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Reader Top 30 #5

It’s Roman Quinn by a large margin in what many thought would be a close race. The top 4 prospects as voted by you so far with the # of votes, % of vote, and margin over next prospect –

  1. J.P. Crawford, 318 votes (of 356), 89.3%, by 301 votes over Maikel Franco (17 votes).
  2. Aaron Nola, 203 votes (of 430), 47.21%, by 14 votes over Maikel Franco (189 votes).
  3. Maikel Franco, 349 votes (of 416), 83.89%, by 321 votes over Roman Quinn (28 votes).
  4. Roman Quinn, 241 votes (of 384), 62.76%, by 191 votes over Zach Eflin (50 votes).

Although the top 4 prospects received 1371 of 1586 votes cast (86.44%) and outdistanced other prospects by convincing margins, somehow the remaining votes cast for the top 4 spots were divided among 27 different players.

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Open Discussion: Week of December 29, 2014

So, under the tree we found RHP Stephen Shackleford and 2B Tyler Henson. I guess we’ve been naughty. Very naughty. But a couple days later, a gift from a favorite aunt arrived containing LHP Wandy Rodriguez.  This last present is reported to have signed a minor league contract, has to pass a physical to finalize the deal, and may be invited to spring training.

For those of us who attend games during spring training, we might have the promise of a BIG present. The scoreboard at Bright House Field has been demolished, and a new board is supposed to be installed by the start of spring training. Unfortunately, the garish billboards (for Hooters, Budweiser, Tampa Times, and Lenny’s) that offer such a stark contrast to an automated board are still intact.

Speaking of spring training, I am going to miss Jimmy Rollins in camp this year.  I’ve always felt that Jimmy was the heart and personality of the team. I have often seen him bringing team mates over to sign autographs for fans during the short breaks that occur between drills.

I’m afraid that the only other big move we may see is a deal that moves Marlon Bird. Rumors about Cole Hamels will probably continue, but I hope the asking price remains high.  I don’t want to “settle” just for the sake of making a trade.  If a trade doesn’t materialize, then there is always the trading deadline, or next off season.  And if a trade never happens, then Hamels can anchor the staff until the team competes for a playoff berth in much the same way that Steve Carlton held the staff together after his 1972 season until the rest of that team was strong enough to compete.

The floor is open.  Discuss.

Winter Ball Round Up: Dec. 21 – Dec. 27

The Winter League regular seasons are winding down.

  • DWL – ended on 12/21/2014.
  • Mexican League – ends on 12/29/2014.
  • VWL and Puerto Rican leagues – end on 12/30/2014.
  • The Australian League – ends on 1/25/2015.

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