Open Discussion: Week of December 29, 2014

So, under the tree we found RHP Stephen Shackleford and 2B Tyler Henson. I guess we’ve been naughty. Very naughty. But a couple days later, a gift from a favorite aunt arrived containing LHP Wandy Rodriguez.  This last present is reported to have signed a minor league contract, has to pass a physical to finalize the deal, and may be invited to spring training.

For those of us who attend games during spring training, we might have the promise of a BIG present. The scoreboard at Bright House Field has been demolished, and a new board is supposed to be installed by the start of spring training. Unfortunately, the garish billboards (for Hooters, Budweiser, Tampa Times, and Lenny’s) that offer such a stark contrast to an automated board are still intact.

Speaking of spring training, I am going to miss Jimmy Rollins in camp this year.  I’ve always felt that Jimmy was the heart and personality of the team. I have often seen him bringing team mates over to sign autographs for fans during the short breaks that occur between drills.

I’m afraid that the only other big move we may see is a deal that moves Marlon Bird. Rumors about Cole Hamels will probably continue, but I hope the asking price remains high.  I don’t want to “settle” just for the sake of making a trade.  If a trade doesn’t materialize, then there is always the trading deadline, or next off season.  And if a trade never happens, then Hamels can anchor the staff until the team competes for a playoff berth in much the same way that Steve Carlton held the staff together after his 1972 season until the rest of that team was strong enough to compete.

The floor is open.  Discuss.

87 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of December 29, 2014

  1. Wandy with a minor league contract is low risk but I am here in Pittsburgh and the way his ability went south reminds me of Halliday. Low risk but anyone that has more than zero expectations for him will likely be disappointed.

    1. So we signed Eny Cabreja. Loss risk and an unknown reward. Looks like a fine hail mary. In case you didn’t know Eny was the name Wandy used prior to 2002. I’m not sure if he sold himself as younger than he was when he came state-side or just didn’t like his name but if you were going to pick a new name, Wandy’s a weird one to pick.

      1. The moves they made were, actually. Only Gillick made good moves, and even he made mistakes and didn’t spend like a big market team should.

        And seriously, we needed the Mets to collapse in order to get in the playoffs in 2007 so please. We had a great rotation in 2011 but that was it. We’ve never had a great lineup that didn’t have holes. We’ve never had a great rotation and a great bullpen at the same time. We’ve never had a complete team. Call me crazy but I don’t see that as great.

  2. I think Giles and Wade are in the back ground running the sure smells like them.there nice guys but just not good at baeeball. Maybe Giles wants us to us a new stadium.

    1. Should I go into the Ed Wade rant again? HaHa. Wade might not be what people would call a “great GM” but he knows how to build the farm, period.

      1. Ed Wadw did not run the farm System, that was Mike Arbuckle. That is why he was so mad when RAJ got the GM’s job, and not him, so he went to KC, where the farm is pretty good, so I am thinking his work in Philly wasn’t a fluke.

        1. and the Astros have one of the better farm systems too, build while Wade was there. GMs get credit for what their staff does.

      2. A farm he traded away.

        And honestly, let’s not get into how bad of a job he did drafting. A handful of stars (which every team does, by the way) does not make up for all of the awful, awful busts and trading away the few decent players that might have panned out.

  3. Corey Seidman of CSN hit it on the head:
    “Out of 42 pitchers who qualified for the ERA title, Burnett was 40th in the NL and Kendrick was 41st. So that’s $24,425,000 the Phillies spent on two of the worst pitchers in the league in 2014”
    Signing Wandy Rodriguez and Kevin Slowey, if they can have good a ST, make the team comig north, and stay healthy for the first three months of the season, could be a bargain and pay dividends when the July trade deadline comes around.

    1. Well, that article was half right. The Phillies rotation will be cheaper. All his other assumptions are laughable. That Cliff Lee will return as a competent #2 I put at 50%. That Sandy is a competent #3 I put at <5%. Even when healthy last year he looked like a man whose career was over.And the fact that the best he could do was a minor league contract with one of the worst teams in baseball. Seidman says Slowey's career numbers are aw good as Kendrick's but Slowey's numbers haven't been as good for at least four years. That Burnett and Kendrick were overpaid is not in dispute, but in the end they gave us over 400 innings. The current group at the back end of the rotation are unlikely to give us that much.

      1. But , in the fantasy GM world that we all live in, you do not want an accumulative 400 innings… want 15 starts apiece and between them maybe 180/200 innings.
        To get them to July and the trade deadline. Then try to get some prospects for the long-term maturation of this farm system and organization.

    2. They still need to get another 1 or 2 more guys like this. Between injuries and sucking, it’s going to take a few of these guys out.

  4. 4 of the 6 highest paid rotations in the MLB made the playoffs including the Giants who won another Championship. The 2 that did not were the Phillies and the Yankees


  5. Mlb trade rumors said the same thing but the Reds mite still be talking to the phillies. Wandy and Sloweyare signing minor league for reasons.there haven’t been good for a while . Phillies are signing anyone that is cheap. Other then J Roll how many 35yr old something players have been trading . Put it this if the phillies were In the playoff race this yr what what prospects would you give up for either one of WANDY or Slowey.

    1. None of course, but that’s what we had to give up so it’s all upside. If they stink, they can be gone by the start of the minor league season. The Phillies are doing a casting call of individually highly unlikely AAAA and dust bin guys. It’s not unreasonable to hoe that something useful will be found in this mélange.

    1. They are minor league signees. If they do not make it, you only lose time.
      Cannot understand the dismay people have about minor league signings.

      1. I’m not dismayed by the minor league signings. I was more commenting on the absurdity of Seidmann’s article that they have more than a snowballs chance in hell to be better than Burnet and Kendrick.

  6. It is more a reflection on disgust/dismay with the Front Office, and the lack of doing anything else. So we get to complain about the minor signings because there is nothing else. Can’t continue to complain that Byrd still here or complain about what we will or won’t get a Hamels trade, so this becomes a release. And, on that topic, what could RAJ possibly be demanding that Byrd is still here?

  7. Ty Anonymous some people we could trade them lol for what ? 88 they do make it that’s great . The Philies can hardy fill out a major league rotation with no depth and no up side. Arbuckle came over from the Braves were he a very good rep as soon as he can over our minor league was better yes he was mad and left . Maybe if He was our GM now we wouldn’t be in this mess. All Kansas City has is a farm sys that is one of the best. Ed Wade went Houston were they so bad that they picked in the top 5 for a couple of yrs.Do you think RAJ would be the yanks, Boston, The Dodgers , St louis , GM after what he did the last 2 yrs.

    1. Perhaps this will sway the almost 30% of Latin players in the MLB, to stop hindering the efforts to establish an international draft. Selig’s acquiescence to the Latin players a few years ago was a deciding factor in putting off the draft.

      1. then shame on Bud…its should only be about whats best for the game and the fans who have helped it grow into the multi billion dollar operation that it is.

    2. I agree this is a tragic loophole that has to be closed. International draft makes so much sense it should be a no-brainer. Can’t see any logical argument not to do so asap.

  8. I’d target Stephen Drew on a cheap deal 1 year deal with the enticement he will get to start the season as our opening day SS. He always seems to be a commodity at the trade deadline.

    If he gets himself off to a good start then he can probably parlay that onto a playoff team.

    1. Targeting Drew means targeting Scott Boras also.
      Means long and lengthy negotiations, then at close to the end he pulls a rabbit out of his hat by introducing another bidder. John Henry of the Sox has expressed his displeasure with Boras and has experienced that Boras maneuver.

      1. Why does everyone want to bring in other shortstops? The team wants Galvis to finally play everyday so they can see what they have. He’s going to play until JP is ready, unless he totally falls on his face. The team wants to get younger, that’s how that happens.

        1. Why would the team want to play Galvis? What possible benefit? I used to think there was a chance – albeit a slim one – that he could develop into a major league regular. But that ship has sailed. He is (at best) a replacement level player. They know what they have – a player who can’t really hit (Steamer projects him to hit .232/.275/.358, which is actually BETTER than his career numbers to date. Nor do his minor league numbers suggest that he is any better than that), and whose fielding hasn’t really lived up to the hype.

          The goal (ultimately) is to build another contender. Getting younger is a means to that end, but not an end in itself. They could “get younger” by fielding a team of AAA players. That may be what the “tear it down” crowd wants to see, but I fail to see how that helps the team, now or in the future.

          1. What benefit is galvis a one year replacement for a team that is bad. what logic to bringing in someone who hits maybe 240? imo none and he can field I don’t know what you have seen larry. but the guy can field.

            1. To be clear roccom, I don’t necessarily think this is a huge deal one way or the other. DMAR explains the upside of a Drew signing (and I would add that, FWIW, Drew is likely to be better than Galvis) – but I agree it’s not much. I wouldn’t give Drew more than a one year deal.

              But let’s not pretend that there’s any chance that Galvis is going to become a decent regular.

            2. Drew is just a little more than a year removed from a very good season offensively and defensively (2013). Now, to be fair that’s book-ended by two rather poor seasons. But Galvis is never in a million years going to be the player Drew was as recently as 2013.

              Again, I don’t think it’s a huge deal one way or the other. But on a one year deal for a reasonable salary, with the possibility of a deadline deal? Yeah, I’ll take Drew if that’s on offer.

            3. You can’t ignore the money part of this. Galvis at a minimum salary vs Drew at a $5 M or so number. Plus I don’t think the Phillies want to sign anyone named Drew, seriously.

            4. Why does the money matter, at all? I mean, it might for the ownership – more money for them to keep for themselves – but let’s not pretend that the 5 million will be spent more productively.

              The real issue here is that Galvis stinks.

    2. I don’t understand your Stephen drew remark. He is a lifetime 250 hitter, who has shown no power since 2011, doesn’t steal bases, how much of a upgrade would he be over galvis???

      1. Allow me to explain Rocco. Imagine for a minute Drew has some type of a bounce back year and at the deadline he is hitting .270 and OPSing near 800 is he not an asset at that point that could return you something better than what McDonald got them a few years back?

        Point is Drew for some odd reason is well regarded around the league and my wager would be on flipping him for another young asset. A team in the hunt for the playoffs is going to value his experience and steady D.

        1. I don’t know why you would expect Drew to “bounce back” to his 2008/2010 high water mark. It’s more likely that he drones along at the numbers he’s posted over the past 4 years.

          1. If he “bounces back” to his 2013 form – quite possible though not certain – he will get a decent return at the deadline.

            1. That is the point which is why you just cycle guys on one year deals.

              Galvis is not going to be a starter but at this point a bottom of the roster spot does not need to be filled immediately. As Spring Training gets closer guys on the street will come running for spots.

              The same goes for RF if Byrd is traded. You can put any of Ruf, Brown, and Sizemore in the corners or grab a very cheap FA on a one year deal.

              No need to rush except to make a trade before someone decides to grab a guy off the street.

        2. Drew would never sign with the Phillies cheap. He’ll have plenty of opportunities with better teams on one year deals. For the Phillies to get him it would have to be a contract very much in Drew’s favor and the Phillies do not want to go that way. Good or bad I think cheap is the Phillies interest for the majors this year. Galvis fits the bill.

  9. Seth smith over Marlon Byrd, Looking at there numbers, Byrd is better and same money. Cant figure out why amaro cant move this guy. but smith gets moved after signing 17 million extension. with less power. and a option for 2017. I guess its just me,

    1. I think RAJ is concentrating on getting prospect pitching.
      I would think Byrd would have brought back a RHP Ben Lively from the Reds system. Not a top of the rotation ace, by no means, but another 3/4 type pitcher.

    2. Maybe the 5 year difference in their ages has something to do with it?
      And how do you figure Smith has less power?
      Byrd – .278/.333/.427/.760; XBH over a 162 games – 32 2B, 4 3B 15 HR
      Smith – .265/.347/.453/.800; XBH over a 162 games – 30 2B, 5 3B, 16 HR
      And it is a $13M extension. ($6M in 2015; $6.75M in 2016, and $7M team option in 2017 w/$250K buyout). If Byrd were to vest, he would cost $8M for his age 38 season in 2016 whereas Smith is guaranteed $6.75M for his age 33 season. Not quite as simple as you state above.

  10. Isn’t Smith a left handed hitter? I don’t get the Kendrys Morales deal, or the Alex Rios deal. There cannot be a logical explanation that RAJ can’t get some prospect for Byrd, even if it costs 4-5Million. What possible benefit is having him in RF this year? The demands has to be astronomical. And, I agree with LarryM. What is the point of getting younger and worse? A Cabrera,at least, has the possibility of getting traded in July.

  11. Galvis had his chance he has 1 tool and that’s field. I was looking at Chase D ‘Arnaud he can’t field to well but has some pop and can steal a base. Andres Blanco does a little of both. I have no idea why RAJ sitting on his hands not going after 1 Cuban player. Someone asked who KC has they have 6 prospects in the top 100. I also have this feeling were going to see Jeff Francoeur this yr.

  12. Still hoping for a Byrd deal, and then wouldn’t we be looking at a Francoeur/Sizemore platoon? Ruf gets to play some 1B whether or not Howard is here, Brown gets his full shot in LF and Revere is in CF unless our Rule V guy turns into Shane Victorino Part II. Certainly not anyone’s dream, but there is zero reason to have Byrd in RF next year

      1. I never called for rebuild, not with the money they have to spend. What I wanted for Christmas is amaro fired. so I lost again. now lets see if they spend some money on latin and Cuban market. Riggs who made this mess?? why should we suffer for there mistakes? not a small market they could spend, lets see what they do now.

  13. Jonathan Papelbon if not traded and no one wants him??????? Lets see if this guy is a true Pitcher. Let him be a starting Pitcher this year . He would be a better #3 to earn the money he gets. We have a better bullpen without him.

      1. Reading could have a formidable staff in 2015.
        Lively, Eflin and Nola are three young quality right handed arms.

  14. From . . .

    Ben Lively
    6’4 190LBS

    Fastball 55 Curveball 50 Change Up 50 Slider 55 Control 55 Overall 50

    Lively’s average stuff combined with plus deception have some thinking of him as the right-handed version of Tony Cingrani. The Reds can only hope this Central Florida product can follow the same quick path to Cincinnati.

    None of Lively’s pitches jump off the page, but he does have four of them that he can throw for strikes. His fastball can touch 93-94 mph, and his slider shows signs of being a potential above-average pitch, as well. Lively mixes in his curve and changeup well to keep hitters guessing. All of his stuff plays up because of his unusual delivery in which his arm stays hidden, making it tough for hitters to pick up the ball.

    It only took Cingrani a year to make an impact in Cincy. Lively could be on a similar fast track.

    I like the trade, you really weren’t going to get THAT much for a 38 yr old OF with possibly 2 more years on his contract. I also like how not only does he have a high K/9 but he also gives up less hits then IP and by a good margin.

  15. Phillies restocking the upper level pitching. I like that strategy as pitching was sorely needed in Reading and LV.

  16. I love to see them now unload Howard and have Franco at first, and asche at third, I Think with some young guys it would be better to watch. Maybe a rotation of hamels, lee, nola, , and Williams or Buchanan

    1. I would like to see that too, but isn’t Franco a better 3B than Ashe? Maybe play Franco at 3B and have ashe in the OF

  17. Consider, arguably the top 5 outfielders for the Phillies, i.e. Revere, DBrown, Sizemore, Herrera, Bogusevic, each have something in common, a redundancy if you will. Barring injury, Revere, DBrown and Sizemore will definitely break with the club.

    1. I still have high hopes for Herrera, though his Ranger forecasts were not all that glowing thru the years.
      This video is from 2012 as a second baseman, but he does have pretty decent size when compared to other Latin middle infielders.

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  19. Mad Dog trying comeback with the Royals….good luck to him.
    Gave the Phillies a good career.
    And Hector Neris just keeps pitching scoreless innings in the DR.
    The bullpen’s future looks pretty bright with him, Ogando and Elvis Araujo down the road.

    1. Luis Garcia needs to bring that low 3’s BB/9 rate from LV to the majors and he’d be another big arm weapon out of the pen. Not to mention Rule V pick Andrew Oliver who also brings a 95+ fastball.

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