Transactions: Dec. 13-23

We all know that the Phillies traded Jimmy Rollins and cash to the Dodgers for RHP Zach Eflin and LHP Tom Windle.  We ‘ve also read that they have signed minor leaguers RHP Sean O’Sullivan (re-signed), RHP Kevin Slowey and 1B Chris McGuiness.

Baseball America also reported that the Phillies have signed RHP Stephen Shackleford and 2B Tyler Henson (re-signed).  Additionally BA reported that they have released RHP Ricky Bielski, RHP Josh Warner, LHP Angelo Almonte, LHP Rivar Angulo, 1B Chris Serritella, and SS Enmanuel Serra.

13 thoughts on “Transactions: Dec. 13-23

  1. No surprises on the releases. I also expected Henson to be retained. Along with Canzler he is a real option if they get down on infielders. The one release that surprised me a bit was Bielski. He did not have a great year in 2014, but he seemed like a guy who was young and may come around – obviously not in his case. For all of Serritella’s power, he never really was able to hit the ball.

    1. I’m not surprised about Bielski since he never moved past short-season leagues and was immediately put in the bullpen after he was drafted. Josh Warner was a guy I thought might turn into something at one point, but he really struggled at times and missed all of last season, so that was expected too.

  2. I like the Shackleford siging. He’s only 25 years old. I don’t have any scouting reports on him but I like some of his numbers. Plus I did read somewhere that he’s a real prankster. Maybe he could be the next Larry Andersen in our bullpen.:-)

    1. Does appear to have swing and miss capability, with an excellent H/9 ratio. I guess he is challenged with his command and control, but if Burris and the Phillies can harness that, he could be a nice bullpen piece for sure.

  3. I was a little surprised by Bielski. He looked good in GCL 2 years ago and looked promising in XST. Of course, I didn’t see him once he went to Williamsport. Serritella didn’t surprise me. He looked totally defeated when he returned to Clearwater from Reading last summer. I was more surprised that he lasted the season once he got here.

  4. Understand former Astro and Bucco, LHP Wandy Rodriguez perhaps signing on with a minor league deal.
    If he does, and can perform well for three months by making the club out of ST , he could be jettisoned for a prospect or two as was Roberto Hernandez last year.

  5. Well there goes your Wandy signing. Hoping that he’s healthy and can be flipped at the trade deadline.

    Another random question that I’ll pose on the newest general discussion . . . If you HAD to go off of one which would it be . . . A prospects scouting reports or their numbers? Again you have to choose one or the other. Which is more important to you?

    1. Forget about trading 36 yr old players never get full value . Plus Wandy having trouble staying healthy and we need him our rotation he’s a stop grab until 2016 .

    2. Actually very good question, and one I assume that each org’s GM must ask himself with every player he has to make a decision upon.
      Human nature says that you weigh both options and hope to make the correct decision, especially when both evaluation types are running parallel…that is an easy decision.
      OTOH, when the numbers are poor, as to BB/9, or even WHIP but the pitcher throws it at 99MPH velo, or as an OFer runs like the deer, throws a rocket from the OF, mashes it when he connects but Ks at close to 30%, now it gets tricky.
      I prefer to go with the metrics…that’s my take.

    1. Dodgers gave Anderson $10mil guaranteed with bonuses that could bring that total up to $14mil. The $10mil guarantee is an absurd amount of money for Anderson

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