than his age.

      I am probably guilty of unwarranted optimism when I watch Fanti, Williams, Pickett and a couple other GCL players. But when I watch countless players in these scrimmages, the ones who stand out are the ones who stand out. Sounds like something Yogi Berra would say.

      1. Thanks Jim. I’ll be there next weekend and I’d love to say hello (after Lenny’s of course). How could I recognize you?
        Thanks for all you do here, it’s terrific.

        1. @Murray and anyone else who comes to Clearwater,

          “Fat man in a little coat.” Just kidding. My 4-year old grand daughter once described me as a little chubby and kind of funny. I only objected to the “kind of”.
          I wear my trademark straw hat which I occasionally replace with a Threshers’ cap. I wear a polo shirt. I carry a red back pack with black accents. I wear glasses. I do NOT look like Larry Andersen. When taking notes, I’ll have a clip board out.

          Look forward to meeting you.

      2. Jim that’s my guy fanti.. He just was so dominant in High School. I have read a lot about him. He does seem like a real confident kid. What I don’t know is how hard he is throwing down there. I know he was around 88 in hs, and how good is his control and off speed stuff, any info ty.

  4. Two things jumped out at me:

    Mitch Gueller was a “little” wild? Seems like a severe understatement, when a guy plunks three of the first four batters he faced. The dude may be a danger to his own teammates.

    Pickett hits a HR that bounces back into the field off a passing waste disposal truck? Not just a passing vehicle, but a waste disposal truck. That’s hilarious!

    1. the clearwater recycling center is next door to the carpenter complex.

      looking forward to being at the complex next week. hold the good weather.

    2. Yeah, I’ll have to amend that statement. Turns out there’s a fine mesh extending from the batter’s eye to the light stands on either side. I hate to kill the legend before it even gets started. We’re going to call it the “Pickett Fence”. Perhaps I should follow the advice of the reporter in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence”. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

    1. My first thought was that I was sorry to here it. My second was that it is really bad when you can’t make the rotation of a team that is really tanking.

  5. Nick Williams launched one today, that has to be good for him. Might be a good time to send him, Quinn, and JP down. There’s enough 4A guys around to cover the games.

    1. Watching some of Williams at bats. He looks like a younger franco in this respect, Has a little trouble with off speed stuff. Nice swing. love his arm. Think he will need a little more time in minors. but has a chance imo to be something.

      1. rocco…..I am glad you did not liken him to your past favorite Philly prospect…Dom Brown. 🙂

      2. Williams needs some more time in the minors. He doesn’t get cheated when he swings, that’s for sure.

  6. Eickhoff just cannot get a break.
    Pitched today, but now has developed a blister…..of all places on his foot.
    I wonder if this will now slow him a little further.

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