Reader Top 30 #4

Maikel Franco is deemed to be the organization’s #3 prospect getting 84% of the vote.

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas yesterday.  The days leading up were saddened by a family event earlier in the week and doubled with more sad news on Christmas Day.  The daily poll may be sporadic the next week as I attend to other matters.  I plan on posting an Open Discussion for next week, and I hope to post poll #5 Sunday night, as well as a Winter Ball update if enough games were played to make it worthwhile and I can find the time.

Once again, I ask that you consider submitting your personal top 30 to with the Subject line – Poll.  I’m using them to determine who I add to the poll.  I can’t use the write-in votes, some of them are pretty wild – Larry Greene, for instance.  So nine players who showed up on a majority of ballots are being added today – Aaron Brown, Luis Encarnacion, Zach Green, Franklyn Kilome, Yoel Mecias, Nefi Ogando, Ricardo Pinto, Andrew Pullin, Joely Rodriguez.  Suggestions can also be sent to the address above with the Subject line, Add.

18 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #4

  1. I think the first three had no real debate as to who belonged in the top three. This is where it gets interesting. I went with Quinn based off of ceiling. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised with 4 guys getting the spot here with Quinn, Tocci, Biddle, or Elfin.

    1. I voted for “Elf-in”. Around Christmas is very appropriate and I have to check my posts all the time making sure I spell Eflin correctly.

  2. I went Quinn, he seems to be over the injuries and hasn’t lost any speed. I love him in CF, and he really turned heads in the AFL. Really pulling for Jesse- he is such a great guy and I have seen him dominate when he is on, but he has to get back on track,

  3. Our thoughts are with you, Jim. Your efforts are much appreciated, and to do this, even in tough times is really terrific. Went with Quinn here, based on his position, CF, his speed and D and his showing in Arizona. Still can’t go with Biddle until after Eflin, at least until we see that he is back on track. We have no idea where he is mentally or physically.

  4. I also want to say that my thoughts are with you Jim.

    If ever there was a time were you could go with 1/2 votes it’s here for me. Quinn and Biddle. I went with Quinn based on same comments as Anonymous.

  5. Jim, if the poll misses a few days here and there, not a problem. Time spent with those important to you at times like this is most important.

    Quinn is my pick here, now the hard work begins.

  6. Really torn here. i want to go Biddle in the worst way but can’t get over his Bb rate. I’m not convinced Quinn will ever hit enough to be an average major leaguer. But he’s on the upswing at the moment following a variety of issues slowing his development. Quinn it is (I just talked myself into it)

  7. Went Quinn here. The game-changing speed gets my vote, but I seriously considered Eflin here. That tells a lot about my pick for no. 5 prospect

  8. Lets try and stick with original Phillies as long as we can, not much known about Eflin, very generic righty – 88 – 92 fb, his stuff has leveled out according to Padres people in front office – sure that’s why they traded him. Let’s focus on Cozens, Altheer, the Knapp’s, Zach Green and the Biddle’s of the world.

  9. Glad I’m not the only one who voted for Imhof. Even if he doesn’t project to be a star, I think he has the greatest chance to a MLB regular of anyone on the list (even if that projection is a 7th inning guy).

    1. Love Imhof. Went Quinn here, Eflin next, but then Imhof enters the discussion for me. If not #6, definitely Top 8 for me

  10. Jim it’ takes time been there done that. I went with Elfin I could go with half a dozens. I think next yr some prospects will be pulling away Mlbtraderumors just said the phillies spent less this yr on there rotation but could have a better one.
    Ahhhh mm m I don’t see how. Also if the do Release Howard a AL team will pick him up.

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