Daily Archives: December 25, 2014

Reader Top 30 #4

Maikel Franco is deemed to be the organization’s #3 prospect getting 84% of the vote.

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas yesterday.  The days leading up were saddened by a family event earlier in the week and doubled with more sad news on Christmas Day.  The daily poll may be sporadic the next week as I attend to other matters.  I plan on posting an Open Discussion for next week, and I hope to post poll #5 Sunday night, as well as a Winter Ball update if enough games were played to make it worthwhile and I can find the time.

Once again, I ask that you consider submitting your personal top 30 to prospectpoll@yahoo.com with the Subject line – Poll.  I’m using them to determine who I add to the poll.  I can’t use the write-in votes, some of them are pretty wild – Larry Greene, for instance.  So nine players who showed up on a majority of ballots are being added today – Aaron Brown, Luis Encarnacion, Zach Green, Franklyn Kilome, Yoel Mecias, Nefi Ogando, Ricardo Pinto, Andrew Pullin, Joely Rodriguez.  Suggestions can also be sent to the address above with the Subject line, Add. Continue reading Reader Top 30 #4